Count Yogi Announcement Update


P SMITH - March 24, 2016

Hi JH – Good to hear that everything has been smoothed out with the Yogi
people. I’ve been trying to replicate some of the mechanics and found the
driver particularly problematic because of the looseness of the backswing.
To grip a long club so loosely means that I also have to swing it more
vertically to ‘keep it light’ . Then its almost like I have to wait too
long for the club to drop , I turn my body too quickly and I end up with no
room, so then have to jerk it down quickly (while also posting up too early
on the lead leg or early extension) or the club will get jammed behind me.
Maybe my driver is too long for a Count Yogi facsimile type of swing. The
chipping is also very difficult to time with just the flippiness (if that’s
a word) of the wrists and I’m probably doing it incorrectly. But when I did
time my driver properly a few times, the ball went so high and long, it
didn’t feel as if I actually hit the ball . I think this swing action could
be something I could definitely use for my irons as an option to my other
actions (Shawn Clement WIG method , Leslie King/Jim Flick , Moe , Torso
Rotary body wing around a centre-rear swing anchor pivot). So much fun
trying out all these different actions and I’m sure its improving my hand
and eye coordination plus my spatial awareness of the clubhead. From a
biomechanics perspective , will you be contemplating making any videos to
check which golf actions are most suited to certain body types to minimise
injury in the long term? I’m sure that would interest quite a lot of people
out there (including me)?

    1atomicgolf - March 24, 2016

    +P SMITH Hi Keith,
    I think I will have to do a video on some of the points you make here, the
    looseness in the driver swing gets taken out by the the change of direction
    process which is a bit complicated to explain here and needs to be
    demonstrated on video, you really don’t need to to be deliberately vertical
    in the backswing which I will show you how that works as well, I know what
    you mean about when you do get it with the driver and how far vit goes with
    absolutely no effort, that is the Yogi secret.
    cheers Jh

Chip Satterly - March 24, 2016

Thanks, JH!
Your effort to work things out with the Count Yogi folks is admirable, but
in my estimation was UNnecessary, since I saw no cause for their irritation
with you.
In fact, by discussing the Count’s story, life and swing you were actually
encouraging your followers to seek Robbins and his team of Yogi guru’s for
additional information, books, gear, lessons, camps etc.
I took the time to visit the Count Yogi (Robbins) site and learned quite a
My bet is that your short Count Yogi series only PROMOTED more visits to
the Robbins site.
Robbins should be GRATEFUL that you even KNOW about Count Yogi and can
encourage folks to seek more info on him through the Robbins business.
Tim Robbins is being VERY short-sighted in his dealings with you.
I won’t ever visit his site again until he allows you to repost your
valuable videos on the Count and your theories on his swing.

Best regards,


    1atomicgolf - March 24, 2016

    +Chip Satterly Hi Chip,
    To me I thought I was ‘promoting’ the whole Yogi thing…I think now the
    guys a t Yogi golf know that and are comfortable that I am not a
    competitor, Tim Nicholls has had in the past some people that have tried to
    promote Yogi for their own advantage and presented the Yogi mechanics very
    badly and created problems for the people they were promoting it to which
    reflected back on the Yogi company .
    Yogi Golf is now comfortable that I keep on with my JH ‘overview’ stuff on
    Yogi so there will be snippets from time to time.
    cheers Jh

ronbo - March 25, 2016

Great news JH!! Looking forward to more “overviews” you have an easy going
style of teaching and your take on Yogi driver swing was a home run!! Aloha

michael estorick - March 29, 2016

JH, I’ve sent a couple of further comments attached to your first Count
Yogi announcement. Don’t know if they are of interest, but I’d like any
thoughts you have about what makesYogi special that I might include in the
piece I am writing for Golf Quarterly. Also, whether you buy into the idea
that he banned either because he was too good, Jewish, Red Indian, or that
his teaching methods undermined/contradicted PGA conventional methods. Esto

