JH Fit Again Powers Up Moe Mechanics No1.


cooljakes - October 11, 2015

I saw an earlier video of yours. titled JH and the denominators. a Mike
Austin/ Shauger swing, this swing is completely different, What happened?

    1atomicgolf - October 12, 2015

    Nothing happened…this is just for people that want to pursue the Moe
    Norman mechanics approach…..my whole approach to the Golf swing is to
    explore every variable to enable people to get something that works for
    ‘their’ physical makeup and capabilities, the ‘Non Negotiable s’ are still
    supposed to be inherent in this swing and all other types.
    regards JH

    Jayen Menon - October 12, 2015

    +1atomicgolf Tks, for your reply. Do you have anymore videos of the Austin
    swing? The last video was very helpful.. Regards.

    1atomicgolf - October 20, 2015

    Hi Jayen, I haven’t done any other videos on the Mike Austin method, but
    there are some that Mike did himself on You Tube… the one where he is in
    a Skeleton suit on a Television show is good to watch because he really
    shows the action in with great motion.
    regards JH

Bjarke Lauridsen - October 12, 2015

Thanks for the video John. Your enthusiasm is contagious ;-D Simple and
effective. Wonderful!!

    1atomicgolf - October 13, 2015

    Hi Bjarke,
    This is the one game that can take us to the absolute highs or low’s…I
    have played many sports at high levels and nothing comes close to the
    feeling of a perfectly struck shot and watching it rocket off into the
    distance as straight as you can point.
    I remember watching the psychology feel good guru Depak Chopra hitting
    balls one day and watched him reduced to a ground banging mortal like us
    all, he is supposed to have total control over emotions, he probably has
    ……when he isn’t trying to hit a golf ball properly.
    regards JH

rick lamb - October 15, 2015

glad to see you back JH — can you take a moment to describe further the
tricep under-the-bar motion?

1atomicgolf - October 17, 2015

Hi Rick,
If you have a std weight rack/frame at your gym set weight bar if you are
standing straight up at below the bottom of your pecs , step back from the
bar and extend your arms towards the bar gripping it with your hands about
6-8 inches apart , then extend your legs/feet back until you are bent over
with your back extending forward from the hips, the drive your head under
the bar and as far forward as you can which compresses the arms like a
triceps exercise.
The secret is to get your head as far under/forward of the bar as you can,
its a great triceps burn, i do reps of 50x 3 sets, I do them straight after
my Bicep curls so as to work both front and back of the upper arms in
immediate succession.
If you send me your email address I will send you a video of the exercise
and the range of motion I apply for best results, I lost a lot of my email
addresses recently and I think you gave me yours before but it has been
regards JH

robert finney - October 30, 2015

Hi JH , really enjoying your videos, I noticed the ball is really tee,d up
high, and you don’t put the club back roughly a couple of feet behind the
ball, could you please explain the reason for that. Many thats

    1atomicgolf - October 31, 2015

    Hi Robert,
    Moe teed the ball up quite high because he pulled the club head ‘Up’ and
    through the ball with his left hand/arm as well as driving his right
    shoulder down which pushed his left shoulder up high through the ball as
    well, all those things necessitated a high tee for that approach angle.
    I don’t put the club as far behind the ball as Moe did purely because I
    didn’t start out my golfing life doing that as Moe did and it is not as
    intuitive as it was with Moe, I can start it way back from the ball and I
    still get good contact but I really have to have a conscious thought
    process to do it which tends to slow my ignition move down to much for a
    spontaneous start to my back swing.
    Glad you like the videos.
    regards JH.

dan man - November 21, 2015

do you do golf vlogs be good to see yur swing on the course

    1atomicgolf - November 22, 2015

    +dan man I am going to do some Golf Course stuff soon…its about getting
    the free space on the course where you can hit the shot take the time to
    explain the shot and the technique that is required and not get in people’s
    way when doing it.

Chip Satterly - January 2, 2016

Hi JH!

This was an interesting video.
I am an ENT surgeon but was interested in the fact that you seemed to “fix”
your own shoulder problem.
It was probably some scar tissue in your rotator cuff from a previous
Your new practice routine somehow “released” the scar tissue.
Pun intended.
I had an interest in shoulder issues and have seen orthopedic docs do
surgery on the shoulder to release adhesions or scar in the rotator cuff
An amazing story!!

Today’s question: In some of your earlier videos you seem have recommended
an “open” stance. Now you seem to have a “closed” stance in relationship to
the aim line. Is this just a camera deception??
Is your toe line open, parallel or closed to your target line??

Many thanks!!


    1atomicgolf - January 3, 2016

    +Chip Satterly Hi Chip,
    I think you hit the nail right on the head with your diagnosis of what
    happened with my shoulder, it was an amazing feeling at the time.
    When I am talking about Moe Norman and his mechanics I do set up with a
    closed foot line because I am wanting to get the club head going straight
    back inside towards the rear of me as quick as I can, generally speaking I
    set up mostly square to a bit closed because I am not flexible in my left
    hip ex tensor and I find it hard to get my left hip moving on the back
    swing if I set up open .
    As well in most of my videos I never seem to get the camera at 90 degs to
    my set up position, but overall I think foot line doesn’t matter that much
    because the shoulder line is what actually tracks the swings path for you,
    people Like Sam Snead set up closed foot line and open shoulder line, as
    did Tiger when he was at his top, so just experiment and see what ‘works’
    for you, there is no absolute ‘open/closed’ stance line requirements for
    everyone, it what you can get to work best for your body capabilities.
    regards JH

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