Geoff Mangum on Reading Putts 1 of 7: Perceiving the Fall Line

Geoff Mangum of the describes how to perceive the fall line straight uphill-downhill thru the hole on a flat-but-tilted green surface as one of three keys to predicting the curving path of breaking putts (3 factors for break: slope steepness and direction, green rolling speed, and ball rolling speed).

12 thoughts on “Geoff Mangum on Reading Putts 1 of 7: Perceiving the Fall Line

  1. bruce boardman says:

    Nice – This series makes the intuitive nature of putting possible on a
    consistent basis.

  2. gsboss says:

    you know i didnt see an improvement in my put for a while, but after maybe
    3 or 4 listens my put has increased to pro status. see you on the

  3. Eric Sloan says:

    This assumes a planar putting surface around the hole, and thus the theory
    would often only be valid for short-range putts.

  4. Geoff Mangum says:

    That’s right Eric, but you don’t know HOW MUCH valid is required or how to
    adjust to “not perfectly valid”. Using words like “planar” means you don’t
    know reality but think you do.

  5. Captain Stingray says:

    CHRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIST!!!!!!! Whoops, wrong Geoff Mangum. Sorry,

  6. paradise Green says:

    Great job! I’m a fan already. I’m pretty good at reading greens, but this
    is next level for me so I’m going to purchase your book for a drink and
    myself! Thank you!

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