Moe Norman Mechanics No 1


D Slatt - July 3, 2015

Sir, stop misleading people. The lower body generates the speed in the
golf swing. I can even see your lower body going into action during your
so called right arm demonstration of power. Especially your entire right
side using the ground for leverage and power. The arms cannot initiate
the power, the legs do since the legs and not the arms are in contact with
the ground, the arms get their speed from the legs, the legs and the
ground. Same for pitchers, quarterbacks, or any throwing sport.

    1atomicgolf - July 5, 2015

    +D Slatt I wonder how far you would hit a golf ball with your club going at
    the speed rate of your legs, the fastest the legs can ever move with anyone
    is around 6-8 mph, they can onl;y move at that speed because there are no
    accumulators/.levers /hinges that can be released from their hinged/stored
    About 80% of swing speed comes about from the unhinging of the trail
    forearm down against (in conjunction) the trail wrist , the lead arm
    because it is just a radius lock because it has not been hinged in the back
    swing produces only a component of speed that is relative to a single non
    hinged lever.
    The legs provide a ‘stabilizing ‘role in order to support the accumulated
    energy that will be released from the hinged levers of the trail arm,
    invariably all batters/throwers initiate the downswing with their legs
    because of the built up rotational torque that is generated in any action
    where mass is moved in a coiling fashion from one side to another.
    There has been a number of studies done that support the the value of the
    trail arm hinges constituting around 80% of all swing speed generated in
    the Golf swing, its the components that move ‘quickly’ that generate the
    speed, not the ‘slow’ components.

    thatwilldonicely - September 27, 2016

    quite right i think, recall Sam Snead would hit 250 yard drives kneeling
    !!! when he did exhibitions and a buddy of mine who was a scratch player
    could do the same, also hitting 250 yard drives sitting on a chair

Dum-1 - July 11, 2015

I really liked this video. I appreciate all the information. Keep the
videos coming, sir.

Tim Flaherty - August 4, 2015

John, excellent point on the right elbow around the rib cage. And also
driving the right elbow past the belly button(Hogan Connection).

    1atomicgolf - August 5, 2015

    +Tim Flaherty Hi Tim,
    The elbow of the right arm around the rib cage is something that is lost in
    discussions and analysis of Moe’s mechanics, as well people do not see how
    soft his arms are on the back swing and how there is zero effort to gain
    any ‘extension’ of his arms on the back swing, as I said he told me he did
    the exact opposite….that being he tried to just ‘fold his arms up on the
    back swing and tried to actually wrap them around his body, just try
    exactly that some time and see how much velocity you get in your arms on
    the downswing as they ‘unfurl’ so to speak.
    regards JH

    Tim Flaherty - August 9, 2015

    Thanks for the advise. Seems to me Moe shared maybe 50% of what he really
    knew and you had to decode his language too.

    Greg Lavern - October 27, 2015

    +Tim Flaherty Probably 50% to the public and 100% to me. Since 1974 I have
    been the true authority on Moe Norman’s original golf swing he won all his
    tournaments with.

Bjarke Lauridsen - October 9, 2015

Hi there John. I am on my own quest for perfect ball striking, and am
working pretty hard on the range… Winter is coming, so I am gathering
information as I want to be sure to get the right moves ingrained before
next season. Right now the main thought is as you said trying to drive that
elbow down and in front of the hips. Also I find it feels really nice to
start the transition by “sitting down” so to speak. What I mean that it
feels good to move laterally and at the same time get the feeling of weight
on the heels and middle of feet… Is that correct perception in your
opinion? Also I heard that MOE pulled a lot. When I do that, I feel like my
consistency drops and I hit it worse. You might say I’m a little right vs.
left side confused. I’m right handed, btw. If you want to, check out my MOE
inspired swing on my channel here in YOUtube. Greetings from Denmark ;-)

