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Dan Shauger Golf Instruction – Weight Shift

Golf Instruction – Weight Shift. A Simple drill to help you with your golf swing. No matter what golf swing method you use, learning to shift your weight is a critical element. Staying in balance while shifting your weight is another skill. Weight needs to be balanced in the arches of your feet

The club heads travel must have a stable center for the path and the depth of the arc to be controlled. The perfectly controlled arc determines the direction of the club heads travel and the place on the club face where the ball impacts.

Just as the pin of the compass must remain in the hole in the paper for the pencil to return to the exact spot it started from to complete the circle. If we can maintain a fixed in space swing circle center we will both have much more accurate and solid club ball contact, as well as more club head speed.

An illustration of why we have more club head speed can be felt an seen by twirling a weight on a short (one foot) piece of string. Try this; swing a weight, a keyring works fine, move your hand in a good sized circle and gradually make the center of rotation as small as you can. You will find that when the center of the arc moves as you swing the weight the weight goes slowly, as the arc gets tiny the weight is literally zooming around.

Dan Shauger Golf Instruction – Weight Shift
Just as an unbalanced wheel can not be spun as quickly as a balanced wheel can, the golf swing needs that kind of a stable center to both create speed and to also have the kind of precision contact we desire.

When we address the ball one of our most important duties is to locate the exact location of the swing circle center. We do this by using the club as part of the measuring tool (the other part of the tool is the correctly angled left arm) to precisely position it. This measurement, and the maintenance of it, is vital to the success of the shot.

If the swing circle center moves around we lose both speed and the ability to return to the exact spot we measured at address.

Dan Shauger

Dan Shauger is the Master instructor of the aperfectswing golf method. He is assisted up by many accredited instructors both here in the USA and in many countries around the world. He has written 2 books, How to Kill the Ball, and The 21st. Century Golf Swing as well as 6 DVDs on the golf swing with another DVD soon to be released. He also does seminars and clinics.

Dan has trained several champion long drivers and countless golfers who simply wanted to learn an easier on the body yet extremely powerful golf swing. Many of Dan's students are senior players who need increased distance to be competitive or players who simply want more power and accuracy to play an attacking game rather than a defensive one.

His book How to Kill the Ball is soon to be released in a Japanese language version in Japan, this book and his other works will also be translated to many languages to allow everyone the opportunity to learn this method.

Dan Shauger Golf Instruction – Weight Shift

Dan Shauger Golf Swing Set Up

Golf swing set up. A set up that you could use in your golf swing if learning the golf swing. Adding a tilt to your set up will also help to maintain proper balance in your golf swing.

If you ever dreamed about hitting the golf ball over 300 yards the golf instruction method written by Dan Shauger is well worth your time investigating. Golf Legend Mike Austin is the inspiration behind this style of golf instruction.

About Dan Shauger and Mike Austin

For those that haven't heard about Mike Austin he is the holder of the World record for hitting the longest drive of 515 yards in 1974 at a Seniors Open event. His record still stands today even though there have been significant advances in golf technology when it comes to drivers and even the balls we use.

Working with Mike Austin, Dan Shauger acquired privileged information about the golf swing that very few people have had the opportunity to learn about. Dan is a tradesmen which makes him the ideal person to go into the detail of exactly what makes this golf instruction work so well for golfers to hit long and straight. The key components of this golf swing are

throw the golf club from the top of your swing
Use your hips in lateral or side to side motion to shift your weight
keep your head still by using the lower body
Special compound pivot action of the hips

Throwing the Club Head from the top of your swing is a big no, no in most golf instruction. However when you move your hips using a compound action the throwing of the club from the top will actually occur somewhere down the bottom, or where your would normal release the club. The important factor here is that you must feel that you are releasing. It is especially important that this also happens slowly until you learn to do it faster. When you master the compound pivot or side to side action of the hips which is the key driver of the golf swing you will realise how simple this golf swing method is.

Many of Mike Austin's methods are not taught by golf professionals as some of his principles are in opposition to what they teach and believe, however the proof is in the pudding, who else do you know that has driven the ball 500 yards or more! If you do a search on Mike Austin or Dan Shauger you will find many resources including online videos to learn this golf instruction method. This is helpful especially if you have a visual learning style, unlike the analytical people who learn by reading.

Free Online Golf Instruction Videos – Dan Shauger Golf Swing Set Up

With the help of free golf instruction videos you will be able to learn an exciting golf swing in a short period of time. You will be able to hit the ball longer and much easier as you will learn

that bending from the hips is the natural and correct way to address the ball
using a soft natural grip will allow you to swing faster
lining your stance with your hips and knees line up correctly
by cocking your wrists properly will take pressure off your back
transferring your weight using the compound will save your back
swinging effortlessly using these easy to learn methods is achievable

Mike Austin was a genius when understanding how to hit the golf ball long and straight and there are many free videos of his golf swing available for you to watch.

Dan Shauger Golf Swing Set Up

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