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Ivans “Mike Austin/Dan Shaugers golf swing

Click this link for the latest golf videos for Mike Austin Golf Swing. Ivan a +2 handicapper is a very natural golfer and one of the best golf swings I have seen. The fluidity of his golf swing makes it a joy to watch. Sometimes we are very fortunate to watch such a great golf […]

Dan Shauger Explains the Swing Plane

Dan Shauger demonstrates the importance of an in to out swing path. Staying on the right swing plane as you come into the ball is critical for both accuracy and power. Learn how to pivot by using your body correctly and your swing plane will remain the same. However in this golf swing we have […]

Basic Golf Instruction from Dan Shauger

Dan Shauger golf instruction for beginners.Lesson's on some basic mistakes by beginners. Books…DVD's and lesson's at You can also get Dan's latest Book at Amazon. He has written 2 books. How to Kill the Ball and 21st Century Golf Swing

Dan Shaugers Mike Austin Golf Instruction lessons

“Golf Guideline Videos by Dan Shauger. Dan has merely updated his latest video clips that you can check out by clicking the web link. Recognizing your personal swing center enables you to keep your head still in the golf swing. The swing center circle allows you to bring the club head back to the striking […]