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The Basic’s for beginners

Golf Direction By Dan Shauger for Beginners. Check out Dans new web site as well as online golf guideline training program. Click the connect to see exactly what Dan Shaugers brand-new website has to do with.

Dan Shauger has actually created a great on-line source for you to discover the Mike Austin golf direction method.

William Wetere/Dan Shauger
Trainer: Dan Shauger/William Wetere


William Wetere Dan Shauger Mike Austin Golf Swing

William Wetere full golf swing based upon Dan Shauger’s training of the Mike Austin Swing method. The right weight change is an important aspect of any type of golf swing.

Dan Shauger is one of the few golf trainers of the Mike Austin golf swing that understands the conical action of the hands and also clubs.

The cone like activity of the golf club is the central component of this golf swing technique established by Mike Austin and handed to Dan Shauger to assist golf enthusiasts establish a premium golf swing.

Once the cone-shaped action of the hands are mastered after that it is just a matter of understanding the Mike Austin Pivot or weight change.

A lot has actually already been composed as well as published concerning the pivot that Dan educators. Yet the pivot about from recognize the cone-shaped hand activity is central to the whole golf swing method.

Dan Shauger is among just a couple of master teachers of the Mike Austin method who has teachers around the globe. Dan has actually created publications and also Dvd’s as well as has a membership website for golfers all around the world to learn the Mike Austin Golf swing.

William Wetere is a recognized educator of Dan’s as well as is based in New Zealand. After 7 years of instructing the aperfectswing approach developed by Dan Shauger William instructors younger golf enthusiasts totally free and also helps picked golfers just. he returned to amateur condition to play more regular golf with his friends.

William Wetere Dan Shauger Mike Austin Golf Swing


Dan Shauger Full Swing – William Wetere


Some aspects of Dan Shaugers golf instruction method. When you learn the full swing one of the most important elements to learn is balance.

The best golf instruction tip I can suggest you do is after you have read or watched a golf instruction book or DVD, make sure that there is a teacher who can provide you with one on one lessons.

I can’t stress enough that one on one lessons are the fastest way to get ahead with your golf instruction. What normally happens is that many golfers will purchase the latest instruction DVD or book and then try to learn by themselves the instruction written about.

The danger that you will find is that your interpretation of what the golf instructor is asking you to do maybe wildly different from what you can actually achieve. You may have flaws that you are not aware of that may stop you performing the various actions required to achieve a good golf swing.

One common flaw especially in men is that they tend to lift their shoulders involuntarily which causes all sorts of problems.

Unless you have the ability to study and copy exactly what the golf instruction DVD or Book is telling you to do you are doomed for failure and frustration. See your golf instructor is the glue that binds everything together, but only if they are on the same page as you when it comes to learning golf.

Look at it this way. If you buy a car like a Ford dealer and then you take your Ford to a Toyota dealership for servicing or repairs, yes the Toyota dealership can do most of the work competently but the Ford Dealership is the expert on Fords.

So my golf instruction tip to you is to buy books that you have a great chance of being taught by the author or accredited teachers of that author. This way you are learning a “golf instruction system.”

With the amount of lessons that I have done it is amazing how many golfers say they wished they had come earlier. As we are able to get them on the road to golfing success much quicker, and this is especially true if they have brought either a book or DVD.

For a few dollars and an hour of your time you will have a better overall concept of what you are trying to achieve with your golf swing. You will also be able to confirm whether what you are doing is on the same page as the instructor.

To me that is the real key. Reading golf instruction books is fun I agree, but you face problems as mentioned above.

So find a golf instruction system like “How to Kill the Ball” taught by Dan Shauger and his network of teachers around the world. Believe me this is the best golf instruction tip for you to enjoy golf.


Dan Shauger Full Swing – William Wetere

Weight Shift In The Golf Swing

Simple video lesson to understand weight shift in the golf swing. It is in my view the easiest thing to do. If you can concentrate on the proper weight shift you will have a very balanced golf swing.

The most important feeling you must have when shifting your weight is that you weight must feel in the bottom archers of your back foot…….right in the middle of your archers.

If you maintain your weight on the arch of that back foot you will have great stability. Now as you move into the forward swing your weight will shift from the arch of you back foot to under the toe of your front foot.

That is as simple as it has to be. But you must learn to feel the transfer of weight back and forward. The best drill I have found for this is to follow Tracy Reeds set up routine

Over the years as I have learnt more about “balance in the golf swing” I have incorporated dynamic balance into my set up routine.

The Routine… Step-By-Step

First I step up to the ball with the right foot and ground the club head behind the ball. I keep 90% of my weight on the ball of my right foot and tilt my upper body until my arms are hanging straight down.

Having the weight on one foot while placing the club forces the upper body to find the correct forward bend.
Once you get the angle of waist bend/forward upper body forward tilt, it is very important to keep it while you place the rest of your body.

The next step is the most important:
Look down range at your target, and keeping the upper body angle intact, place your left foot and then your right so that your weight is distributed behind the balls of your feet with about 65% of the weight on the arch of your right foot.

Move back and forth, foot to foot, in very small steps until the feet feel comfortable with the weight in the arches.
This movement should be made without swinging the hips, but rather keeping the hips centered and rocking foot to foot as you pickup and place you feet.

The feet should raise a few inches off of the ground each time. The key here is to consciously feel the weight distribution under your feet.

DO NOT look back at the ball until your feet are positioned and you feel comfortable!!!

