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JH Channel Lock Chopper Swing

​Try to find any videos talking "chop" and you can't ! Its always been a "chop", with the Arms & Hands, even 'over the top', in front of the body, not around it, the slot is from the top of the right shoulder to the inside of the left foot, or "down your right side" as a feel, it's NOT a 'push' or 'roll' or 'forearm rotation' or 'rotary''s a "chop".....with your hands and arms, that's where the power, consistency and accuracy is.....THE CHOP IS THE SECRET to golf, IMHO. The 2D illusion of rotation, it's a 3D CHOP ! A 'No-turn-cast' feeling, all arms no body. Great video as always JH !

Let those who don't "get it" move on!!! You and I know the flight of the ball never lies....You have created a way for many of us to hit consistently again. Love the simplicity, but I am amazed at how many people don't "get it"! But, I have always been a swing tinkerer. Your comment about the Trail arm being used more now is more fitting to my Yogilock adaptation. He pulled the trail arm back to inside and then up...I do not use much left hand or arm and feel a parametric acceleration as Yogi did. I am working on keeping my lower body more still as you are doing....much more consistent ball striking it seems and much easier to time!

Hi JH, I'm really enjoying all your videos. I switched to CL about 5 weeks ago from a single plane swing. I could never stop coming over the top and CL seems to be the perfect solution for that. I've probably had half a dozen or so sessions at the driving range and I've played three rounds using CL so far.

My score hasn't improved yet (mid 90s) but amazingly it hasn't gotten any worse. My expected wayward shots and thus penalty strokes from making such a dramatic switch have been offset by some really good shots.

So once I get the wayward ones out of my system I'm expecting to see my handicap come down from my current 19.4. (ouch) With that background, here is my question for you in hopes you might be able to post a reply. I have two major problems I'm looking for advice to resolve.

First, both on the range and on the course, my most common mishit is to hit the ball thin. I'm wondering if you have thoughts about what the cause of that might be.

My other issue, that happens more on the course, is that I have a tendency to lose my balance during my follow through and I "fall" forward, not toward the target but toward the ball position at address. I'm planning to work on two things when I go out to the range this Saturday.

I'm going to really try to both maintain the 5 o'clock position and still my lower body like you are doing now. Also, I'm going to try to place my club at address a little toward the toe like you do in hopes that that will help me extend on the downswing and make a more flush connection. 

Your laying the smack down on the golf ball and the trolls ! CL is a different monster and anyone with any ability to analyze a golf swing understands that . It’s all about trying to discredit the hard work and creativeness that went into developing cL .

The people that are ill informed always talk more and do less. It doesn’t matter if you use a grip like Ben hogan or moe norman because that has nothing to do with cL protocols or the cL swing.

Anything that can improve your golf swing should be looked at and explored even if it’s somebody else’s idea because cL protocol have been well established and set in stone.

I know I’m ranting now but I’m tired of hearing from that same individual and how does he keep popping up everywhere planting seeds of stupidity!

Comeaux's swing type is very steep in its attack angle hence the huge divots he takes and his driver being teed almost on the ground and the resultant very low ball flight .. the CL is nothing like the AYERS/Comeaux/ Venetos swing types because of the obvious massive difference in ball position at address .. and because of the back foot ball position the swing is so much shallower than any of those other swings and as result it doesn't gouge the ground and take big deep divots ..
cheers JH

Opposite Lock Chipping Pitching – Channel Lock

The opposite chipping and picthing technique that JH shares in this video will help all golfer and especially those that have yip type chipping

The V's are supposed to be pointing in exactly the' opposite' direction to each other .. you have to exert an opposite turning of the hands/forearms to each other to cancel out the rotational forces ... this is a specialty grip only for use in chipping/pitching... the V's of both hands should be pointing way outside 'each' shoulder and totally 'opposite' in direction to each other.... so your eyes are not decieving you ...
cheers JH

This may be my missing link in my short game accuracy.Your practice tee is the most outstanding golf lab there is.

This grip is totally for precision chipping and pitching .. MR X only hit some full shots today for fun... the grip has less purchase than a normal grip so it not designed for shots where the club will be swung faster than say a 50 yard pitch or fringe of green chip..its designed to take all the extraneous hand action out of precision short shots.
cheers JH

How To leverage Your Golf Swing JH

Another gem of a video JH! I probably didn't describe it as good as you did JH, but when I was experimenting with the bent lead arm swing, my set up looked like what you just demonstrated.

The difference for me was my thought was to keep the bend in the lead arm and to take the club back with the trail elbow pulling straight behind me like cranking a lawnmower.

Something else that I've been working on is keeping my wrist conditions the same as at setup all the way to the top of the backswing. Yesterday my only thought was keeping the cup in my lead wrist.

Almost impossible to do (at least for me in CL) in "my" full backswing. So I shortened my backswing to where my hands felt like they didn't pass my trail shoulder. I have to say JH that I had my best ballstriking session ever...I mean ever in my life!

The compression I was getting was unbelievable! The feel I'm getting is that I'm pressing (and rotating) the thumb pad of my lead hand into the ground. I'm locking my lead wrist and pushing the club with my lead hand into the channel and trying like hell to keep my lead wrist locked in that position to the top of the backswing (cupped). 

 I know that standing the club up and parallel to the trail leg is something that you and Bill have been preaching for a long time and I have been doing that for quite a while...but when I made that my biggest focus area yesterday, my CL light came on!

There's a video on YT where the guy talked about Hogan setting up with the cup in his lead wrist and keeping it there as long as possible, only releasing it with a bowing wrist into impact (or something similar to that).