    1atomicgolf - March 29, 2016

    +michael estorick I replied to your other comments below, absolutely no
    question the US PGA thought Yogi would decimate its tournaments with a win
    ratio that would have made their players look very ordinary by comparison,
    as well Golf in those days was very much even in the US a very traditional
    type game with very conservative type guys like Nelson/Snead/Hogan etc, the
    most outrageous Golfer as far as the US PGA was concerned was Jimmy Demeret
    and that was only because he dressed in a very dapper fashion.
    So having someone that was the consummate ‘showman’ come on the tour was
    more than the PGA could comprehend, the Tour was like any other type
    organisation of the day back then, it was a conservative era of thinking
    generally in all sports and Yogi was certainly not from that mould.
    I personally believe the main reason was that Yogi didn’t come up through
    the considered normal rungs of Golf and that the PGA just saw him as
    someone that could end up being bigger than the game so to speak, which
    with hindsight was what they actually needed when we now know how good Yogi
    really was and how much interest he would have generated worldwide for Golf
    in general.
    cheers JH.
    PS. His records…. we can never really know … I just like to think he
    was that good that he did shoot those amazing scores with those old

    1atomicgolf - March 30, 2016

    +michael estorick Hi Michael,
    ‘What made Yogi so Special’….IMO…his clearly incredible longevity of
    swing mechanics repeatability…for him to be able to still hit the ball
    with with the same level of accuracy and consistency at 80 years old , it
    was rumoured that he could still hit it 300 yards at that age, the old
    movies of him at that age certainly bear out his xerox look swing style and
    mechanics application.
    If all the scores of incredible numbers are true then he again clearly had
    a swing that was so superior to anyone else by miles, then or now.
    The difficult thing for me is the lack of corroborating evidence from
    people of credibility within the Golf World back when he was supposed to
    have done all the amazing stuff he did, you would think that members of
    those courses that he supposedly shot those mind bending scores would have
    seen him do it or knew people that did.
    One would think that any of those scores would have been such news back
    then that lots of people would have known about it, but sadly we don’t see
    any evidence of that , I can understand to a large degree why any reference
    to his feats would never be coming from official PGA people or Tour members
    , they simply would never want to promote someone who just didn’t fit the
    PGA mould of personality and that had done things that none of the PGA
    players ever could .
    As I have said I do know someone that spent a week with Yogi getting
    lessons and he is a guy not in any way prone to exaggeration and he
    categorically said Yogi hit the ball with unbelievable power and precision
    with clubs that were essentially antiques, and his putting was as he
    described it ‘Mystical’ ..in that would ask you to nominate a hole to putt
    at that had any type of break and he just knocked them all in for days.
    The amazing thing for my friend was that Yogi never took a practice swing
    or warm up swing, first shot every day dead cold with any club he hit the
    shot perfectly, every time, my friend kept repeating..”He just hit it
    perfectly ‘Every Shot’..’ so because I know my friend just doesn’t
    embellish things ever Yogi must have been truly an amazing swinger of the
    Golf Club.

    So again ..’ What Makes Yogi So special’… all suggested evidence points
    to him never having an off day with his swing, he had the same level of
    swing repeatability and precision until he physically couldn’t swing a club
    anymore when his health finally failed etc, I don’t know of any one in
    history that had the ‘same’ swing capability their entire life, Moe Norman
    to a degree was similar but his swing shape changed as he got older, Yogi
    still swung with the same level of motion at 80 that he did at 30, so
    something in his brain controlled his body reactions so implicitly that the
    body could never fail to carry out the mental commands , so indelibly
    ingrained were they, and that my friend is why I’I’ think Yogi was so
    cheers JH

michael estorick - March 31, 2016

Do you have a personal email address I can write to you at? Mine is
I have heard from Tim Nicholls and would like to discuss it with you
privately. Esto

Thomas Slagle - April 5, 2016

Hi JH,
With all this hitting up and Yogi stuff I am beginning to think there is
nothing wrong with flipping the club with your hands as long as its flipped
at the right time. I’m curious how Yogi dealt with it when he had to play a
low shot. Working with this I am hitting it enormously high but it is
definitely straighter.

    1atomicgolf - April 5, 2016

    +Thomas Slagle Hi Thomas, I guess for Yogi the low shot was just a matter
    of not hitting up ‘as much’ as he did normally, the extra height you are
    getting could be that in hitting up as a thought process you are tilting
    back to much with your spine at impact, remember its the hands/arms that
    need to go ‘up’ only , do that only with the motion of the hands/arms ,
    don’t stay back to much with your upper body.
    At the end of the day you only need the club in line with the lead wrist at
    impact …after that it doesn’t matter, so you can flip the club head as
    much as you like after impact, I have done that my whole golfing life and I
    attribute that to my straight hitting.
    cheers JH

