10 thoughts on “Davinci Code Swing Training Device no 2

  1. Birdie Gof says:

    Awesome JH! I found out the hard way on a couple of holes this weekend that you must absolutely keep the trail arm from traveling forward. I cold-topped the ball three times in a row on a par five and was really frustrated until I figured it out. I also figured out that I needed to stand closer to the ball than I was comfortable with in the beginning in order to facilitate the placement of the trail elbow above the hip. I am certain that with this training aid I’ll be able to groove the correct feel. I would make one suggestion for your training aid and that is: instead of the resistance band, I’d use surgical tubing. I think the surgical tubing will be more comfortable. I can’t wait to try this JH! Thank you so much for this great swing methodology…how about calling it “Davinci’s Sling-Slap”? Cheers!

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      There is a wide band thin surgical rubber training strap that I saw today in the GYM, I will get one and try it out… the rubber just molds itself over the skin with no sharp edges…you are absolutely correct in your assessment of the importance of the trail elbow never travelling as a deliberate intentional feeling…it will travel after impact but that’s ok…if you can when training not let it travel at all you will get the feeling you need to propagate in the swing.
      You have worked out correctly the need to stand closer to the ball because the trail arm is bent and shortened by getting it sitting behind the shirt seem line at address .
      There needs to be a ‘Sling/Slap/Swat’ in the name somewhere for sure.
      cheers JH

  2. P SMITH says:

    Hi JH – Just wondering what the role of the left arm is in the Davinci Code swing? Is it actually doing anything or is it ‘inert/lifeless’ and just going for the ride?

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      For me personally the lead arm just gets activated by the trail arm,s dominance of the back swing proceedings as does the entire lead side body components…. I have no relationship thinking about the lead side at all relative to things like weight transference etc… I just set the trail arm/elbow as far back as I can at address and then just bicep curl the trail forearm as the only thought process… this is the great thing about this swing process… its so one component dominant as a thinking reference.
      cheers JH

  3. howe allen says:

    fantastic john since i have seen you i have embraced your style fully 4 full games and it is working.I have never hit the ball better,longer or more solid.Still bouger up a few shots but it is all there.This new softball idea i am trying today cannot wait to hit the course.If only you could bottle this swing

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      Hi Howe,
      I am actually in the process of ‘Bottling’ this swing… I will develop it to the extent it will be a an apply -able process to any player, I am building a foundational mechanism that will be absolutely foolproof in its application, you will only have to apply the sequence of body structure setup principals and the swing will be an infallible mechanism.
      cheers Jh

  4. robert finney says:

    Hi JH, I am still hitting the ball so well and have been following your Davinci videos from the beginning, 1 have noticed with the progress of the swing your taking the club up higher on the back swing as apposed to what you said from the first videos of feeling of throwing the club behind you. Do you still think of that.

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      Hi Robert,
      Its just a bit of ‘evolution’ …. I dont know if its ‘better’ or not as yet …. I may revert back to the original plane of the swing going forward … again its an ‘option’ that players can try for themselves and see if its better for them… I must admit I have dropped a bit of the intensity of the ‘throwback’ of late .. and as I said earlier I dont know yet if that will come back as the original intensity factor.
      I am probably a few weeks away from the ‘Final’ Davinci Code ‘ specification…
      cheers Jh

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