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My golf instruction career started back in January 2007. I Traveled to Los Angeles and spent time with Dan Shauger an apprentice to the legendary long driver Mike Austin.

I also become a qualified Putting Zone Coach from Geoff Mangum who in my opinion is the best Putting Coach in the world.


I must admit that this was a little daunting as I was a 13 Handicap at the time but I had a thirst for knowledge and thought that these long driving guys knew something about the golf swing that no one else knew, or they were doing something different.

But the proof for me was that I got down to a 3 handicap which I never thought would be possible.


I returned to New Zealand and set up my website and my Golf Instruction Youtube channel and started uploading my video lessons.

The golf instruction business is a tough market to break into, especially as the main body for golf the PGA is such a dominant force based on distribution and also a lack of any other real competition.

However I managed to attract a Japanese Golfer to fly from Tokyo to New Zealand for a weeks worth of golf lessons with me.


Yutaka from Japan invited me back to Japan to do some lessons with some of his friends. I was also able to play on the Golf Courses and shot a great round of 71 on a par 70.

However after many lessons and videos one thing still bugged me……and what bugged me was how to get golfers to become more consistent at golf. Golf instruction had become a little too technical and while at times results were great and golfers saw instant improvement it still wasn’t really enough.

So what I started to do was to research other golf swing systems and some mental golf programs

My first change in the golf swing was to try the Count Yogi system……..


The simplicity of this book for most people would be too simple…….he doesn’t actually write too much on golf instruction. Yes there is the basics of grip and he has images to show you that, stance he demonstrates that as well.


At around 2 minutes 16 you will see his golf swing in action. It is actually a beautiful flowing action. He says many times to be muscle less and boneless so you feel light as possible with NO tension what so ever.

I followed this instruction for 12 months and still maintained my handicap…….

But again not totally happy I started looking further a field at other systems…….The Bill Mehlhorn Golf Instruction looked natural and very promising.

Here Robert Shave is showing the cutting the grass technique for your golf swing


Again put this golf swing into motion and still shot under 80 consistently…….but again not happy with my control of the golf swing.

By chance I remembered a guy that I had contacted about 15 years ago about his golf swing system called Golf Swing Control…….the guys name was Tracy Reed.

Back then Tracy was teaching his dynamic balance techniques…….I remembered doing it but it felt very different and odd back then. No one else was teaching this so it was a little before it’s time. Even today you would suggest what Tracy talks about is a little outside the box.

But watch this video about how to be more consistent in Golf and listen and see what Tracy has to say about balance in the golf swing.


As I said he is a little different in his golf instruction. But since I have adopted his balance system for golf I finally believe I have found the perfect combination. I actually went and did a lesson for a friend using only what Tracy talks about in the video. 80% balance and feel and about 20% technical…….best lesson I have ever done and one of the fastest results from a high handicapper I have seen.

In my own golf swing I have never swung the golf club in such a balanced manner. I am not saying the golf instruction taught to me by Dan Shauger has no place. I am saying any golf instruction can be greatly enhanced by incorporating Tracy Reeds physical and mental ideas into your golf game.

Balance in the golf swing is the most important element to get right. However there are very few golf instructors who would have a clue about teaching proper balance, and this is where things start to go down hill.

Lee Comeaux is also such a golfer who has one of the most efficient golf swings you will ever see………

In my view if you want to get better at golf get rid of the technical golf instruction and go to an instructor that teachers feel and balance.

Mike Austing Golf Videos

Mike Austin PRO Lesson W/ Proof of the GREATNESS at the End

Proof of the method. Watch the result swing at the end. Just amazing. KICK A MIDGET RIGHT IN THE BALLS!

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Rare Mike Austin Swing Demonstration

For Mike Austin students who wants to know more about how his swing works Witness the world’s most efficient golf swing in the making.

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Mike Austin Golf Swing Montage – Golf’s 515-Yard Man

Swing montage of Mike Austin…who Guinness World Records recognizes as having the world’s longest drive in a professionally sanctioned tournament at …

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Watch Mike Austin & Mike Dunaway Throw the Clubhead (not pull, not push, Throw)

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Mike Austin Explains the Swing in Skeleton Suit

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Mike Austin Lesson Golf Pro Clinic (FULL)

Mike Austin full clinic.

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Mike Austin Demonstration at Pico Rivera Municipal Golf Course

Mike demonstrates the swing in the skeleton suit in from of live audience.

