Geoff Mangum on Reading Putts 2 of 7: Perceiving the start line and target

Geoff Mangum of the PuttingZone.com describes how to perceive the start line angled uphill off the baseline straight between ball and hole, using the delivery speed of the usual touch to predict the start line and identify an aim spot on the high side of the fall line above the cup (3 factors for break: slope steepness and direction, green rolling speed, and ball rolling speed).


kevskigolf - October 22, 2010

thats pretty amazing i cant wait to try it out for myself

Geoff Mangum - August 24, 2013

I was never young.

Cole Younger - August 27, 2013

My eyes are crossed.

ishira fernando - January 16, 2014

Amazing mr geoff.
You have contributed a lot to the golf society.
Really apprecieate it.

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