Golf Instruction

My golf instruction career started back in January 2007. I Traveled to Los Angeles and spent time with Dan Shauger an apprentice to the legendary long driver Mike Austin.

I also become a qualified Putting Zone Coach from Geoff Mangum who in my opinion is the best Putting Coach in the world.


I must admit that this was a little daunting as I was a 13 Handicap at the time but I had a thirst for knowledge and thought that these long driving guys knew something about the golf swing that no one else knew, or they were doing something different.

But the proof for me was that I got down to a 3 handicap which I never thought would be possible.


I returned to New Zealand and set up my website and my Golf Instruction Youtube channel and started uploading my video lessons.

The golf instruction business is a tough market to break into, especially as the main body for golf the PGA is such a dominant force based on distribution and also a lack of any other real competition.

However I managed to attract a Japanese Golfer to fly from Tokyo to New Zealand for a weeks worth of golf lessons with me.


Yutaka from Japan invited me back to Japan to do some lessons with some of his friends. I was also able to play on the Golf Courses and shot a great round of 71 on a par 70.

However after many lessons and videos one thing still bugged me……and what bugged me was how to get golfers to become more consistent at golf. Golf instruction had become a little too technical and while at times results were great and golfers saw instant improvement it still wasn’t really enough.

So what I started to do was to research other golf swing systems and some mental golf programs

My first change in the golf swing was to try the Count Yogi system……..


The simplicity of this book for most people would be too simple…….he doesn’t actually write too much on golf instruction. Yes there is the basics of grip and he has images to show you that, stance he demonstrates that as well.


At around 2 minutes 16 you will see his golf swing in action. It is actually a beautiful flowing action. He says many times to be muscle less and boneless so you feel light as possible with NO tension what so ever.

I followed this instruction for 12 months and still maintained my handicap…….

But again not totally happy I started looking further a field at other systems…….The Bill Mehlhorn Golf Instruction looked natural and very promising.

Here Robert Shave is showing the cutting the grass technique for your golf swing


Again put this golf swing into motion and still shot under 80 consistently…….but again not happy with my control of the golf swing.

By chance I remembered a guy that I had contacted about 15 years ago about his golf swing system called Golf Swing Control…….the guys name was Tracy Reed.

Back then Tracy was teaching his dynamic balance techniques…….I remembered doing it but it felt very different and odd back then. No one else was teaching this so it was a little before it’s time. Even today you would suggest what Tracy talks about is a little outside the box.

But watch this video about how to be more consistent in Golf and listen and see what Tracy has to say about balance in the golf swing.


As I said he is a little different in his golf instruction. But since I have adopted his balance system for golf I finally believe I have found the perfect combination. I actually went and did a lesson for a friend using only what Tracy talks about in the video. 80% balance and feel and about 20% technical…….best lesson I have ever done and one of the fastest results from a high handicapper I have seen.

In my own golf swing I have never swung the golf club in such a balanced manner. I am not saying the golf instruction taught to me by Dan Shauger has no place. I am saying any golf instruction can be greatly enhanced by incorporating Tracy Reeds physical and mental ideas into your golf game.

Balance in the golf swing is the most important element to get right. However there are very few golf instructors who would have a clue about teaching proper balance, and this is where things start to go down hill.

Lee Comeaux is also such a golfer who has one of the most efficient golf swings you will ever see………

In my view if you want to get better at golf get rid of the technical golf instruction and go to an instructor that teachers feel and balance.

Simple System Golf Swing

That’s not Moe, Moe used his big toes Hogan on the other hand kept his pressure on his heels the entire motion. Again it’s anatomical trains and how the heels signal the pelvis and spine . Also the stirrups of the tissues all come up the back and side of the heel and leg.

The choking up is part coupling point and part posture but it’s mostly posture . Getting better but there’s still way easier but your heading in the right direction . Just over focusing on the back of feet.

The weight in your feet is now on all three points of the foot tripod and the human foot properly set is heels the low point and the front of foot sits higher and the foot also sits on a incline out… stop saying Moe your doing Hogan Moe was Big toes and totally wrong way to do it. Why he talked in riddles.

Hey Lee, I was personally privy to some of those ‘Riddles’ of Moe’s…along with specific physical explanations and demonstrations of what he did in his swing according to him… one thing that cemented my conviction of him being a ‘heel’ weighting player was his showing me how he sat into his heels as he started his downswing…he demonstrated hanging his butt out behind him by lowering the angle of his thighs from the top of the backswing which were around 75 degs to 45 degs when the club was at hip height coming down and his buttocks moving from just in line with the back of his heels at the top of the swing to being way behind the heels at impact.

He said that he felt he had a 20lb bowling ball hanging off a chain connected to his belt right in the middle of his buttocks as he hit the ball…. I don’t know how he toe weighted with that anatomical disposition in place well how did he keep his left knee inside his right at impact with toe weighting application… as well his ‘vertical’ drop was just that ..’Vertical’ ….the drop was actually ‘rearward’ which drove his stabilising weight force into his heels …as well you cant roll your trail ankle with toe weighting.

I know what Moe did because he stood in front of me in his impact position and said ..’where do you see my weight force being applied… look its moving ‘away’ from the ball at impact…not to it’….he was simply applying a ‘counterbalancing’ rearward mass force to the outward moving mass force of the arms/hands going towards the ball… he ‘told’ me what he was doing … and he physically ‘showed’ me how he did it. All ‘Riddles’ can be deciphered… if you have a ‘ciphering code’… and I did. cheers JH

Cobra One length Irons Review by JH

The KING™ F7 ONE Length™ irons make their debut as COBRA’s first ever single-length iron set. Inspired by our relationship with PGA TOUR Professional, Bryson DeChambeau, The KING F7 ONE utilizes the same TECFLO constructions as the KING F7 along with PWRSHELL™ Faces and Precision Milled Grooves. However, the KING F7 ONE features constant 7-iron lengths throughout the set and each head has been re-engineered for proper geometry to deliver optimized trajectory and distance gapping from long irons to wedges.

The end result? A simpler, easier way to play.

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