Moe Norman Hybrid Swing no 3


rhpepper1 - December 12, 2015

hi JH, I have been watching you for the past year and viewed every one of
your videos and tried everyone a your swings several times I’m 78 years old
and have struggled all my life hitting the Golf ball this demonstrating
here is the most awesome thing I’ve ever tried in my life. I just can’t
believe how easy it is a swing, how far the ball goes and how straight the
ball goes thank you so much for your knowledge you have been a great
pleasure. Have a Merry Christmas you sure gave me one ! Roger

    1atomicgolf - December 12, 2015

    +rhpepper1 Hi Roger,
    The whole point of what I do with the Golf Swing in terms of trying and
    suggesting all types of ways to swing the golf club has been vindicated by
    yourself right now, of ‘all’ the variations and options of swinging a golf
    club I have suggested over the years ‘one’ has ‘worked for you.
    I have never taught specifically a methodology of swing mechanics because I
    just think we all have different physical and mental take up capabilities
    and to that end there will be that ‘one’ swing type that will resonate with
    and individual to their capabilities and understanding.
    As well for me the continuing journey of experimentation of the golf swing
    and how it can be applied in so many ways is the real fun and enjoyment
    aspect for me, so glad you are enthusiastic enough at 78 to keep ‘looking’
    for ‘the’ swing for you, I am 75 now myself and golf is probably the only
    game I can keep looking for things to try until I am a 100, which with my
    personality of never seeing the golf swing as a ‘finally’ evolved mechanics
    will see me being propped up on the practice tee for a long time to come,
    god willing that is.
    regards JH

Lea Pustetto - December 12, 2015

hi jh. just remembered. i was whatching tom tomasello . he was a very good
instructor also. he made it look very simple. excellent videos. a legend.

    1atomicgolf - December 13, 2015

    +Lea Pustetto I think Tomasello is a very good communicator and really
    knows the conventional golf swing mechanics very well, I like you think he
    makes things look and sound simple, (he is my favorite establishment
    teacher for sure) which if you communicate what you actually want to happen
    correctly things should be easy and relatively simple to apply, its all in
    the communication for sure,.I know I struggled in my early days of learning
    about the golf swing because the information I was getting was way to
    ‘overviewish’ ( if there is such a word) and just didn’t address ‘my’
    comprehension of the information that was being extolled, and there lies
    the problem I believe, we all have different uptake capabilities and as a
    good teacher you should take that on board and give the student as much
    input as they need to correctly comprehend what the true message is that
    you are advocating.

Lea Pustetto - December 13, 2015

thanks jh for all your posts. merry xmas champ. that gym work is unreal
also. how do you do that. jeeze .

    1atomicgolf - December 13, 2015

    +Lea Pustetto Thanks Lea, Merry Xmas to you as well, ….the Gym work….
    believe it or not its probably the one thing that keeps me ‘thinking
    young’…. its so easy to say, ‘well I old now I am not supposed to push
    myself anymore’ but luckily for me my brain is still ‘young’ and it keeps
    me ‘thinking’ I need to keep working out, as well Its a hoot to beat up on
    the young guys when they challenge the ‘old dude’ to some a tough workout
    that they think will send me back to my rocking chair.
    regards JH.

Aussie Mike - December 13, 2015

Hows your back shoulder thing that fixed at the gym. Still good? All the
best for xmas.

    1atomicgolf - December 13, 2015

    +michael jirgensons Thanks Michael for the Xmas wishes, the same to you and
    yours, lets hope that we all have a a nice Xmas and that the current
    turmoil of the World reduces going forward.
    I am in pretty good shape at the moment, my shoulder and back have come
    good because I have changed my training routine and dropped of on the
    intensity of some of the shoulder stuff I used to do, but typical of me I
    have started some other stuff that is pretty wild for an old dude but its
    only tough on the abs area so it shouldn’t give me any golf swing problems,
    I am going to do a Xmas video of the new exercises so all you guys can
    start the new year with them, they will give you another 20 yards if you do
    them, LOL.
    regards JH

Lea Pustetto - December 13, 2015

yeah good on ya matey. it must be satisfying to keep up with those young
guns. your a better man than i am . you must be pretty fit. thats hard
yakka . cheers

Chip Satterly - December 16, 2015

Would you be kind enough to do a similar filming in a more traditional face
on and down the line set up??
It’s really hard for me to see your set up and move with the set up you
Many thanks!!

    1atomicgolf - December 17, 2015

    +Chip Satterly There may be some videos on my channel with the camera at 90
    degs to my address stance face on, I know there are some DTL vids for sure,
    let me see if I can find them and I will reply here with the video names.
    regards JH

    1atomicgolf - December 17, 2015

    +Chip Satterly Chip, if you go through my videos you will see on
    titled..’Moe’s Secrets’s no 1″ that shows a front on view at 90 degs to the
    camera, as well there is a DTL view video called ..’Moes Secrets No1 DTL
    I was thinking that you may be confused by my address look which is caused
    by me setting my shoulders into my turn at address which looks like I am
    aiming right , I don’t set my club head back from the ball as Moe did but I
    do pre turn my shoulders somewhat which gives me that aimed right look.
    regards JH.

Deacon and Dad - December 27, 2015

any ideas on moe normans pitch/chip swing? i kno has was straight and
accurate but ya got to miss sometimes? maybe? i think a demo would make a
great video!!! thnx again for all your excellent work and extra time!!!
Happy New Year!!!

