Chipping/Pitching Clubhead Freedom


Michael Saif - December 29, 2015

I’ve just started chipping and pitching today. Less than half shots. So
this is great for me. Gives me something to work on. Thanks.

    1atomicgolf - December 29, 2015

    +Michael Saif Hi Mike, glad you are on the mend, have a nice New Year
    regards JH

Chip Satterly - December 30, 2015

Hi JH,
Thanks again for a very good video AND references back to Moe.
The “shaking hands with the flagstick” image is very powerful.

Would like to go back to a basic concept.
I am getting into some good positions on my takeaway (I don’t call it a
“backswing anymore as per Moe LOL) but am struggling to understand the move
BACK to the ball.
Do you have a “conscious”starting move back to the ball?
Hands/arms/ shoulders for example??

Example: Tom Watson said he always initiated his short game move to the
ball by moving his right knee in toward the ball.

Could you share some thoughts on your (or Moe’s) move back to the ball??

Many thanks!!


    1atomicgolf - December 31, 2015

    +Chip Satterly Hi Chip,
    Once you have ‘thrown’ the club head around your body on the back swing you
    then just turn your belly button area of the body to the left in a
    ‘dragging/rotating’ fashion, if you can visualize an octopus sitting on a
    turntable with all its tentacles splayed out around it (not with its
    suckers activated of course) and then the turntable accelerating quickly
    anti clockwise , the tentacles of the octopus would wrap themselves around
    the body of the octopus by themselves if no pressure was exerted on them .
    Basically once you have thrown the mass of the club head around and behind
    you you simply do nothing other than reverse your body’s rotation against
    the momentum of the club head which will feel as if it is still going the
    opposite direction to your forward body rotation.
    Moe did it somewhat differently in that he laterally slid his hip girdle to
    the left as apposed to rotating the hip girdle, but Moe did initiate his
    downswing in a manner that most great ball strikers have… that being the
    radial rotation of the left knee towards the ball as the absolute ‘first’
    component of the body to initiate the change of swing direction from back
    swing to down swing.
    regards JH.

Mattias S - January 3, 2016

hi..nice videos..u gave me more insights how to mirror Moe. But your
pitchshots its diiferent, much more follow thru than full shots and not Moe
alike.. love to get a comment..

    1atomicgolf - January 3, 2016

    +Mattias S I try to let the club head release as naturally as it can for
    ‘my’ swing force application, Moe really did bang his pitch shots hard and
    and had way more speed/hit on the ball than I do and as a result he didn’t
    need to get the club head through as much as I do because he simply had
    more compression/power than I do.
    I saw him hit 50 yard shots some times and the club head never got higher
    than his belt line, but on other occasions he let the club head go way high
    , he had ‘all’ the shots… I struggle with just a ‘few’.
    regards JH

Mattias S - January 3, 2016

i ment pitching looks like basic followthru

David Bowie - January 13, 2016

Thanks for the quick response to my last message. I have to admit I have a
weak mind. I love the fact that your swing mechanics are so natural. The
less I think about the swing the better it is. So, my biggest concern is I
am afraid to watch some of your videos because you cover so much ground.
Are there some of your videos I shouldn’t watch if the Moe hybrid and
acceleration videos are working well?

