Longer Distance Foolproof Pitching


Mike Bailey - March 2, 2016

A dynamic mic would be better , it sounds like a condenser mic picking up
all the ambients, those geese were louder than you JH… plus the
traffic..sorry it put me off the great instruction.

    1atomicgolf - March 2, 2016

    +Saul Montanza Hey Saul,
    The JH practice tee is is instruction in the ‘rough’, its how I do my
    practice sessions and the videos are just records of the sessions, I don’t
    set out to provide manicured video presentations …. all the vids are real
    deal as it happens events, no retakes /sanitizing or editing, its I guess ‘
    Aussie Culture’ production , ‘do it as it is..say it as it is … hear it
    as it is’…. maybe I can add reading captions.. and you can turn down the
    sound and just read the word instructions.. LOL….man you are lucky it
    wasn’t Friday morning .. I am right under the airport flight path and
    planes take off every 3 minutes on Friday mornings.

    1atomicgolf - March 3, 2016

    +Saul Montanza Hi Saul,
    You are right about the ‘noise’ ..heck I didn’t realize it was so bad ,
    because I never really look at the videos I never actually hear the audio,
    to that end I am investigating tomorrow a Sony ‘Bluetooth’ wireless
    microphone system, it apparently works great and absolutely kills all the
    ancillary noise that invades the videos.
    As well it gives me the freedom to move around away from the boom mic and
    the consistency of volume pickup from my voice is 100% compared to the boom
    mic which loses so much if you turn away from the mic etc.
    So buddy you will hear old ‘JH’ in crystal clear tones from now on, just
    hope the local Sony shop has the mics in stock, if they don’t it takes for
    ages to get stuff sent up here , but they should have the unit in stock,
    cant wait to make a ‘Quiet’ video.
    cheers JH.

    Mike Bailey - March 3, 2016

    Thanks Mate…your right those sony bluetooth mics cut out all the noise i
    had one in the car.
    Just picked up a second hand Cleveland Classic…hitting the range tomorrow.

    1atomicgolf - March 3, 2016

    +Saul Montanza Hi Saul,
    You know I think a lot of manufacturers actually make new drivers because
    they ‘have’ to, so many times I have found that the latest model driver
    from a company isnt as good as the one it replaced, the Cleveland custom is
    a perfect example, I still think it is as good if not betyter than anything
    they have made since it came out.
    When I hit the student ‘s Cleveland custom that he got off me way back I
    still absolutely drill it, its as good as anything that has been produced
    to date.
    cheers JH

Thomas Palmer - March 10, 2016

JH..does a great job in positioning of the ball and its impact on flight.
Thanks, Tom

John Rusling - March 23, 2016

JH, I just want to thank you for the great help you have been to me, in
particular as far as chipping, pitching, putting and bunker shots are
concerned. Great to have such no-nonsense instruction.

    1atomicgolf - March 23, 2016

    +John Rusling Hi John,
    Mu philosophy on the Golf Swing is to look at it from a number of different
    aspects and not think that ‘conventional ‘ methodologies are the ‘only’ way
    to swing a Golf Club, conventional stuff works for a lot of people but some
    certainly struggle with convention,’ All I say is just try something
    ‘different’ and if it works great, if it doesn’t you haven’t lost anything
    by trying. something new.
    cheers JH

    John Rusling - March 23, 2016

    +1atomicgolf That’s what’s so refreshing. I am in my seventies and have
    lost a lot of flexibility. I have been using the Count Yogi swing for a
    number of years and find your insights extremely helpful. I am going to
    give the bent lead arm a try (which Yogi allowed with his boneless,
    muscleless, effortless approach) and I’ll let you know how I get on. Keep
    up the good work! JR

    1atomicgolf - March 23, 2016

    +John Rusling Hi John,
    I really believe we can improve our swings by at the least just ‘relaxing’
    the lead arm as much as possible, in my own endeavours I am achieving
    visually imperceptible bend in my lead arm but my power and general
    striking have increased amazingly, I know when I do actually get my left
    arm ‘bent’ I will know the ball out of the practice range, I actually hit a
    drive over one of the fences at the range yesterday which I never have
    before, it required another 20 yards in the air to do it, which for me is
    So I am absolutely committed to achieving an ‘actual’ bent lead arm, I know
    I can do it physically I just have to build the feel of it into my swing .
    cheers JH.

    1atomicgolf - March 24, 2016

    +John Rusling Hi John, you are absolutely welcome to any help I can give
    cheers Jh

Joaquin Valadez - April 19, 2016

Thanks for all your work JH.This method FOR CHIPPING AND PITCHING has been
a great help. It so easy to use once the method is applied. Do you think
reaching 80 yards is to much for this method?

    1atomicgolf - April 19, 2016

    +Joaquin Valadez Hi Joaquin,
    I think the system is for distances that you really should be able to take
    advantage of if you are as close as maybe up to 45 yards, 80 yards requires
    a fair bit of arm speed to get that distance and you probably will lose the
    trail arm attachment with that much effort applied.
    cheers JH

Young_James#12 - September 11, 2016

i used this and beat my dad haha… he laughed at me but i used this a lot
and i ended getting some clutch shots.

    1atomicgolf - September 11, 2016

    Is he still laughing at the method.
    cheers JH

    Young_James#12 - September 11, 2016

    Haha nope! i think he’s actually mad now… i think he thinks it’s
    cheating. thanks for the tip tho!

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