25 thoughts on “Davinci Code Swing with ‘;Back Slap’ Intention no 2

  1. Sand Bunker says:

    Hi JH 🙂

    Appreciate your hard, generous and kind efforts to video for us all your work and so many different “moves and strategies” in developing so many swings of yours, in your effort to find that, one and only “secret swing”.

    Now, a quick question, and please, this is NOT a criticism AT ALL, OK: while your different swings are really different when you’re talking and explaining your “moves and positions”, but when you actually go and hit the ball, ALL your swings look the same to me ? I am certain that it’s my old eyes that are NOT seeing the differences, so maybe you could help me understand what am i missing here ?

    ATB, keep up the good work and don’t hurt yourself by over doing it.

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      There is certainly a similarity in all the different wings I talk about and demonstrate …visually… but everyone has an absolute different ‘intention’ of application… and everyone produces a different result in ball flight and feel application.
      The whole idea of my instruction is to give alternative mechanics ‘thinking’ to golfers…. just a different thought process in swing mechanics can have a dramatic effect in a swing’s application and ‘feel’ .
      I am surprised you think the current Davinci Code Swing with the low hands/arms chopped finish looks like all my other swings…. sure doesn’t look like that to me..or ‘feel’ like that to me…..in fact it is the most ‘profound’ difference I have ever experienced in a swing feel and limb/body application.
      I think if you were strapped in the training belt and hit some shots you would get the understanding of the ‘feeling’ differential I am experiencing.
      cheers JH

    • Forney Johnson says:

      JH…I’ve been hitting balls at the range using the belt/strap setup and getting the slap feeling. I can see how SB sees your no strap as looking like your “normal” swing, I thought the same too. The low finish is the sticking point. When I was at the range yesterday, I was smoking my driver using the strap.

      Then I took it off to test hitting with the same feeling as having it on and I still was hitting it great, but was finishing high again. Same “intention” same feeling, same result, but a much higher finish. One of my pals commented that I wasn’t finishing where I thought I was. So I put the strap back on and hit a few balls all finishing low with the same good results as before.

      So then I tried hitting with no strap, but with the intention of finishing low and it worked just fine. Today I saw your latest video and you covered this question nicely. I do think I hit the ball better with the low finish, so I’m going to stick with that for a while till it becomes ingrained.

      BTW, my pitching is getting better and better using your process.

      Cheers FJ

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      Hi Joe,
      The reference to the wrist hinge being so flexible and quick is where I am going relative to using the only ‘high speed’ hinge in the body….this guy is a good source of info relative to a softball pitching action and its mechanics which I am trying to incorporate in the Davinci Code mechanics.
      cheers JH

  2. Nat McIntosh says:

    Hey jh that’s it.the feeling of dropping the club behind the the ball and firing the right slap though .. 8 to 7. O’clock standinthehandle..Cheers.

  3. One shot, One time, One way!! says:

    Yes, he is. My daughter plays softball and wants to be a pitcher. You referenced a while back Lee C having softball videos. I believe his action has pitching and hitting leverages. He refers to leverage constantly. I see him hitting the ball in front of his eyes. All good hitters do this.

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      Lee has lots of softball pitching mechanics in his swing ..particularly in his finger/hand release process….I think the ‘delivery’ zone that the guy talks about in the softball video will be changed to the ‘Intention’ zone because we clearly dont release the club head way back where I am advocating but we all should have the ‘intention’ to do so.
      cheers JH

  4. Nat McIntosh says:

    Oh I took the money on my round yesterday. One of the guys asked what swing I was bringing today . Of course the fold fan slap swing which I didn’t perform so well last week.I even left alotta birdies out there.

  5. IRISH JIM says:

    JH At 19.30 you told pupil about open club toe – Is this the procedure for all shots – I thought we started out on DV with a feeling of the club being very closed throughout backswing. Thanks.

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      Hi Jim,
      The ‘toe’ reference is a bit confusing… I mean to feel it as the ‘lively’ part of the club head only… even though we are taking the club face back square to square ( closed as some would describe it) you still need to feel that the toe of the club is the part of the club head that has the momentum/motion most noticeably felt in it,its the proximal part of the club head so the energy should always be migrating to it as orbital mechanics would suggest.
      You know I am probably the only Australian male who doesn’t drink alcohol….but i did have some of that ‘ Baileys’ once on some ice cream and it was delicious..I didn’t know it was alcoholic…didn’t care because it tasted so good .
      Any golfers that take the time to find my stuff on YOU TUBE when it isn’t promoted at all tells me they are true golf swing enthusiasts and what ever I can provide that may help them out is the least I can do.
      cheers JH

  6. IRISH JIM says:

    In line with Frank Haan’s request below – Could you show a close up of your initial move of the wrists to start the swing – maybe from front and side – As per everybody else – I want to thank you for your time and generosity in sharing your progress – Plenty of Guinness waiting for you if you ever make it over to Ireland – Cheers JH.

  7. freddy says:

    From the down the line view, at address it looks like your forearm plane is just about the same as the shaft plane (i.e. the “aim the pistols at the ground” Hogan look). Is that a deliberate part of the setup for this swing? or is that something you do from personal habit and preference?

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      Hi Freddy,
      I have always had the shaft in line with my forearm…I never over plane or under plane at all ….it is just the way I have always swung the club.
      cheers JH

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