    1atomicgolf - January 14, 2016

    +David Bowie Hi David,
    You are absolutely correct in saying I do cover a lot of ‘different’
    ground, there is a definite potential to ‘over intake’ if you peruse a lot
    of the different swing processes that I explore.
    I guess the best advice I can give you and other people is to only look at
    the videos that have some relevance to the particular problem you are
    experiencing with your general swing, having said that it can be difficult
    to self determine what is ‘actually’ wrong with your swing .
    I think the best way to solution explore is to look for a video that refers
    to a particular ball flight characteristic that is endemic in your general
    ball flight pattern, I say that because at the end of the day its only ball
    flight quality consistency of direction that is an indicator of any golfers
    swing efficiency.
    Your comment referring to whatever you are doing now as ‘working well’
    suggests to me that its worth pursuing the ‘working well’ level you have at
    the moment to see if it can produce an ongoing ‘improvement’ to a level
    maybe to that of ‘working great’.
    Its so important to keep an improvement factor going when you are getting
    some good ‘different’ results from what you have been experimenting with, I
    think from what you have said about the quick good results you have
    achieved so far that you should not let any disruption processes distract
    you from where you seem to be going right now, real improvement in 3 days
    indicates to me that you absolutely should concentrate on where you are now
    with the new mechanics application.
    I think ‘watching’ the other videos is ok as long as you don’t get
    significantly sidetracked from where you are at present with mechanics that
    are not conducive to the stuff you are working on now, there are always
    ‘snippets’ of info that can be grafted into any type of mechanics, the
    secret is knowing what ‘snippets’ will be beneficial to the mechanics you
    are already getting success from now.
    I am the worst offender in trying different stuff even when I am getting
    very good results and clear progress from a particular type of mechanics,
    although I am lucky in that I can quickly discard any ‘snippets’ if they
    create regressive progress and I don’t suffer from any left over
    ‘infections’ from ‘trying the ‘snippets’.
    regards JH

murtbuggy1 - January 16, 2016

“Shanks for coming”….lovin it!!
In general though JH, in general, for all your shots at impact….no matter
if a full swing or not…what angle should the blade be if you want a
straight shot?
1) very slightly open plus the release your talking about
2) perfectly square plus the release your talking about
I think i saw a Tom Tomassino video here demonstrating that to be slightly
open for a straight shot. Perfect square will hook it slightly off target
Thanks for the video.
Could not be more confused by references to the terms “texas turn down” and
“clamping the ball” but that is more about my inexperience I suppose, dont
know which one I’m doing because Im just trying to hot straight shots and
it seems like….when i flail the club back like you advised, and Im on
line….Im still presented with some confusing options at impact.

    1atomicgolf - January 16, 2016

    Wow you are going into an area of ‘finite’ thinking when you talk about
    what ‘angle’ should the blade be at impact, lets see if I can simplify an
    answer for you.
    Having the face of the club open or closed any particular amount at address
    purely depends on the path direction you attack the ball on and the
    ‘amount’ of release you apply to the ball at impact.
    For example I myself have the blade open somewhat because I attack the ball
    from around 7/8 degs inside out and I rotate the face closed at impact to
    around 3 degs which gives me a 2/3 yard draw most shots.
    You just have to experiment with your face address angle until you get the
    ball flight you want, gain for example, you may set with your club face
    open as I do at address and the ball may go straight right because you do
    not release as hard as I do, or you may set up with the same open face and
    pull cut the ball ball because your attack line is out to in with no
    release of the club head, or you could get a straight left pull shot if you
    ‘do’ release the club head .
    So it all depends on your attack angle and ‘amount’ of club face
    rotation/release you personally apply in your swing.
    The reference to Tom Tomasello saying the open face at impact is confusing
    for most club players because they just don’t attack the ball from inside
    to out like good players like Tom and as well dont release the club head as
    aggressively as Tom does, the open club face at address for the good player
    is a safeguard against a hard draw or even a hook because of their natural
    tendency to release the club head aggressively.
    I can tell you now that if you set the club face open at address and swing
    from the inside out and dont release the club head aggressively the ball
    will go straight out to the right as a push shot.
    I have been beside the Iron Byron robot and watched club face open inside
    our swing path settings and the ball just goes straight right, close the
    face at address and position the robot obliquely to the ball line and the
    ball draws.
    You really need to know your ‘true’ path delivery angle into the ball
    before you can work with club face angles etc, or simply just experiment
    with shots until you get the ball flight you want , there is no
    ‘open/closed’ club face settings at address for all golfers, you just have
    to experiment for your own swing requirements.
    I agree with you that terminologies can be confusing if you are not a Golf
    Swing technocrat … the Texas Turndown is just turning the left thumb into
    the ground ‘ low’ and hard through the ball.
    regards JH PS when I refer to Attack Angle I mean ‘direction path ‘ of club
    into the ball, not the vertical angle of descent on the downswing .

murtbuggy1 - January 17, 2016

Cheers JH,

Yeah I get all those shots but now I understand why a little more…. I
always have it open at address so all that makes a lot of sense.
My Moe mechanics are only coming together again mainly due to your last 3
videos on the Moe Hybrid Swing, defo some of your very best yet. That has
thought me to get the attack angle of the butting proper and understand it
and most importantly see it. So now I can experiment as you suggest, WITH a
consistent enough attack angle, while giving it more of less release etc.

