Moe Norman Hybrid Swing no 2


Chip Satterly - December 16, 2015

Hi JH,

I’ve just discovered your channel and interest in Moe Norman.
In fact, I kinda look like he did when he was about 70.

Can you learn Moe’s swing (or your hybrid swing) with regular clubs?
With regular grips? Normal swing weights?
(Mine are set up off a 44″ driver/regular shafts.)

Have you done a video focusing on the proper grip?
This seems to be of foundational importance.

It seems to me that many of the videos on Moe’s grip are lacking in
Did you have a chance to really examine his grip up close?
Do you use the same basic grip?

Many thanks!!

Chip Satterly

PS I have a niece that lives in Brisbane!!

    1atomicgolf - December 17, 2015

    +Chip Satterly Hi Chip,
    I think a lot of people would be happy to look like Moe…if they could hit
    the ball like him.
    regards JH

Deacon and Dad - December 21, 2015

my best shots are when my hands go no higher than the waist, anymore than
that and its in the trees, great videos man, really appreciate the moe
norman personal insight, thnx alot

    1atomicgolf - December 21, 2015

    +Benjamin Jones Hi Benjamin,
    Glad the vids are a help , I just think as long as you don’t ‘try’ to
    elevate the hands on the back swing you will have the the correct height
    for them relative to a controllable repeatable plane .
    regards JH.

Tony Shans - December 24, 2015

I discovered the single axis swing 6 months ago and have been having great
success with the swing after an initial few months of frustration…I have
been following some of the instructors in the Moe Norman style of single
plane swing..But, I must say that it’s really rewarding to see your videos
and your ideas of the ‘Hybrid Moe Norman Swing”…Although I’ve realized
the simplicity of the single plane swing, at age 67, I didn’t feel as if I
would be able to replicate Moe Norman’s swing style…Your video has
affirmed that the swing can be completed without Moe Norman’s exact
mechanics…Thanks for your fun and very informal videos…

    1atomicgolf - December 25, 2015

    +Tony Shans Hi Tony,
    Glad you got something from my vids, you are correct in your description of
    my vids as being ‘Fun and Informal’…. I think the learning of a Golf
    swing should be ‘Fun’ and not overladen with formality or rigid doctrine’s,
    I just think we all should use any ‘variation’ of ‘any’ swing mechanics we
    can to get a swing that works for ‘US’ .
    None of us will ever swing exactly like Moe or achieve his incredible
    accuracy and consistency, but I believe if the underlying principles of his
    swing mechanics are applied even in a a very removed hybrid fashion the
    benefits will manifest themselves easier than normal mainline swing
    mechanics requirements.
    regards JH.

James Wood - February 12, 2016

some really great ideas here and feelings, can’t wait to have a practice
with these

    1atomicgolf - February 13, 2016

    +James Wood Hi James,
    Glad you feel there is something that can be of benefit to you, as you can
    see I look into all the areas I can and see what can be of benefit to us
    from individualistic swing requirements, we are all different and our
    bodies/minds have different take up appreciations.
    regards JH.

James Wood - February 12, 2016

jh what state are you based in?

    1atomicgolf - February 13, 2016

    +James Wood I am in Australia , in the state of NSW, on the Border of
    Queensland and NSW… if you are an Australian you will know where that is,
    if not its on the East Coast of Australia.

dinorell - March 23, 2016

Divot or no divot?
thanks, Mike in Memphis

    1atomicgolf - March 23, 2016

    +dinorell Hi Mike,
    Thats an interesting question, when Moe was younger he took very big divots
    with his irons, when I say ‘young’ I have seen video of him when he was
    around 45 and he took big divots with his irons, all the stuff I saw of him
    from about 1999 0n and when I saw him personally hit balls from 1991 on he
    didn’t take any divots with his irons.
    I saw him hit 6 irons of a putting green in 1995 and you couldn’t see any
    marks at all on the green, in his clinics that you see on You Tube he does
    take smallish divots with his wedge when warming up but all his other irons
    are virtually no divots.
    I found myself that the flatter plane of swing with Moe’s action just
    creates a very shallow attack angle on the ball and I dont take divots as a
    result, with the driver the payoff is that you get a less steep attack on
    the ball and you can just clip it of the tee with with a good attack angle,
    hence the tee most times is not disturbed, it depends personally on how
    flat your swing plane is and how much you flatten out your attack angle
    into the ball, a steep downswing attack angle will always create divots.
    cheers JH.

