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Tricep Smash Golf Swing

Yeah its crazy good contact when your feel the downswing of the arms being the same as a Tricep pull/push down process with the back of the hand facing the ground instead of the palm as we normally do a Tricep extension exercise … when I say the ‘back’ of the trail hand facing the ground that is in the early part of the downswing and of course that changes to palm down coming into impact

Bradley Hughes Golf Swing Path and Lie Angles

I remember seeing that famous Hogan elastic band from Five Lessons, and am embarrassed to admit that I fell into the same trap that Bradley mentioned in trying to mimic Hogan. This is a fantastic vid! If just goes to show that the elements of the golf swing are more interrelated and subtle than most people are at first led to believe.

Thank you Bradley for generously sharing your knowledge with us.

Shallow divot = good… Different sound and lower flight would suggest you were using the proper loft (instead of adding) and compressing the ball instead of scooping it

Golf Swing Path and Lie Angles – Brad Hughes

I’ve done dynamic fittings with the sharpie line and no matter the lie angle I end up with an almost perfect vertical line. For me my swing and setup will change depending on the tool I have.

I take a flatter club and I’ll bend more at the hips and swing flatter, give me an upright club and I’ll still make a perfect vertical line but I have a steep swing.

I’ve played 3 upright to 3 flat and score just fine. But for me a little flatter feels much more comfortable and powerful.

I’m not into commentating on youtube vids…but I simply have to now…I’ve been playing for around 30 years – at a decent level…and I’ve listened to some right junk from ‘teaching pros’ over the years…but Brad – you are superb…your ‘Power of the right arm’, ‘Use of the forearms’ and these two videos, blows everything out of the water…you have a wonderful ability to teach reasonably technical stuff in a way that even someone as thick as me can understand – and more importantly – implement…thank you for your channel…the last month trying to implement your swing theories has been awesome…Steve

Bradley Hughes Golf- Ben Hogan Treasure Map

Throughout history we always look at the best of the best in any field and try to pinpoint what makes them extra special at their profession. Today we will look at the secrets Ben Hogan left behind for us to analyze and utilize in our own golf swing. The sum of all parts make up his exceptional ability.

One slight feel may have set him on the path to being a a better player but no ONE secret will allow us to be extraordinary at anything. I don’t believe he really hid anything from us but he probably liked the mystery of it all to have so many people guessing