AGAIN, all placement of the feet is performed while you are looking down range at your target. You should be imagining in your mind where the ball is to “see” where to place your feet. This jump starts the visualization process and keeps you relaxed for the swing.

Since your right hand is lower on the grip, your right shoulder should be lower than your left (right handers). This is accomplished by tilting the spine slightly to the right.

The arms should hang straight down directly under the shoulders because this is where gravity will fight to take them during the downswing. If you allow them to follow their natural path, you can direct more energy to the club head.

If you feel like your hands are too close to your body, (It should be about the width of your hand across your fingers away) it means you do not have the proper forward upper body tilt.

When you start the club in the right position, you don’t have to fight the laws of physics during the swing and you then have more energy to direct to the club head.

The reason you look away when you set your feet is so that you automatically get the right amount of knee bend and you automatically balance yourself.

Setting the spine angle to the right sets up the right side pivot point which reduces the tendency to slide the hips as you take away the golf club which allows a coiling on the right side where all of the energy is stored in the backswing.

IMPORTANT: If you center yourself and find that the club is no longer behind the ball, STEP BACK and start over.

The tendency is to just reach a little bit to put the club behind the ball which will create an off-balance condition and defeat the whole purpose of the routine.

  • Lastly, ball position is handled by remembering only three important rules:
  • The club head goes behind the ball.
  • The grip/handle should be ahead of the ball (with exception of the Driver). To get more exact, the bottom of the grip should be just ahead of the ball. And
  • Your hands should be lined up with your target side inner thigh. In that position, the club face should be lined up to the intended target line. If you get the setup and the club face lined up properly, the ball should fly on line.
  • Great Set Up……Use It

This routine should help you to start hitting the ball more consistently, no matter what pattern your shots have. The pattern can be corrected, once you have a consistent shot.

Learn the proper weight shift in the golf swing and you will have the best and most consistent golf swing. You need to master the art of balance in the golf swing to be more consistent.

As guys it is sometimes hard to feel things. But you need to feel the weight transfer as latter on we will teach you how to draw and cut a ball by just using weight transfer.


Weight Shift In The Golf Swing

Golf Instruction

My golf instruction career started back in January 2007. I Traveled to Los Angeles and spent time with Dan Shauger an apprentice to the legendary long driver Mike Austin.

I also become a qualified Putting Zone Coach from Geoff Mangum who in my opinion is the best Putting Coach in the world.


I must admit that this was a little daunting as I was a 13 Handicap at the time but I had a thirst for knowledge and thought that these long driving guys knew something about the golf swing that no one else knew, or they were doing something different.

But the proof for me was that I got down to a 3 handicap which I never thought would be possible.


I returned to New Zealand and set up my website and my Golf Instruction Youtube channel and started uploading my video lessons.

The golf instruction business is a tough market to break into, especially as the main body for golf the PGA is such a dominant force based on distribution and also a lack of any other real competition.

However I managed to attract a Japanese Golfer to fly from Tokyo to New Zealand for a weeks worth of golf lessons with me.


Yutaka from Japan invited me back to Japan to do some lessons with some of his friends. I was also able to play on the Golf Courses and shot a great round of 71 on a par 70.

However after many lessons and videos one thing still bugged me……and what bugged me was how to get golfers to become more consistent at golf. Golf instruction had become a little too technical and while at times results were great and golfers saw instant improvement it still wasn’t really enough.

So what I started to do was to research other golf swing systems and some mental golf programs

My first change in the golf swing was to try the Count Yogi system……..


The simplicity of this book for most people would be too simple…….he doesn’t actually write too much on golf instruction. Yes there is the basics of grip and he has images to show you that, stance he demonstrates that as well.


At around 2 minutes 16 you will see his golf swing in action. It is actually a beautiful flowing action. He says many times to be muscle less and boneless so you feel light as possible with NO tension what so ever.

I followed this instruction for 12 months and still maintained my handicap…….

But again not totally happy I started looking further a field at other systems…….The Bill Mehlhorn Golf Instruction looked natural and very promising.

Here Robert Shave is showing the cutting the grass technique for your golf swing


Again put this golf swing into motion and still shot under 80 consistently…….but again not happy with my control of the golf swing.

By chance I remembered a guy that I had contacted about 15 years ago about his golf swing system called Golf Swing Control…….the guys name was Tracy Reed.

Back then Tracy was teaching his dynamic balance techniques…….I remembered doing it but it felt very different and odd back then. No one else was teaching this so it was a little before it’s time. Even today you would suggest what Tracy talks about is a little outside the box.

But watch this video about how to be more consistent in Golf and listen and see what Tracy has to say about balance in the golf swing.


As I said he is a little different in his golf instruction. But since I have adopted his balance system for golf I finally believe I have found the perfect combination. I actually went and did a lesson for a friend using only what Tracy talks about in the video. 80% balance and feel and about 20% technical…….best lesson I have ever done and one of the fastest results from a high handicapper I have seen.

In my own golf swing I have never swung the golf club in such a balanced manner. I am not saying the golf instruction taught to me by Dan Shauger has no place. I am saying any golf instruction can be greatly enhanced by incorporating Tracy Reeds physical and mental ideas into your golf game.

Balance in the golf swing is the most important element to get right. However there are very few golf instructors who would have a clue about teaching proper balance, and this is where things start to go down hill.

Lee Comeaux is also such a golfer who has one of the most efficient golf swings you will ever see………

In my view if you want to get better at golf get rid of the technical golf instruction and go to an instructor that teachers feel and balance.

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