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William Wetere & Allan Duncan Gross Winners

SUNDAY—Waikato Foursomes– 2015

Women — Gross Champions 273 Alma Goodwin & Ani Bahler

Net Champions 219 Raewyn & Toni Coleman

Net overall 2nd. 223 Petsy Ralph & Dale Spiers


Men– Gross Champions 214 Matt Schofield & Justin Morris

Gross R/up 228 Mathew White & Aaron van der Poel

Net Champions 211 Herewini Hohepa & Adam Dyet


William Wetere & Allan Duncan


Men– Gross Champions 245 William Wetere & Allan Duncan

Gross R/up 255 Atu Te Ao &Ste Williamson Net Champions 209 Jacob Kingi & Oliver Vincent

Overall Men’s Nett
Net R/up 1 215 Ray Dearing & Rob Cox

Net R/up 2 216 Tim Crotty & Jim Kirkham

Net R/up 3 216 Roger Mita & Murray Jones


A well organised tournament with an array of splendid prizes, plus a well groomed course deserving of better support, attracted a moderate field of keen competitive golfers who braved the forecasted unsettling weather conditions for both days The scoring was indeed competitive and all prize winners were subjected to strong challenges in all divisions.

How To Kill the Ball Golf Instruction

This video has educated me the method of whipping action. The crucial move of the cock wrist at the moment of impact. It has increased my golf swing by double with full control of my body.

I can feel that my whole body is trust into the ground, whilst my arm whips the ball. I don’t know how to describe the sensation feeling. For the love of the game, thank you.

I tried this one and I’ll stay with the wrist action taught by Mr. Shauger. I’m 62 and I’ve added substantial distance, maybe 10 , 20 yards in my iron shots. I’m working on my woods. Thanks nzgolfinstruction for posting this video. kudos & more power.

How to Use Your Right Elbow in the Golf Swing

Using your right elbow correctly in the golf swing is a major factor in the success of your golf swing.

This video was taken about 8 years ago a​go. I tied a rope around this golfer so that his elbow would be pinned to his side to encourage a body rotation that would help with co-ordinating the downswing.

What you will notice if you try this drill is that everything has to move together to provide a consistent golf swing.

What I didn't know is that 8 years later that this simple drill would mean even more when it comes to perfecting the best golf swing method that I have seen​. A guy called JH has produced a golf swing method called the Davinci Code Golf swing

Watch the Video below and compare the rope drill above and the idea of keeping the right elbow tucked into the side of your body​

Notice how the right elbow is tucked and kept on the rib cage. This right elbow position is like anchoring similar to the putting technique. JH........ in my belief has found the secret to the golf swing and his Davinci code golf swing will help all golfers become more consistent than in any other golf swing I have seen and tried.

Try the drills for your self that JH describes in his videos above and you will experience how important the right elbow is in the the golf swing

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