P SMITH - April 19, 2016

I’ve been reading the free pdf that the Count Yogi website posted on their
website (ie. a free peak inside Yogi’s book). It actually provides quite a
bit of info . High hands at address, pivot on lead leg (aka Ben Hogan), no
active wrist break at the top (just let the inertial weight of the club set
the wrists), dominant rear arm used for downswing (ie. actually swinging
up), let head move up in the through swing. In putting he is using his
dominant rear hand/arm, while in the short game he says he ‘lets go’ of the
handle with his left hand post impact while allowing his right hand to
handle the club. Obviously , you can’t see him let go of the club but I
think he just relaxes his left hand grip to zero pressure and allows the
butt of the club to just move around in his fingers in the follow-through.
I couldn’t understand why he got so much flippy action post impact for the
short game but now I realise how he did it.

    1atomicgolf - April 19, 2016

    +P SMITH Hi Keith,
    I haven’t seen any of that info on Tim’s site, will have a look today, I
    see all the stuff you mention in his swing, never heard of the the left
    hand relaxing deliberately through the ball but I can understand the
    thinking process because I do it myself, and have always done it, which is
    why I never have the look of retained lag in my swing, I have never wanted
    it, I have always wanted the club head moving as ‘wide’ as it can on the
    downswing, not ‘narrow’.
    So that info whilst new officially only reinforces what I ‘thought’
    happened with/in his swing, which is really great.
    cheers JH

Dave Rao - April 23, 2016

I’ve just reviewed your Yogi clips and Tim Nicholl’s obstructions to you
spreading “your gospel”. Yogi died in 1991 and according to Tim, he had
been with him for 15 years. That would take his relationship back to the
bus accident where Yogi was nearly killed. In 1980, I began working with
Yogi on a comeback that lasted until 1985. Five years with Yogi is like a
hundred. I produced hours of video and uploaded the “Hollywood Golf lesson
and Makeover” of the Count getting his long hair cut. As you can obviously
assume, Nicholls had it removed for “Trademark Infringement” because I had
ended it with a link to HIS website at countyogigolf. As I own the
material, I removed the take and uploaded again. Then, I began getting
threatening cease and desist letters from Tim…not a lawyer. The battle
spilled onto many forums where I was suddenly banned for giving my say
about Yogi. Finally, I decided Tim wasn’t worth the energy. I simply issued
a challenge to him that I’d beat him on any course, any time. Silence. For
him to claim he had such a long time tutelage under the Count, I must doubt
it heartily. If he did, it was in the short six years before his death when
he was ill. You can find thousands of photos and many videos of Yogi, but
not one standing and smiling behind Tim Nicholls. If any of you run into
him, tell him my challenge still stands for any amount. One last
item…Nicholls insists Yogi was born in 1905. Birth records show 1915 and
tournament results show participating in the Chicago Junior Golf Tournament
in 1934..which aligns with the a 1915 birth. You can go spend a ton of cash
with Nicholls.[be sure to watch his swing on Youtube] or stick with good
old John here. I’ll keep John posted of when I upload a new Yogi video from
my raw footage. Excellent work your doing, John. Give Tim my worst.

    1atomicgolf - April 23, 2016

    +Dave Rao Hi dave,
    Wow, I feel like I am conversing with ‘Royalty’ here, someone who actually
    spent real time with Yogi, that time and those memories must have been and
    continue to be amazing for you no doubt.
    Dave the only background I was given by anyone other than Tim was from a
    fellow Australian who went to the US and tracked Yogi down and had lessons
    from him, I think that was around 1975 ish, he said Yogi was mesmerising in
    his ability to do things with the Golf ball, and the guy was as straight
    laced as they come, never embellished anything, in fact he said he was
    super cynical of Yogi’s ability before he saw him because he felt no one
    could actually hit the ball the way he was reportedly capable of doing, but
    he did and did it every time.
    I am only doing the occasional Yogi video as I remember things about him or
    have a new theory on what he did to swing in the incredible fashion he did,
    clearly I have zero ability to replicate any of Yogi’s swing looks or
    mechanics and my video’s are only such as to pay homage to the memory of
    the great man.
    I would love to talk with you in depth about your time with Yogi, you must
    have incredible stories to tell, if you feel disposed to have an email chat
    my email address is jhensby1@gmail.com……I have seen the ‘Hair Cutting’
    video, and you were the person that produced it..WOW…that’s just
    Thanks so much for posting here today, you have made my day..big time.
    best Regards JH

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