Davinci Code Swing Update n0 2


Pat Ryan - October 28, 2016

JH-maybe it’s the camera angle-but it looks like your ball position is
farther forward than normal. Comments?

    1atomicgolf - October 28, 2016

    Hi Pat,
    Are you referring to the Driver or irons…I could be playing the ball a
    bit further forward at present because I am loading a bit more on the
    forward vertical axis with the new swing… because I am an instinctive
    balance feeler of my body at address my ball position just ends up being
    where it is to suit my balance needs.
    I am not a ball ‘position’ thinker’….it always ends up where it needs to
    ‘Be’….as well because I always take my grip before I address the ball I
    am never fiddling with the club head or shaft angle over the ball … my
    hands are positioned where they need to be for my arms/hands balance
    requirements and the ball just ends up being in front of the club
    face…wherever that ends up being…which strangely enough ends up being
    in the ‘right’ place.
    cheers JH

Bill Walsh - October 31, 2016

I think it would awesome if you could get lee to describe his feelings on
this. But I hope you are getting over the flu.I can hear the weakness in
your voice. Please take care and get rest.

    1atomicgolf - October 31, 2016

    i Bill,
    I need Lee to give me the inside lowdown on his process… I can see the
    process in its superficial visual appearance…much the same way you ‘see’
    an F1 car performing on a track… but understanding the
    mechanics/engineering of how the F1 car achieves its amazing performance is
    the real insight provider.
    Yeah we need the ‘Blueprints’ of Lee’s ‘F1 Golf Swing’….
    cheers JH

IRISH JIM - November 1, 2016

In your actual swing compared to your practice swing – You seem to keep the
lead arm absolutely straight … When do you break the wrists?

In practice swing you break immediately it seems but it looks like you
start backswing by pushing club away with lead arm – but that is just how I
see it – Any comment appreciated – Beautiful sound off your shots. Thanks.

    1atomicgolf - November 2, 2016

    Hi Jim,
    My precursor practice swing is what I ‘want’ to achieve in my swing…. my
    ‘actual’ swing is my old swing holding on to its program…. ultimately I
    want my back swing to look like my practice swing … I am trying with my
    practice swing to ingrain the folding bicep curl and the early club head
    I am as you see it pushing the club away with my left arm as apposed to
    picking it up with my right hand/arm…. its hard to get the brain to
    remove the old lead side arm/hand push away in the back swing that I have
    had for so long…. the good thing is that when I do end up getting the
    early fold and the extra club head travel I will have so much more club
    head speed in the swing…its a work in progress right now.
    cheers Jh

Ray Hess - November 2, 2016

JH I’m trying to copy your low back swing because of a bad shoulder and I
like what I’m doing. Any idea what is making me push the ball with the
Davinic swing when I try to hit the outside of the ball.
When I hit it straight and 10 yrds longer than normal I feel my right arm
works away from my right side on the down swing. I’m a RH golfer. What do
you feel your right arm does just before impact? Any comments is
appreciated. Thank you.

    1atomicgolf - November 2, 2016

    Hi Ray,
    That,s a hard one to diagnose… I couldn’t hit a push shot if I was
    actually hitting the outside of the ball because you cant get an inside out
    attack path that is severe enough to push the ball in direction because of
    the mechanics geometry of hitting the outside of the ball.
    I find my attack path when hitting the outside of the ball is virtually
    straight lining through the ball….I can only think you are actually not
    firing the right shoulder quadrant at the ball whilst still keeping the
    connection of the right elbow to the rib cage strong enough and letting the
    right arm run off by itself which it can then just fire straight out at the
    ball and beyond on that line instead of tracking with the right shoulder
    quadrant on a semi circle to the ball then just onto the ball and then
    continuing on through the ball target wards.
    Just hit some 50/60 yard shots with a wedge and concentrate on feeling the
    elbow and the right shoulder tip moving at the same rate out to and through
    the ball.
    My right arm feels like it stops at impact and the club head fires past the
    the right forearm , like a slinging flat circular shape of movement of the
    club head…if you can conceptualize that… I will be doing more on what
    that actually feels like soon.
    cheers JH