Thanks also for your written comments in another video about your left hand
grip. I think my hands are similar to yours regarding palm size relative to
the fingers. So being more in the fingers on the left hand helped the
fingers on my right hand not to come away from the grip at the top of the
orbital backswing…..and you say I’m thinking about ‘finite’ details, very

Another thing I found useful is getting away from the range. Instead taking
six or seven real balls to a field and swinging slower and smoother…as
Moe used to say – not for distance, but for technique.

I saw some comments you made about how the lower lie angles thing for your
clubs is not as much of a big deal and it is made out to be and I agree. I
think having a heavy club with a stiff shaft is far more relevant . I hit
my stiff 90g 16 degree hybrid so because sweetly when I catch it right.

Anyway, I have been at this crack for 9 months now, never played golf
before that, so I have never tied anything else other than Moe Mechanics..
And I think i have the, or at the very least understand the mechanics now
because at times I get those effortless tomahawk straight lazers that only
this method could produce. Now as you say it is a matter of hitting balls
and experimenting, cleverly not intensely.

Just one more Q though if you dont mind. You said one one of your first Moe
videos that he told you that hitting at the outside of the ball dictates
that path. And this itself leaves the body less “angulated”. Is that
something you think about that helps you achieve your 7/8 degree inside out
with a 3 degree release?


    1atomicgolf - January 17, 2016

    +murtbuggy1 The hitting of the ‘outside’ of the ball is what Moe said ‘he’
    did , I dont have Moe’s incredible lateral hip slide capability which is
    why my attack path is what it is, and why I hit a little flat draw of
    around a couple of yards , because Moe drags the club so forcefully
    laterally the club head cannot track inside out as much as it does with my
    type of swing motion , which is simply way less lateral slide process.
    I wouldn’t go trying to hit the outside of the ball at your stage of
    development with Moe Mechanics because if you are a player that does attack
    the ball from say 5/7 degs in to out and you try to hit the outside of the
    ball you will ‘stall’ up your body release action because you will be
    trying to get the club head on the outside of the ball from to much of an
    inside attack direction which just makes the path direction way to angular
    to hit the outside of the ball, you need Moe’s attack direction path which
    although it looks in to out quite a bit ..it wasn’t.
    If you have had occasions when you hit a bunch of those ‘Tomahawk Straight
    Laser’ shots at your early stage of swing development I would really try to
    just increase those sessions relative to the ratio amount of the good shots
    you do hit, I have a std saying with my students that is …’If you can
    ‘actually’ hit really solid straight quality golf shots you only have to
    ‘understand’ what you are doing when you hit those shots ‘… it really is
    that simple.
    If the ball flies straight and solid you clearly are delivering the club
    head correctly with your swing, clearly you have the ability to make the
    type of swing that can create good ball flight, you have seen it , all you
    need to do is understand what you are really doing when you hit those
    Moe had a great saying, … I asked him what he actually felt in his golf
    swing to enable the repeat-ability of his swing, he said it was a feeling
    of the ‘Last Perfect Shot’.. which simply was the shot before his next one,
    he said ‘every shot ‘tasted’ the same, you just have to work out the
    correct ‘taste’ of your good shots and repeat that recipe, same ingredients
    every swing.
    regards JH.

    murtbuggy1 - January 17, 2016

    +1atomicgolf Thanks, I will take that advice because you are, in my
    opinion, the best teacher of this process by far. ‘Taste’ the shot….Moe
    had quite a nice way with words and phrasing much like yourself. All the
    best and chat you in a few months.

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