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Mike Austin/Mike Dunaway Inside Out Swing

Montage of Mike Austin and Mike Dunaway. Notice the inside to out movement facilited by a slight inside the line takeway and the “spin the meatballs hand …

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Mike Austin Swing Lesson

Golf lesson from Mike Dunaway. I believe his in his middle 70’s in this video.

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The Best Swing Thought by G Scribling

A better illustration of how the shoulder plane bisects the shaft. This simple thought changes everything! This simple thought forces several other good things to happen. It’s simple, powerful, easily repeatable and easy on the back. It removes the compulsion to early extend or snap release.

I think this simple idea is the key to every great golf swing. The clubhead must be delivered to the ball from behind the right shoulder. This thought prevents the clubhead from getting in front of the chest until well after impact.

Watch any great ball striker closely and you’ll see they all make this move. This is what separates the pros from the rest of us. They may kill me for revealing the most important swing thought ever.

I don’t want to write too much about this because it’s so simple I don’t want people to overthink it.

DO NOT WATCH THE CLUBHEAD AS IT APPROACHES THE BALL! The clubhead should be behind you enough that it’s almost outside your peripheral vision. You watch the ball disappear, not the clubhead moving.

The more I think about this more things come to light. What’s really happening here is the club is delivered to the ball from behind the back, just like we do in baseball.

I think about simplifying it more and it becomes “It’s like trying to hit the ball with your tail.” Yep. If you had a golf club for a tail and you tried to hit the ball with it, that’s the motion needed to strike the ball well. Crazy, I know.

Can you imagine Ben Hogan saying, “Hit it with your tail.”

This is completely opposite from what most people think they need to do which is hit it with your *!ck. We know from years and years and millions of failures that hitting it with your *!ck doesn’t work.

Hit it with your tail!

My friend recently asked me, “Why would you change your swing, you’re good enough already?”
My answer, “Because I want it to be as easy and efficient as possible. I don’t want to have to think about it.”
With this swing thought I only think of one thing, “bisect the shaft with the shoulder plane.”
Golf is the most fun when it’s easy.

If you’re thinking about every motion while you’re trying to do it you can’t move smoothly or confidently. Your brain simply can’t think that fast.

I have friends that play horribly in tournaments because they’re trying harder to do whatever it is they think they should be doing instead of just hitting the ball.

“This is a tournament, the time for thinking is done. Just hit the ball toward the target.” Golf has to be played with a casual confidence.

Do you look at a baseball when it hits the bat? No. You judge where it’s going to be then you put the bat there. The golf ball isn’t even moving. It’s not going anywhere why watch it?

Do what feels natural and what works. If you find it uncomfortable to look at the ball you’ll probably find that you have a sore neck if you force yourself to do it.

It’s pretty amazing what a very simple thought can do to your swing. I’m developing this thought further, stay tuned.

Backswing as usual, except, on the downswing be aware of the leading shoulder plane and keep the club head behind it or just bisecting it? All the way down through impact? The club head should not be visible until after you strike the ball?

Wouldn’t this cause excessive forward shaft lean? And the result of excessive forward shaft lean is a wide open club face. Unless I’m totally seeing it wrong. What are we doing before impact? Releasing ? Slinging the club head through ? How far can I keep the club head behind this plane before releasing?

You’re understanding perfectly. The questions you’re asking will be answered as soon as you try it. It’s impossible to hold the bisection through impact.
The idea is to hold it as long as possible. Dustin and Sadlowski hold it the longest I’ve seen. You’d think your shaft will be leaning so far forward that the clubhead will pass above the ball, but it doesn’t.
Feel is not real.
You’ll be amazed once you’re aware of the bisecting shoulder plane. I’m thinking of calling it the T factor since the plane of the shoulders and the shaft form a T.

Opposite Lock Chipping Pitching – Channel Lock

The opposite chipping and picthing technique that JH shares in this video will help all golfer and especially those that have yip type chipping

The V's are supposed to be pointing in exactly the' opposite' direction to each other .. you have to exert an opposite turning of the hands/forearms to each other to cancel out the rotational forces ... this is a specialty grip only for use in chipping/pitching... the V's of both hands should be pointing way outside 'each' shoulder and totally 'opposite' in direction to each other.... so your eyes are not decieving you ...
cheers JH

This may be my missing link in my short game accuracy.Your practice tee is the most outstanding golf lab there is.

This grip is totally for precision chipping and pitching .. MR X only hit some full shots today for fun... the grip has less purchase than a normal grip so it not designed for shots where the club will be swung faster than say a 50 yard pitch or fringe of green chip..its designed to take all the extraneous hand action out of precision short shots.
cheers JH

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