    1atomicgolf - December 27, 2015

    +Benjamin Jones Hi Benjamin,
    Its good that you bring this subject/requirement up right now… I was in
    fact going to do a video before Xmas for my core group of guys that I teach
    on the specifics of pitching and chipping… and the misconceptions most
    people have relative to how the club face/head actually works through the
    ball, its way different to what most people perceive, way different.
    Moe in particular agreed with me when I broached the subject of the
    ‘freedom’ of the club head ‘release’ on chips and pitch shots, what most
    people think they ‘see’ isn’t happening when good players pitch/chip the
    I will be away until the end of next week so I will probably do the video
    next weekend.
    Happy New Year To You …JH

Chip Satterly - January 8, 2016

Hi JH,
I’ve been slowly but surely going through your videos from oldest to
newest, trying to absorb your evolving concepts.
It appears that you changed your grip some time ago from an in the fingers
grip to a more palmar grip in the LEFT hand . Is this still the case?Can
you describe what you are doing with your right hand?I tried the palmar
grip on the left and it felt/fit pretty good but trying to then put the
right hand on the club using the palm was near impossible since I use a
Vardon or slightly overlapping right grip.So right now, I am using the Moe
type grip on the left hand and a more in the fingers type grip on the right
hand.THAT feels OK.

    1atomicgolf - January 8, 2016

    +Chip Satterly Hi Chip,
    I still have a ‘fingers’ grip in my left hand, the grip probably looks a
    bit different these days because I set my left thumb ‘behind’ the shaft
    these days as apposed to ‘on top’ of the shaft before, I have to hold the
    club in the fingers because I have short fingers and a longish palm section
    of the hands.
    I think the grip is so relative to how your hands are constructed
    anatomically, I have had students that wanted to replicate Hogan’s grip but
    it was impossible because they had stubby fingers or short palms etc, Hogan
    had longish fingers and a narrow palm section of the hands, which is why
    his grip looked like it did and he could hold the club with great
    containment at speed.
    I believe as well that everyone should experiment with their grip until
    they can hold the club with good containment and freedom of motion relative
    to ‘their’ Golf swing .
    The best ball striker I have ever played with was an Australian guy named
    Bob Shaw, he won on the US tour way back, he had a ‘double’ overlap grip
    with his right hand (as does Jim Furyk ) and he absolutely squashed the
    ball at impact, loudest sound of impact I still have ever heard with an
    So I have never gone along with coaches referring to the ‘fundamentals’ of
    the golf grip, there are no ‘ strong’ or ‘weak’ type grips in my opinion,
    just grips that suit specific type body reactionary processes.
    If for example you showed most coaches a picture only of ‘Zac Johnsons grip
    at address, most would say it is way to ‘strong’ in fundamental traditional
    terms, but because Zac pulls so hard with his left hand/arm thru the ball
    and laterally slides so much he gets that type of grip to work for him.
    If as well you showed the same coaches a picture of Johnny Millers grip
    they would probably say is was way to ‘weak’ and would be a fader’s type
    grip, Miller drew the ball, he didn’t fade it at all, he could of course
    but his std shot shape was a 2 yard draw.
    So I say just experiment until you get a grip that ‘works’ for ‘you’….if
    what you are doing now is working like you want it to just go with it and
    try to build it into your swing specifics that you have right now, as Moe
    Norman said to a guy one day at a clinic when the guy asked him what was
    the best grip to use..Moe replied..’ The best grip..why the one that
    ‘works’ of course’.
    regards JH

    Chip Satterly - January 8, 2016

    Thanks for the “it makes sense!” analysis!
    I actually like the somewhat “in the palm” grip on the left hand. It puts
    the back of my left hand just absolutely flat/square to the target line. It
    may look “weak” (1/2 knuckle showing)
    but it is solid. The “fingers” grip on the right seems to allow me to HINGE
    better on the “throw back.”
    I sure like your common sense points of view.

Marvin Jackson - January 8, 2016

JH, first let me thank you for all of postings on Moe’s secrets. I have
been attempting to get this swing down for years, I have signed up with
companies that have robotically put me in position, which never worked for
me. Your teachings allowed me to swing free, which is how the swing should
feel. After tinkering with the grip and throwing the club back at a good
tempo for me I have been more consistent than ever. The non negotiable for
me is the grip of the lefthand and the head staying back.

    1atomicgolf - January 9, 2016

    +Marvin Jackson Hi Marvin, Glad you got something from the videos, I think
    the hard part for most people is trying to emulate the ‘absolute’ look and
    mechanics Moe applied in his own swing, we all have to apply ‘our’ body
    mechanics to the ‘principles’ of Moe’s mechanics and come up with a process
    that works with our particular body capabilities.
    The Grip is something that we can work out to its best application, I
    personally hold the club in my fingers in the left hand and and I overlap
    with my right hand, much the same grip as Moe used when he played
    competitive golf.
    The palm left hand grip for me kills my speed and splitting the right hand
    from the left makes me way to aggressive with my right hand early on in the
    downswing, but that’s just my anatomic’ s reacting relative to my
    bio-mechanical application capabilities.
    As I always say … use ‘any’ grip that ‘works’ for you… the head back at
    impact is imo very important as a mechanism to keep the shoulders closed
    coming into impact.
    regards JH

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