Davinci Code Swing Breakthrough no 1

Howie Karasick - November 10, 2016

Love the way you care!!

    1atomicgolf - November 11, 2016

    Its just the joy that this game can give you …. and the sharing of things that are different and have the possibility of making a difference to someones game…..I will never stop the journey of the search for the Golf Swing’s secrets…..its like a treasure hunt… you know the treasure is there somewhere…. its just a matter of keep looking long enough and you will find it.
    cheers JH

jockco curtis - November 11, 2016

Been giving it a try and yes I can repeat it, using stiff flex its a little hard to whip it through

    1atomicgolf - November 11, 2016

    Hi Jocko,
    You will have no trouble getting the shaft to whip into impact when you get used to keeping the trail elbow attached and stabilized above the trail hip area as you throw your trail hand fingers with the wrist hinge throw away action , whipping the forearm past the stationary upper arm/elbow is the secret, I will be doing more videos showing the finer details of how this is supposed to happen .
    cheers JH

Dave Ford - November 11, 2016

Wax on Wax Off JH. Good Stuff, Have to give it a Go..

benbirdie561 - November 12, 2016

this is easiest way to perform mostpowerfulmoveingolf.trail elbow stabilization.one motion not movement

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