Geoff Mangum on Reading Putts 4 of 7: Multiple Breaks / Slopes

Geoff Mangum of the PuttingZone.com describes how the prediction of multiple curving breaks over different areas of slope works backwards from the final 3-4 feet of must-happen break to handle independently each feature of the contour (3 factors for break: slope steepness and direction, green rolling speed, and ball rolling speed).


1blackone - June 28, 2011

All this instruction and technique you are pitching to finally come to a
1:24 “You’re just good at putting or you’re not”. Then WHY THE HELL should
anybody buy/listen to your instruction? You basically just told people, “Go
out and practice and if you got a knack for putting, good for you. If you
don’t, sorry for ya.”

TankEsquire - September 20, 2011

@1blackone What were you watching?? Your quote doesn’t exist in the video.
He didn’t say good putters are just good putters, good luck…he was
referring to his previous instruction on getting used to touch and ball

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