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C Motion Golf Swing – Lee Comeaux


Enjoying the cool evening. First time I’ve ever done this in my Motion. Wow.

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golf swing move (C-Motion explained)


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CMOTION and some golf field instruction talk

Its easy to think when you look at a swing by two different people that they dont do the same swing system, these two does the same but they look different for the eye. and when Lee the Cmotion…

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Feb 24, 2013 Cmotion Clinic

The Master in work on the range.

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Cmotion 2.0- ARE U READY?

Get ready to have the answer to everything.FACT. Cause we don’t do what you do. We know what’s in control. Get ready here I come it’s time to get back to there’s only 1 way and what…

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How to add another gear to your golf swing for distance.Video for Skip Per.

How cmotion and Lee Comeaux opened up my awareness of the golf swing. I don’t see the swing as 400 micro moves. I learned to simplify it and only see it as 2! Golf became easier and powerful….

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C-motion Grip

Karl falls in love with his grip.

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Some feedback about the golf secret video

Made the video previously about CMotion and it seems Golfwrx users are clueless that I am the first one in the history of golf to explain what someone does in a golf swing. Link to previous…

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Demo CMotion.

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RBImGuy explains Push or Pull CMotion confusion

Its a pull. Push is due to an activation of muscles in the late release action which adds to momentum created by triceps. My facebook group the futurenow…

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The golden rule

We won’t break this automatically you gotta train to break this rule and if you do you get worse . If you don’t break it becomes easier then walking .


JH here’s your Da Vinci answer trail view.

We have stirrups that start in feet and go to top of head . That's all I'll say on this for now. Now knowing the reflexology of the rest is what unlocks your ability to look normal and make a full motion. Biomechanical structural feel and functions will never get you anywhere but lost and contrived . So JH here's a huge hint. There is reflexology and parametric acceleration and I can get my club head speed as high as 155 using reflexology and never get hurt or be hurt. As if parametric acceleration it's total bullshit and tears your spine to shreds and cannot produce 155 as I've done it that way and it's a total joke and irrelevant. Reflexology is running your life from birth to death unlock that and it's over. I've figured all that out. I don't chase Da vinci cause it's easier then even that.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

Leonardo da Vinci
Lee Comeaux

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Lee Comeaux With A Sand Wedge

Lees Comeaux….. thoughts on Golf

The goal of finding a GOLF MOTION is one that does a few things.

1. Does not cause pain
2. Uses the Bone structure more
3. Increase results
most important and really the only reason for me was.


This is what I think the main goal should be of a Golfer to understand how to find a motion that he can take anywhere anytime as long as they want to play. Its not fancy but it is the most simple reason a person should want to understand their motion. I just decided that that was more important than learning how to be a shot maker.

In the end thats exactly what I became after all but it was the simple foundation it was built on that got me there. Eventhough I can hit any shot I can see in my mind the only one I think about is straight. Now a straight shot can fall one way or the other and then you must consider the forward motion after the ball lands as well.

Most people think about working the ball and thats all, Compression is a after thought or a hope or even a mystery. Good motion takes care of all of it and practicing that motion with varying degrees of Intent or effort.

I always practice hitting my clubs the least distance possible with the max being un important. One must also realize or accept that a club has limits as well as us.

So If you hit say a 7 Iron 160 but you want it to go 170 then lower your trajectory and let it release the other 10. If you are trying to get more air miles out of the shot you may be at max at 160. Its about the distance the ball ends up NOT FLIES this must be understood. I try to make every one of my shots roll out like a putt now that does not always happen BUT most of the time it does.

Look at it this way go get a scorecard from any course you play start hole by hole if the first hole is lets say 440 yds then do the math on what sequence of clubs you can possibly hit.

here would be mine

1st shot 2nd shot = 440
4i 220 4i 220
3i 240 5i 200
3w 270 7i 170
D 320 pw or sw 120
3i 240 3i 200
3w 250 5i 190
D 280 8i 160
D 250 4i 190

So as you can see there are many ways to get the ball 440 yds in 2 shots you just have to understand which one is the easiest to do under pressure or just in general. There are other factors that effect that as well down the fairway that for this conversation are not in play just DISTANCE is in play. 440 is a long par 4 for most and if it were 360 par 4 then its another set of combinations.