freddy - November 2, 2016

I was able to get this swing to work with long irons yesterday after having
success with wedges last week. One thing I love about this swing is that my
issue with hand injuries from coming down steep and digging deep divots has
vanished. Bacon strips, not pork chops as Moe would say. I have not gotten
it to work super reliably yet since about a third of the time I go blank in
the downswing and my hands move too fast and get too far ahead. The best
swings are when I feel my hands are moving no faster towards the ball than
my right elbow and hip are. It’s a feeling of deliberately limiting the
rotation speed of my hands around the arc to no faster than my right elbow
is rotating. It’s hard to do reliably if you didn’t learn the golf swing
that way.

    1atomicgolf - November 2, 2016

    Hi Freddy,
    I am actually feeling the handle of the club stopping at impact and the
    club head rocketing past it…no hands travel past my body as a feeling…
    very much a ‘Trebuchet’ action action..look up how a Trebuchet works and
    you will get my impact feeling.
    I dont take divots at all most times…if I do they are less intrusive than
    even ‘bacon strips’…..
    cheers JH

TheCelticMaverick - November 3, 2016

Could you just explain ‘hitting the outside of the ball’ please – is that
the far, rear quadrant?

When you try to stop handle – and club head continues – is it down the line
/ out to 10 o clock or in to 7 o clock? Thanks JH.

    1atomicgolf - November 3, 2016

    Imagine the club face coming ‘over’ the top of the rear outside quadrant of
    the golf ball at impact…the reality is that the actual point of impact is
    just under the equator of the ball marginally with the leading edge of the
    club face but the ‘feeling’ point of impact is the ‘top’ of the rear
    outside quadrant of the ball.
    Its a crazy mechanics to achieve because you need to feel an ‘over the top’
    polishing type effect of the club face on the ball … not the ‘under the
    equator marginally’ point of actual impact.
    When I try to stop the grip end of the club at impact I sling the club head
    past the grip end in what feels like a dead straight linear direction…
    that happens as a ‘feel’ because you cant hit the outside of the ball from
    an inside to out attack path really… you have to basically get the club
    going very straight line into that outside quadrant or you will pull/drag l
    the ball .
    I need clearly to do a lot of explanation on this aspect and I will be way
    better equipped to do that after I talk one on one with Lee Comeaux…
    which hopefully will be soon.
    Cheers JH

Howie Karasick - November 3, 2016

Jh. I need help….I have back issues….as well as being barrel
chested….how do I turn on backswing

    1atomicgolf - November 4, 2016

    Hi Howie, ,
    I think you should just try to get your arms separated from your chest at
    address ….by getting your hands higher at address and your upper arms
    away from the sides of your body…. that will free up your arms to move
    independently of your body which will eliminate the need to actually turn
    your body as a physical conscious thing.
    You need to feel like your upper arms are away from your body and you can
    just swing your arms straight up and down in a vertical lifting action. you
    will be surprised how by just lifting the hands/arms straight upwards from
    address how much the shoulders will respond automatically with some degree
    of turning…but the turning will not be forced and your arms will not be
    trapped by your sides as they probably now are.
    You will be surprised at how much club head travel you will get by just
    lifting the arms straight up from address away from the body and the
    reduction of strain on your back from the turn you have to make when your
    arms are connected to your sides.
    The new Davinci Code type swing is not good for someone like you that
    actually needs to get the trail arm ‘away’ from their body on the back
    swing and downswing…..you need the complete ‘opposite’ arm actions.
    If you give me your email address I will do a short video for you showing
    you what I am advocating for you specifically.
    cheers JH

Howie Karasick - November 4, 2016

Thank you so much………jamatb31@gmail.com

Howie Karasick - November 4, 2016


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