Davinci Code Swing Chippimg Pitching Putting Mechanics All The Same

Ray Hess - December 29, 2016

I was showing a young fellow who wants to be a pro golfer a 30 yard pitch and I hit the pin. He gave it a go and was 2 feet from the pin. Then I pitched one 40 feet and was on inch from the hole.
This is an amazing swing. The full swing is good and I’m playing the ball back in my stance more. I have to work on the chipping so thank you for the demonstration.

    1atomicgolf - December 29, 2016

    Hi Ray,
    They are impressive results for a couple of shots, the chipping is even better.. and the Putting better again.
    cheers JH

george parthimos - December 30, 2016

Great tips JH ,been practicing for the last few hours and what a difference to my pitching and chipping ! Now that I can get them close to the pin ,will eliminate a lot off two puts.
Keep em coming JH
All the best in the new year

    1atomicgolf - December 30, 2016

    Hi George,
    When you become more proficient at chipping/pitching your putting stats invariably get way better… I once had 21 putts for a round of golf way back in 1992 at The Lakes Golf club 2 days after the Australian Open was played there… ( my normal putting average at that time was around 30/31) sounds like I would have shot a 58 or alike… that fact is I only hit 3 greens in regulation but I got the ball up and down 15 times , that par round was the best round of chipping/pitching I have ever had in my life, I wonder frankly if anyone has ever had 15 up and downs in a round of Golf before. ..they probably have but not at the Lakes Golf club I wouldnt think.
    I actually hit a lot of the greens but the ball went through the green and alike and I had to chip for birdies and pars… two of the birdie chips on the par 5’s stopped short only by inches so a sub 21 putts was possible ….the great chipping of that day turned what could have been an embarrassing score to a round that actually won all the wager bets from my playing partners on the day.
    Never had a chipping round like that ever again but I have had lots of days when the chipping made my putting tally look really good…. and of course the ultimate end score for the round.

    cheers JH PS Back in those days I chipped conventionally… if I had been using the Davinci Code style I might have holed some of those chip shots and got less than 21 putts …LOL.

Rex Braggins - December 31, 2016

Would just like to say people this chipping and pitching method has just shaved 4 to five shots off my round of golf .Never have i putted so well or chiped so well .thank you JH and all the best for the new year.cheers Rex.

    1atomicgolf - January 1, 2017

    Hi Rex, Glad you are getting results so quickly… that’s a lot of strokes to take off your game… that must make you very happy, all the best for the new Year to you and yours as well.
    cheers Jh

    Rex Braggins - January 1, 2017

    yea it is a lot of shots but if you new how many 3 putts and duffed chips i could have in around you would understand.your way is just so easy for me when putting and chipping. cheers

Great Par - January 27, 2017

Hello JH,
What club is this?
I’m enjoying your clips. Makes a lot of sense.


    1atomicgolf - January 27, 2017

    Hi Brett,
    The club I am using for the shots here ??????….. just a normal pitching wedge….as with all straight forward style pitch/chip shots where there is nothing to go over I always use a pitching wedge or 9 iron … I only use a sand wedge if I have to get some height on the shot for a specific reason but straight forward shots I always try to get the ball on the ground early and running.
    cheers J

Great Par - January 27, 2017

Sorry JH,
I meant the Golf Course. Where was this filmed.

Brian Hershberger - February 19, 2017

JH, I’ve been trying the “gun slinger” putting style and getting good results. Also, I’ve been a left hand low putter for 10 years. Do you have any tips for a left eye dominate golfer related to putting, chipping, pitching?

    1atomicgolf - February 20, 2017

    Hi Brian,                  I guess the only  mechanical/geometry  thing you could do is to try and get your ball position  directly  under your left eye with the ball as close to your toe line as possible… you may have to stand more erect to do this but that really in putting and chipping  is a plus because it takes out unnecessary ‘arcing’ of the club head  on the back swing .             Its much easier to push/pull something in a straight line when the arms are more vertical in their address plane… the only  adjustment that  may be needed if you adopt getting closer to the ball and more upright  in your hands set is to get your putter  lie adjusted to a more upright lie, most putters are between 70-72 degs lie which is traditional and as a result of that lie spec most putting strokes are ‘arc’ type strokes.                                      cheers JH

Lea Pustetto - March 25, 2017

great method . looks good . going to try it.. count yogi still going great. couldnt hit the ball any better.cheers

    1atomicgolf - March 25, 2017

    Hi Lea,                If you have been able to  apply Yogi mechanics and it is working well, I  don’t  think you should erode its capability by introducing something  that is way different which Davinci Code certainly is… the bird in the hand is very relevant to a ‘working’ Golf Swing.                    cheers JH

Lea Pustetto - March 25, 2017

yeah totally right. count yogi has been a lifesaver for my golf. i cant believe how good it is. my brother has taken to it and said he has never hit the ball better. thanks.

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