    1atomicgolf - October 9, 2015

    Hi Bjarke,,
    I looked at your swing, you have a great action for a big tall guy relative
    to Moe mechanics, and super tempo, I don’t think you need to do much at all
    with that swing , its essentially technically where you need to be going.
    With regard to the ‘pulling’ aspect just concentrate on keeping pressure on
    your right butt cheek and inside right heel as you pull with the left
    hand/arm, that keeps the right hip back and closed and gives you something
    to pull’against’ with the left hand/arm.
    When you ‘sit down’ just make sure the ‘sit down’ is ‘clockwise’ with the
    hips, that will get the right leg staying inside the left leg transitioning
    which helps with the head remaining over the right knee which also gives
    something else to ‘pull away’ from with the left hand/arm, remember the
    left hand/arm has to be pulled ‘away’ from the right ‘clockwise’
    turning/holding right groin/ butt cheek / inside right knee components.
    The only other thing I would add is try to ‘flow’ your setup and takeaway
    more and not be to rigid in the setting up and starting of the swing, you
    have a great action even now with your swing at its current stage of
    development, I am very impressed., and so would Moe have been.
    regards JH.

Dr. Ted Edwards (AllergyExpert) - December 19, 2015

I recall Moe saying he pulls like crazy with the left hand and the right
does nothing. It’s just going along for the ride. Contrast this to Hogan
who said he wished he had three right hands.

    1atomicgolf - December 20, 2015

    +Ted Edwards DC (AllergyExpert) Hi Ted, Moe did say he pulled hard with his
    left hand…but that can be confusing for most people because you have to
    remember Moe was left handed and because of that he clearly had more
    strength and dominance in his left hand/arm.
    He neglected to tell most people that like Hogan who was also left handed
    starting out with golf and changed to a right handed swing they both knew
    that the trail arm had to apply as much force as it could because it was
    the power accumulator because it was was hinged at the elbow in the back
    swing, unlike the lead arm that remained straight and was virtually a
    ‘radius lock’ because of it non bending function as per the trail arm.
    Moe told me he like Hogan hit very hard with his right hand/arm but that by
    pulling as hard as he did with his left/lead arm/hand he created more
    efficiency for his right/trail hand/arm to deliver its power through the
    unhinging action of the the right elbow through impact.
    In fact Moe showed how much more power could be generated with the trail
    arm/hand compared with the lead arm/hand… he simply took a 9 iron and
    gripped it only with his left hand and hit 3 shots.. he then did the same
    with his trail arm and just folded it up on the back swing and unfolded it
    through the ball… the power /distance difference was clearly
    significantly higher with the trail arm application.
    Johnny Miller was left handed and played right handed as well, and he
    clearly has always referred to opening the club ace on the back swing just
    smacking the right hand as hard as he could against his left hand to square
    up the club face and apply maximum power availability.
    The trail arm/hand will always be the major source of power in any golf
    swing because of its hinging/folding process on the back swing.
    regards JH

Dr. Ted Edwards (AllergyExpert) - December 20, 2015

I too am left handed, playing right handed golf. I thought power
accumulator was golfing machine terminology.

BTW I took what you mentioned about how Moe pulled his right elbow to his
side on the back swing to the course today and I felt it helped quit a bit.
I actually chip/pitch quit effectively from 30 yards in with just the left
arm/hand. When I put the right on there it wants to steer, push and
otherwise make a mess of things. So a few years ago I decide to leave it

Funny, I’ve watched a lot of Moe Norman video. Followed Graves and the
rather strange Kuykendall and Evershed and others. First time I’ve come
across you here on YouTube. Enjoying your insights into the mechanics of
Moe. Especially when you describe what he said he felt.

