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Bill Walsh - March 27, 2016

It is simple and it works great, at least in the backyard. Bill is thawing
out in Long Island New York.And I am working on your wide to narrow with a
swing speed radar unit. Could only get 80 miles per hour. Still need To get
more flexibility worked out. BUT…I remembered JH and negative lag….my
goal 90 mph….I hit 88-89 constantly with neg lag. Hope is on the

    1atomicgolf - March 27, 2016

    +Bill Walsh Hi Bill,
    8-9 mph swing speed is a big difference, if you are seeing that now keep up
    with negative lag/loading…anytime you can ‘let’ the club head change
    direction on the down swing by ‘itself’ you will get way more speed….you
    can never ‘make’ lag ‘happen’..it must be a by product of never activating
    the club head ‘deliberately’ on the down swing ….the ”heavier’ you can
    get the club head to ‘feel’ on the down swing the more lag you will get,
    its the old ‘tennis ball on the string’ feel requirement..
    If the ‘Fixed Fulcrum’ method is working in the backyard it should work on
    the Golf Course as well…the only difference between the backyard and the
    Golf Course is ‘mindset’….just think when you are on the course that you
    are still in the backyard.. Moe told me he always felt he was in a ‘bubble’
    when he was over the ball and everything outside the bubble was non
    existent, just build your ‘own’ Bubble.
    cheers JH

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