Hubert Macachor - March 24, 2016

Just watch and listen to Bobby Jones lessons.

Steve Morgan - April 10, 2016

Excellent relaxed tutorial, thanks! Where do you position the ball for
different clubs?

    Steve Morgan - April 10, 2016

    +1atomicgolf Wow, that was a quick response. I have been watching many of
    your videos the last few days, went down the range today and hit some solid
    irons…especially applying the open stance, closed shoulder line
    advice..really been wanting to shorten my backswing for some time. I didn’t
    have the same success with my driver though, kept smothering it.

    Steve Morgan - April 10, 2016

    +Steve Morgan I was finding it hard to pick a ball position

    1atomicgolf - April 10, 2016

    +Steve Morgan Anytime you ‘smother’ a drive its because the lead into the
    ball by the body has stalled up and the hands lose their trailing aspect
    and just shutdown down over the ball, you must remember that even though
    the shoulders are being kept closed you still have to get the weight onto
    the lead side before impact, weight back at impact which causes the smother
    is a symptom of thinking to much about keeping the shoulders closed which
    can make keep your weight back as well, you have to get the weight to the
    lead side if the hands are to be kept from smothering the shot.
    cheers JH

    Steve Morgan - April 11, 2016

    +1atomicgolf Thank, JH, will give your advice a go at the range and let u
    know how it goes. Thanks for posting such great videos, really helpful!

    1atomicgolf - April 11, 2016

    +Steve Morgan Hi Steve, happy to do videos and make them available to the
    true enthusiasts like yourself, I don’t promote the videos and only list
    them as public so people like yourself who go out of the mainstream to look
    for something can maybe latch on to something that can be of help, its
    amazing that a channel like mine that is virtually ‘Hidden’ invariably
    captures golfers of a very similar type , in that they are very receptive
    of of a non ‘mainstream’ type attitude such as mine to exploring the
    nuances of the Golf Swing.
    I have on occasions against my better judgement gone on some of the well
    publicised Golf forums at the request of the forums and had people attack
    my opinions in the most unbelievably ungrateful manner, so to have a small
    grateful bunch of like golf nuts as the people that do frequent my channel
    is kinda nice and as I said earlier if they take the time and effort to
    find me its only fitting that I respond as best I can to their interest.
    cheers cJH.

desertsun100 - August 12, 2016

Looks like a level back swing with no lift.. Are you pulling through with
your left side on the downswing like Moe did?

    1atomicgolf - August 13, 2016

    Absolutely no intention of arm/club elevation on the back swing, as level
    and circular as possible, left side does ‘try’ to pull like Moe but I dont
    get anywhere near as much as I need to, I am not flexible enough in the hip
    extensors to stay down and lateral enough going forward, but I am working
    on it.
    cheers JH

    desertsun100 - August 13, 2016

    Ok thanks!! I’ll give it a try on my next outing.

Peter Molloy - September 10, 2016

Trying to incorporate the Moe Hybrid into my swing, so far so good

    1atomicgolf - September 10, 2016

    Hi Peter,
    The reason I did the ‘Hybrid’ version of Moe’s swing was to give players a
    chance to use the ‘underlying’ principals of his swing but not have to
    apply his absolute mechanics in a rigid fashion which unless you are built
    like Moe and have his type of physicality you just cannot swing the ‘same’
    as he does, adding your own swing capabilities to the general principals
    gives a lot of leeway for building your ‘own’ version of Moe’s swing.
    cheers Jh

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