    1atomicgolf - December 20, 2015

    +Ted Edwards DC (AllergyExpert) I have never taken on board what people say
    they ‘Feel’ in their swings because feel is so different to what ‘actually’
    is happening or takes place in a Golf Swing, to that end I always get
    people to ‘show’ me how and what they ‘actually do’ with their swing
    Some of the stuff Moe said he felt he did he clearly didn’t do and after I
    broached those ‘feel’ things as apposed to what he did in reality he agreed
    with me , he did however say that his ‘feelings’ even though they were not
    real in swing application they did ‘create’ the swing ‘effect’ he wanted.
    I complied with his explanation and repeated the Kuykendall assessment
    of…’ Correct Thought Perception , Incorrect Reality Body Science’ …
    Jack was a strange guy but he was quite perceptive in some areas of
    analysis, he did himself some injustice when he tried to be a
    ‘demonstrator’ of what he perceived as Moe’s swing mechanics, he just
    couldn’t hit the ball the same twice and hit a lot of awful shots
    demonstrating with his swing.
    I am going to do a video before Xmas on chipping/pitching and why most
    people have difficulty with that part of the game, there is for most normal
    club players a simple answer to developing a sound chipping/pitching action
    and its for most players the complete ‘opposite’ of what they think they
    should do when chipping/pitching.
    Of all the players that came to me over the years for chipping/pitching
    problems there wasn’t ‘one’ that I didn’t send away with a new
    understanding of how the hands/arms actually are supposed to work with
    chip/pitch shots, so it might be good for you and your chipping/pitching.
    regards JH

Maqqa - December 24, 2015

Interesting interpretation of Norman’s swing – thx for the vids. But I have
to disagree about the hips.

    1atomicgolf - December 25, 2015

    +MaqAttaq1 Hi Maqattaq,
    Glad the vids are of interest, hips activation and processes are different
    for all players and the particular type of swing mechanics you are using
    and your bio-mechanical body component application/capability, as we see
    with Moe Norman he does not ‘rotation clear’ his hips to set his club for
    the downswing as someone like Bubba or Ricky Fowler does.
    For Moe the ‘stretching’ of hid left side from the pelvis to his left
    armpit compresses his right side and sets the club for his downswing, the
    resultant of the club head setting is the same but it just happens by way
    of a different method of force dynamics being applied relative to an
    individual body makeup capabilities.
    When Moe was young he had very fast upper body rotational unwind
    capabilities but I think he found by experimentation that his hips were not
    fast enough to work with his upper body capability and he probably found
    that ‘sliding’ his hips instead of trying to ‘rotate’ them early/quickly
    was easier to do, just my thoughts on his final evolution of the slide as
    apposed to the rotation.
    regards JH

Jgb333 - December 29, 2015

I apologize if this has been covered already but I’m curious about your
grip. Specifically the strength of your lead hand, are you strong, neutral
, or weak? I’ve been swinging single plane for a couple of years now and
I’m always looking for more info.

    1atomicgolf - December 29, 2015

    +Jgb333 I really am not a ‘Strong/weak’ grip advocate in any manner or form
    , I believe your hands will position themselves correctly if you position
    your elbows/upper arms correctly to your chest/pec area.
    All I try to do is get a good/solid connection of my upper arms to my upper
    torso without any undue manipulation of my arms/elbows etc, when that
    happens invariably the pockets of the elbow joints will position themselves
    on the same plane as one another, they may end up positioned looking
    upwards as per Hogan or like Moe Normans which tend to be more sideways
    Because we all are built differently with chest sizes and hand sizes you
    have to experiment to get a grip position for the hands that that just
    squares the club face consistently at impact , my own grip if you want to
    put a description on it would be in normal teaching terms I suppose
    considered ‘neutral to weak’, but so would Hogan’s and Johnny Millers
    grip’s be considered ‘Weak/neutral’ and they were both very strong hitters
    of the ball.
    I just get my own grip to create a consistent ball flight … I never think
    about ‘where’ my hands are supposed to be but more ‘how’ they are getting
    the club face to respond through the ball, its just cause and effect for
    me, when the ball is going where I want it to go all the time my grip is
    where it needs to be.
    regards JH

