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    • 1atomicgolf says:

      +Thomas Slagle I use the right leg rotation and foot flare absolutely on
      all shots now.
      cheers JH

    • Birdie Gof says:

      +1atomicgolf Can’t wait to try this one JH. That holding position is kind
      of like what Phil Mickleson called his “hinge and hold” pitch shot. I was
      having so much trouble with my pitching that I bought a used left handed
      club and tried that, then somebody suggested that I try cross-handed and
      it’s worked well…It almost puts my hands in that kind of position without
      even trying but it’s difficult on longer pitches. Thanks again JH. I’ve
      reluctantly passed your YT page to a couple of my golfing buddies, lol!
      Like you, I love this game and I want my golfing friends to enjoy it.

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      +Birdie Gof Doing a video today with more intrinsic detail of the new
      pitching method, I think it will give you even more performance gains.
      cheers JH

  1. P SMITH says:

    Hi JH – So is this method more reliable than the Count Yogi ‘clubsy’
    method? The method you are demonstrating is similar to Shawn Clement except
    at address he positions the sternum notch slightly in front of the ball .
    He says that the centre of the swing is the ‘Sternum Notch’ and therefore
    needs to be either on top or a little ahead of the ball to get proper ball
    , grass turf crisp contact.

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      +P SMITH Hi Keith, I think this method is far easier to get consistent
      timing of impact rather than the Yogi ‘handsy” type action, anytime you
      break your wrists on a shortish shot you have to get the wrists back into
      alignment at impact over a fairly short duration of time and distance.
      This new method virtually takes all the hands/club head timing timing
      requirement out of the shot because the hands/ club head don’t move by way
      of any wrist cocking as a power producing mechanism , once the club face is
      set in position it stays there because the lead shoulder rock ing is the
      power producer not the wrist cocking, I am going to do a more in depth
      explanation of the process tomorrow so stay tuned.
      cheers Jh

    • P SMITH says:

      +1atomicgolf Hi JH – Yes , understand the logic of what you say but by
      locking the wrists aren’t we limiting degrees of movement in the golf swing
      which might creep into the long game? I’ve always thought to gain a level
      of consistency for all golf strokes we should strive for natural freedom of
      movement. Trying to restrict with the wrists means that the way we pace our
      golf swing will be different for the short game vs long game, So although
      the firming of the wrists through impact might have a short term benefit
      for our short game , won’t it tend to creep into other aspects of our game
      where we need more wrist break release?

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      +P SMITH Hi Keith, ,
      I really believe as much as we like to think the whole of the Golf swing
      has has an intrinsic thread that must be used if we are to achieve a
      ‘total’ consistency throughout the entire process of the Golf swing it
      really doesn’t apply, no greater player than Sam Snead said he had ‘two’
      swings…. one for the woods…. and one for the irons, simply because they
      were different requirements of ball control.
      I have a similar outlook but more relative to the critical ‘accuracy’ part
      of the game which is usually from 40-60 yards from the pin, and because
      that type of distance doesn’t require really any multiple hinges to create
      power/speed I believe we can and should have a different swing mechanism
      for that part of the scoring requirement.
      The reality for most players is that the brain will override the short
      distance accuracy swing process when longer power requirements present
      themselves because of its familiarity programming of those shots by way of
      the general majority of swings used for that purpose normally.
      The cerebral directive programming that the brain has for body
      components/segments that are moved through longer phases of travel and
      increased torque level loadings that are inherent in longer distance shot
      requirements will apply itself as a matter of course and not be confused
      with a low torque loading short range of motion shot requirement. as used
      for the pitch action in question.
      Simply put to try and swing through a range of motion the likes of which
      would be required for longer/full shots with the clearly restricted body
      structure of the arms/hand/wrists used in the pitching action we are
      talking about would just be to physically foreign to the brain in terms of
      getting the body segments/components to produce power in that particular
      configuration .
      I can only speak for myself but I absolutely have no conflicting body feel
      preferences when I go from the pitching method to the full flow of the
      bigger swing, I guess I just know I cant hit any distance with the
      restricted pitching configuration so I have full mental release of that
      process when I require the longer distance swing power availability.
      cheers JH

  2. Deacon and Dad says:

    this made me realize my triangle was breaking down in my full and pitch
    swing, only missed 3greens and 2fairways yesterday, thnx so much man

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      +Benjamin Jones Thats good news, I will be doing a more in depth video
      maybe tomorrow about the intrinsic points of the process, there are a few
      points that really need to be understood fully to get the absolute best out
      of the method.
      cheers JH

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      +cooljakes One of my general teaching roster students was doing the same,
      you have to make sure that the club head is still moved through an arc
      during release, he was trying to put the club face ‘on’ the ball and trying
      to force it to much down the line after impact.
      You have to like all shots let the club head release naturally in an arc
      around the body, with this method the body still squares up the club face
      at impact like all shots, you don’t want the lead arm running off away from
      the body as it moves towards the ball at impact or after impact.
      I am doing some videos for my general students today so I will do one
      explaining the correct in depth detail of the release aspect.
      cheers JH

    • cooljakes says:

      +1atomicgolf Tks, JH. Shall try it out. Looking forward to your new video
      on the correct indepth details of the release aspect. Cheers.

  3. Dennis S says:

    This is very similar to Phil’s method he calls “Hinge and Hold”. Phil says
    it’s the only way to chip and pitch consistently.

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      +Dennis S Hi Dennis,
      When you look at Phil he does look like he has this structural look about
      his pitching process, maybe not as aggressive in the positioning of the
      trail elbow which for me is the foundational strength of my method, but
      Phil does have great structural integrity in his pitching process, great
      structural integrity in ‘all’ his processes as his record indicates..
      cheers JH

  4. Mike Bailey says:

    Ive used this throughout the golf set, with a full swing.. I get 125 yards
    with by 7 iron, no distance but repeatable. Hybrid 3 160 yards no distance
    but repeatable. Chipping and putting is fun now. I even used it in the
    bunker. The most amazing result was my driver…the noise was pure “dink’
    dead straight to 200m. Clearly this highlights how poor my golf is (was)
    but I’m running out of time to learn P1 to P8 Lag etc. This is my go to
    swing..thankyou Sir!

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      Hi Sean,
      I can understand the loss of distance with the longer clubs, the action is
      basically a ‘pre setting’ mechanics and just holding the ‘pre setting’…
      there is really no way you can develop a lot of speed and distance because
      the the angles really dont change to give enough lag to create distance of
      more than normal pitching distances.
      I never thought of using it for the Driver but I can understand the good
      contact you would get because the lead arm is in such a strong position at
      impact, anyway if you pick up some shots with the pitching its a worthwhile
      cheers Jh

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