JH Doing His Own YOGI Learning Drills no1


Lea Pustetto - March 8, 2016

jh i played at randwick today. 2club wind. i played moe Norman way for 1st
9 and had 13 pts . played count yogi back 9 and had 21 points. im. off 13
so 2 over on back but i three putted 2greens.I’ll. probably have to put
like count yogi. ha . the guys couldn’t believe how sweet and far and
straight i was hitting it. it awesome. i think its better than moes . can’t
wait for my next round. cheers

    1atomicgolf - March 8, 2016

    +Lea Pustetto Hey that’s great mate, Yogi mechanics are really very
    powerful if you can come to grips with the reverse loading and the ‘up
    hitting’ feeling, its like anything that you change in the Golf Swing you
    can get good results but when you do you just need to know exactly what you
    are in fact doing when you do hit it good, not just the ‘feeling’ of the
    action but the ‘reason’ that creates the ‘feeling’.
    Just take the change gradually and if you experience anything of a
    retrograde nature just go back and systematically examine what you are
    doing and cross check it with what you applied initially to get the
    success, if you can get good shots consistently as you did today there is
    no reason why it should not continue to get better, if you did it as you
    did it today again you shouldn’t lose it.
    It really is that simple, if you experience a fall off in the method it can
    only be that you are in fact ‘not’ doing what you ‘did’ do today, if you
    think about it logically if it worked today with what you applied it cant
    not work tomorrow if you apply the ‘same’ mechanics as you did today .
    All retrograde swing progress experiences are precisely caused by what I
    have outlined here, how can it not be , if you hit the ball good with a
    certain swing mechanics today the mechanics have proven their capability,
    the secret is absolutely ;knowing’ what those mechanics are .
    cheers JH. PS Royal Randwick… man I have played there on Friday
    sweepstakes matches with some of the hardest gambling Golf nuts on the
    planet, for amounts of money that get you sweating bullets when you are
    giving those nuts shots start.
    It never failed that whenever I had a good lead and the money was so to
    speak in the bag that one of those Friday afternoon southerlies would roll
    in and turn the game into a British Open final day at Carnoustie, I have
    played in winds there so strong that it would blow your buggy over with
    your clubs and roll them along the ground, the ‘Little Short Course’ in
    those conditions could become unplayable, great little Go;f
    Course…without those Friday Southerlies that is.

Lea Pustetto - March 8, 2016

thanks for the feed back. appreciate it. awesome. yeah it was blowing
yesterday but not as bad as it can be. but if you hit the ball properly …
i mean spin wise . the ball stays pretty straight. the wind don’t worry me
too much. but your right it really blows somedays ha. but the view is
sensational. whales dolphins etc. cheers. jh

Bill Walsh - March 11, 2016

Hi JH yup…that pastrami on rye will live up to your expectations but be
prepared to spent like $30. I share your search for the holy grail. While
trapped like a junk yard dog indoors during this winter, I found Shawn
Clements of wisdom golf and Ron Sisson of real golf. You would find shawn’s
discussions on the body’s biomechanics helpful with extending your swing
motion. And in your search for the “process”, check out Jeff Hawkins on the
web..you find him on Ted talks…amazing how the brain puts the golf swing
together ….you will love it!!Meanwhile on the range,I am hitting it all
over the place. Unfortunately, I only get to hit about 30 balls a
day,weather permitting. But the power is there and I am far ahead of last
year’s performance. Negative loading is the key to effortless golf.

    1atomicgolf - March 11, 2016

    +Bill Walsh Hi Bill, I will check out those sites you mentioned, I know of
    Shawn Clements, I have liaised with him some time back, he has a ‘zero’
    torque Golf Swing, just like Bobby Jones had, he is a very good analyst of
    the Golf Swing, and can demonstrate the swing in action, he hits it super.
    If you are hitting the ball ‘all over the place’ just try really working on
    keeping the back of the neck in place on the back swing…. ‘exactly’ where
    it was at address right to the top of the back swing, the Count did that
    better than anyone in history, he then kept that neck position as he
    started down with the lower body just moving underneath that fixed axis of
    Its amazing how the ball striking improves if you just do this thing, we
    all know that we shouldn’t let the head move from its address position but
    you truly have to work on keeping it in place on the back swing to the
    extent you will feel when you do do it that the head is actually moving
    towards the target as you make your back swing, that’s because normally the
    head moves so much that when you try to just keep it in ‘place’ it feels
    like it is moving the opposite way to the back swing.
    Just have a look in a mirror and you will see that when you just keep the
    head in place that it feels like it is moving towards the target but it
    clearly isn’t.
    Cheers JH

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