Jgb333 - December 30, 2015

Thanks for such a quick and detailed response. All the literature I’ve been
reading regarding the single plane swing lately has been so mechanical that
I think I’ve tightened up. Your approach seems to be more user friendly and
you account for different body types, it’s refreshing. I’ve gone from a 20
to a 9 with the SPS and I’m just looking for more refinement. You have
almost an Ernest jones “swing the clubhead” attitude. I would love some
more moe related video’s. Do you have any plans to offer video analysis or
any other teaching tools…I think there would be an interest

    1atomicgolf - December 30, 2015

    +Jgb333 If you look back through my videos (of which there are only around
    180 or so on my channel which is only a part of the number of videos I have
    done on ‘lots’ of different aspects of the Golf Swing) you will see that I
    do generally explore lots of different facet/aspects of the Golf swing.
    I am very much a club head ‘momentum’ person when it comes to a definitive
    denominator in the Golf Swing, I just believe you will never achieve
    consistency in setting the club head at the top of the swing correctly if
    you get it there any way other than ‘free swinging’ it there, I just don’t
    see how anyone can consistently ‘put’ a golf club in position because the
    ‘amount’ of ‘put’ varies so much with the human physiology shot to shot.
    The tennis ball on the piece of string will always orbit the same if you
    just let the mass of the ball have free reign and not try to ‘put’ the ball
    into a position, as long as you can by any means get the club head to
    ‘orbit’ around your body you are in some way applying ‘swinging
    momentum’… which is really all you have to do.
    I will be doing some videos in fact tomorrow on how the ‘swinging momentum’
    can be supercharged to create significant power by what I term ‘Stationary
    Velocity Dynamics’ … simply meaning…the more you can stay’ in place’
    when you rotate your body on the back swing and in particular the down
    swing the more ‘slinging velocity’ you will achieve, which was Hogan’s
    secret I believe to his significant power generation from a relatively
    small non muscular person.
    These dynamics are the opposite of what Moe Norman did in his down swing
    and was IMO the reason he wasn’t a long hitter of the driver, whereas Hogan
    regards JH

Nat McIntosh - January 23, 2016

I think I understand what moe did but in the after hitting that many balls
theirs that 1 key. l have not heard anywhere that works well for me.one
conciese thought before to impart your will on the ball.

    1atomicgolf - January 23, 2016

    +Nat McIntosh Hi Na t,
    I think I understand what you are getting at…. if it is in fact the ‘
    specific thought application’ of trying to control the clubs outcome in the
    Golf swing I believe it goes a lot further than that.
    You can have all the great ‘thought intentions’ you want but if you haven’t
    schooled your body through repetition of specific body structure mechanics
    the body will not respond to the ‘specific thoughts’ because their is no
    ingrained motor movement ‘program’ that will respond sub conscious.
    I know by my own experiences on many occasions where I have tried to
    ‘think’ a new type shot into action on the golf course but it doesn’t come
    off because I haven’t built a program before that knows what to do ,
    simplifying the understanding…I could ‘think’ of throwing a baseball
    pitch in a certain way , but if I hadn’t practiced that ‘way’ before and
    built the body response mechanism to get that ‘way’ effect I could never
    pitch the ball with any semblance of correct resultant.
    regards JH.
    PS . I guess the best way of explaining what I mean is this..’ you cant
    ‘think’ any motor movement into application without first getting the brain
    to accept the new’ requirement’.

Hubert Macachor - April 9, 2016

Clubhead speed is not due to centrifugal force . Momentum, Moment arm, and
summation of forces are the key physics principle. Javelin throwers and
high jumpers have to run first to develop momentum just like having a
longer arc with a full shoulder turn. The longer a force is acting to move
an object , the more momentum you produce on that object. The driver is the
longest therefore, longest moment arm. With the same angjular velocity ,
the longer moment arm the faster the linear clubhead speed is. Ben Hogan
tucked in his right elbow to the right side to measure down to the ball and
to summate the turning through of the body with the arm swing.Shorter clubs
have shorter moment arm designed to hit a certain distance. This is the
reason why the driver hits the longest because it has the longest moment
arm and that’s why it is limited to 48 inches.

Bill Miller - April 9, 2016

J.H. Did you ever play 18 with Moe? If so share some comments on the play.
Thanks, Bill. Wadsworth, Ohio

    1atomicgolf - April 9, 2016

    +Bill Miller Hi Bill,
    No never actually played with Moe, just never had the time, I never wanted
    to burden him with constraints of association , ( if the truth be known I
    was so scared of showing my playing capabilities to Moe compared to his) he
    was always happy in the conversation mode and I had him captive so to speak
    with no distractions, I never spent a great deal of time with him overall
    but the time I did get with him was incredibly enlightening for me because
    he answered the specific questions I put to him in a totally spontaneous
    and unguarded manner.
    cheers JH

sambking - June 10, 2016

Thanks for taking the time to put this video up. This is a VERY good
breakdown of what Moe was doing in his swing. I have studied every Moe
Norman video that I have found on youtube. This video is fantastic! Thanks

    1atomicgolf - June 11, 2016

    Glad the video helped.
    cheers JH

Glenn McFadgen - June 13, 2016

Glenn MThink your videos are fantastic I have been using Moe swing for a
month or so with sometimes very good results others not so good but I had a
question. I also spent a lot of time on Trevino’s swing and was wondering
could you give me your thoughts or even a short video on your recommended
version and imput on his swing. Any info would be much appreciated and
keep up the good work. Thanks again

    1atomicgolf - June 13, 2016

    Him Glenn,
    Glad you like the videos, sure I can do something on Trevino, I actually
    used to teach the Trevino swing way back, Lee was at his peak the best ball
    striker playing World Golf, Moe Norman was of that opinion as well, it will
    be good for me as well to ‘re visit’ Lee’s great mechanics, if the weather
    is ok tomorrow I will do a video outlining Trevino’s swing mechanics
    compared to that of Moe’s, as I said it will be good to visit Lee’s great
    mechanics again.
    cheers JH.

    Glenn McFadgen - June 13, 2016

    Fantastic I will look forward to it. Glenn

P SMITH - June 24, 2016

Hi JH – Just revisiting your Moe videos and wondering whether one needs to
implement a specific single axis type grip (ie. grip more in the lifeline
of the right hand through to the middle joint of the trigger finger) to get
that ‘alignment’ of rear forearm with clubshaft at address? Or can we just
use whatever grip gets our clubhead square at impact but have a higher left
wrist (ie. no cocking ) at address which would make it easier to align the
right forearm with shaft? A down the line view would show that the left arm
slightly in front of the right arm. What do you suggest? I am also assuming
that Moe just tossed the clubhead back and didn’t ‘place it’ in a
‘backswing’ (ie. like swinging a ball on a string).

    1atomicgolf - June 24, 2016

    Hi Keith,
    Its advantageous to get the club shaft aligned as much with the trail
    forearm as possible at address, the grip depends on how your hands are
    proportioned anatomically, if you have short fingers its difficult to get
    any purchase with the ring finger and little finger of the trail hal hand
    when you position the grip in the lifeline, that is what happens with me
    personally which is why I have a hybrid Vardon type grip.
    Bear in mind Moe did not hold the club in the lifeline until he went to
    Natural Golf, in fact he didn’t have a split grip at all during his playing
    days, so I think the main thing is to work a grip out that allows as much
    of a single axis with the trail arm as possible, whatever that grip ends up
    being, Moe definitely didn’t ‘place’ the club head going back, he just
    ‘tossed’ it back and let momentum sort the club head out.
    cheers JH

    P SMITH - June 25, 2016

    Thanks JH – I do have small hands/fingers and find it impossible to do the
    Vardon grip. Tried implementing it several weeks ago and inflamed the top
    joint/tendon on my right hand pinkie joint (the joint nearest the tip –
    very painful). So I reverted back to my normal 10 finger grip and tried to
    get the shaft more between the ‘HEAD and FATE ” palm line area of my right
    hand. Felt that it restricted my usual ‘piccolo’ type ‘give’ in my right
    hand fingers at the top of my backswing/transition and kept the back of my
    left wrist relatively firm. It felt as if I couldn’t freely sling the club
    with my right hand but does that ‘feel’ mean I am doing something correct
    or incorrect? My normal grip with my right hand is where the grip traverses
    from the mid joint of my trigger finger through that area between the HEART
    and HEAD line area. I know that there is only a subtle difference between
    the 2 grips (ie. ‘free’ piccolo type vs ‘restricted’ piccolo type feel),
    but I’m unsure which is technically correct.

    1atomicgolf - June 25, 2016

    Hi Keith,
    I dont think there is a ‘technically’ correct grip with the single
    Axis/plane endeavour, its what you can use effectively and get as close as
    you can to single axis , there are so many anatomical aspects of the
    hands/wrists/fingers that contribute to differences and capabilities of
    grip application.
    Just the Ulnar flexion range capability of the wrists can have a huge
    impact on a players ability to correctly set his club shaft in line with
    his trail forearm in the single axis mechanics requirement, you have to be
    able to arch the wrists down significantly to get a single axis setup
    alignment configuration at address, I cant do that myself with the club
    grip in my palm because I simply do not have enough ulnar deviation range
    in my wrists.
    So I always evaluate an individuals range of motion capabilities in there
    joints etc before I recommend specific grip placement types , I personally
    favour hinging my wrists as apposed to cocking them because of my own lack
    of ulnar deviation range of movement, so it final analysis I just think you
    have to experiment with your own anatomical range of motion capabilities to
    set the grip optimally.
    cheers JH

    P SMITH - June 26, 2016

    Many thanks JH – Luckily I have quite a range of ulner and radial deviation
    , so yes , worth experimenting to find how easy I can get a single axis
    without having the shaft too much in the palm of my right hand.

Gerry Grabinski - June 29, 2016

Hey JH,Thanks for all your videos. I think you should have a video talking
about the lateral slide vs. a lateral turn. This makes a big difference in
my swing. As you pointed out by sliding it keeps the hips in check and will
help one to hit the ball straighter vs. a draw.Secondly, on your “swing the
club” video you talk about swinging easy, i.e., until the club gets about
+-24″ in front of the bal. In another video “swing from the top” you talk
about swinging from the top. I find it a little confusing because “swinging
the club” is about hitting later in the swing. If one concentrates on
“swinging from the top” would not one swing too soon????Gerry

    1atomicgolf - June 29, 2016

    Hi Gerry,
    The starting from the top is just another physical ‘feeling’ to initiate
    the downswing, some players if they shift or work their ‘lower’ body they
    can get to much spinning of the lower body which can take the shoulder
    girdle with it and you can get over the ball on the downswing, the upper
    lead shoulder quadrant move will always drop the club head backwards and
    not forwards which will give you still the later club head application.
    Its not an early moving of the ‘club head’..its a an early movement of the
    shoulder quadrant.
    I will try and do something on the ‘lateral’ hip slide as apposed to the
    conscious early hip turning/clearance.
    cheers JH

P SMITH - June 30, 2016

Hi JH – Just a small observation that sort of ‘rang a bell in my head’
regarding Moe’s excessive primary tilt . Do you think he found by trial and
error , that his straight legs and overly primary tilt helped him swing the
club on a plane that also restricted the cocking of his wrists? When I have
a more upright primary tilt , my arms get lifted more vertical near the end
of the backswing and the inertia of the clubhead cocks my wrists and opens
up the clubface (I can’t stop this without musculature effort which can
tense my wrists and arms). When I replicate Moe’s primary tilt and straight
legs it feels really weird but the swing path and inertia of the clubhead
seems to promotes hinging rather than cocking, making it easier for me to
square the clubface in the downswing.

    1atomicgolf - June 30, 2016

    Hi keith,
    I think Moe’s general address angles were brought about purely by his
    personal body segment lengths and proportional mass distribution relative
    to maintaining ‘his’ required balance factors again relative to how he
    wanted to swing the club.
    To simplify that I think he just kept setting himself to positions of
    difference until he found one that enabled ‘him’ to swing the club with the
    repeatability he wanted, where he ended up being finally was because it
    provided the structure he needed for the ball flight he wanted, nothing more
    As well remember he was already into his turn because of the positioning of
    his club head back from the ball so he was already loading a bit right to
    begin with, I always feel that a ‘hinging’ action will be easier when the
    shoulders turn more level as apposed to more vertically because connection
    is way easier to maintain and the lead arm in going ‘sideways’ as apposed
    to ‘upwards ‘ keeps the lead forearm squarer to the rotation arc and the
    wrist can hinge more naturally, very hard to hinge the wrist when the
    forearm is is moving ‘up’ as opposed to ‘sideways’ and around.
    I hope that is not to abstract as an explanation but it is hard to explain
    the process verbally as apposed to demonstrating it visually.
    cheers JH

    P SMITH - July 1, 2016

    Many thanks again JH – makes sense to me.

Sam F - July 22, 2016

enjoy your videos .. for single-axis (moe norman) .. how do you gauge the
distance to the ball with different clubs? I read somewhere for instance,
8-iron would be about 24 inches from toe line. That seems to be way out
there; i almost feel like i’m tipping over. Thanks for any insight.

    1atomicgolf - July 22, 2016

    Hi Sam,
    I never think about any distance ‘measurements’ , I have no idea why the
    Natural Golf guys went down the measurement road with crazy numbers like
    they suggested, you cant have a specific measurement for everyone, players
    have different length arms and balance factors.
    I have never thought about a ‘measurement’ ever, I just balance my body
    structure and where my arms end up placing the club head is the
    measurement, you just need to extend your arms to the extent you can
    comfortably balance your swing and rotation movements.
    You cant setup by a specific ‘measurement’, just setup to suit ‘You’, and
    if you feel that by stretching your arms to an extended formation you are
    unbalanced in feeling just relax the arms until you get the balance you
    need, I dont fully extend my arms, we are not built like Moe was mostly so
    we need to setup as best suits ‘Us’ …
    cheers JH

    Sam F - July 23, 2016

    +1atomicgolf thanks, JH. that makes sense. now I’m wondering about club lie
    angles. when I feel balanced at address in single plane setup, my irons are
    toe down (not level) .. still hit pretty straight shots with mid irons, not
    so much with shorter irons. Curious about your thoughts on club fitting and
    lie angles. I don’t mean to stray from the essence of your videos, but club
    fitting seems to also be a requirement for optimal success for natural golf
    aka moenormangolf.com.

Nat McIntosh - August 1, 2016

to add on that conciese thought. j.h. I should have said consiese feeling
to imparting my will on the ball.I think moes swing mechanics are
genius.basicly i feel the club goes back on ball and when the wrist or
before wrist fully hinges transferring back there is that latteral shift
into ground left alla knee bend left side tug easy stuff right.now here’s
where my conciese thought or feeling is.I feel the the upper move back a
bit maybe a counter balancing and the right arm hand is my key firing
through impact.it really is amazing how square and up the line it feels
with great compression. great days to you jh.

    1atomicgolf - August 2, 2016

    Hi Nat,
    That all sounds eminently relative to the stuff I advocate , I will be
    doing something tomorrow that I think will get your interest, its another
    very intrinsic part of Moe’s mechanics that really puts the icing on the
    cake so to speak, I could never get it a[[lied in my own swing until the
    last few days, but man when I did it was crazy good contact, and totally
    automatic squaring of the club face at impact, the ball flight and contact
    I am getting now is frying my brain, it has only taken me 21 years to
    understand how to apply the move that is creating the difference in contact
    and ball flight.
    Moe showed me the move 21 years ago but It scared me trying to do it
    because I wasn’t committed enough to the move, I just revisited it 2 days
    ago and went overboard with the application and it worked…like perfectly.
    cheers JH

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