Moe Norman Secrets No 1


Michael Saif - October 4, 2015

Great stuff JH. I’m off to hit some balls and see what I can do.

    1atomicgolf - October 5, 2015

    Hi Mike,
    Remember the moves etc are very specific and will require a fair bit of
    familiarization to apply them, you will after doing some repetitions see
    and feel how the processes create the ‘Moe look Effect… Moe did it so
    seamlessly that its hard to see what he is actually doing.’

Rohan The Boat - October 5, 2015

Always love watching your videos JH.

1atomicgolf - October 6, 2015

Glad they give you something thats of interest, they are basically just
recordings of my swing tinkering and thoughts, if they provide some value
to others its a plus for me.
regards JH

murtbuggy1 - October 14, 2015

Hit 200 balls after watching this video. Then 9 holes. Honestly I hit the
closest to Moe shots I have ever hit. Hit my best driver ever, hit my best
4 iron ever, hit my best 3 wood off the deck ever….220 years dead
straight down the fairway, nothing but the sweetest sharpest ping sound off
it, almost like the ping was formally announcing to everyone that a serious
golfer has just landed on the course now!!!!!
Thanks for the video JH, it really explains the concept more
comprehensively. Of course I hit loads low pulls and slices too because I’m
just getting used to properly keeping my right side back and caged until
impact. In that regard, your advice to move the right hip back behind, in
conjunction with the left knee going forward is really helping me to
stabilize and hit better shots.
That advice and butting the club out to the ball are really great.
I have always been a push swinger when doing Moe. Could I ask you JH about
a feeling on one shot with a pitching wedge, just starting into my down
swing trying to butt it (whatever my movements to get to that position
were) it felt like from the top of my left shoulder to my left elbow was
loaded with potential energy. I followed the shot through by just directing
the club head out to the ball and it exploded off the club face, the
release was effortless, the whole thing felt like I had done an ‘advanced’
Moe Norman swing because the pulling power potential that presented itself
there was totally new to me. Is that feeling what I am ultimately aiming to
achieve in every shot? And was that what you were feeling in your power up
Moe video where you were cracking it? And do you know what movement it was
that gave me that….I think it was the vertical drop working against the
slight forward movement initiated just before the back swing is at its peak?
I know I want to feel it on every shot from now!
It seems to me that when it comes to the shorter game that a golfer can and
probably should individualize this swing because there is less Moe
mechanics involved.
You showed me today how to properly swing Moe Norman. Feels like I should
be paying you a good bit of money for that and I would. Anyone just coming
to this video now needs to understand just how valuable the information you
are providing here is in golfing terms.

    1atomicgolf - October 17, 2015

    Great to hear you had some success… that feeling you had with the
    ‘butting’ action on the wedge shot is definitely what you need to feel ‘all
    the time’.
    If you work on doing that process and also work on getting the left inside
    knee to move at your left big toe at the same time whilst holding back the
    right hip and knee you will have the exact process Moe had , I did an
    explanation of the left knee action for a guy specifically …if you give
    me your email address I will send it to you … it gives some very specific
    insight into the left knee movement.
    I am more than happy to give any help I can about the Golf swing mechanics
    to anyone who wants to listen , guys like yourself who are clearly
    passionate about the game and trying new stuff to improve are welcome
    anytime to anything I can give that may help in any way.
    regards JH.

    murtbuggy1 - October 20, 2015

    Sorry JH I was away on on mini holiday for a couple of days there.
    Yes, you are a gent, please send me on that explanation about the left knee
    movement. Would love some more detail like that! My email is
    Chat you soon and thanks again.

    murtbuggy1 - October 24, 2015

    Hey JH. Would you mind sending me on that e-mail when you get a chance as I
    really cant wait to get started working on the detail while I’m off work
    for a few days. Its murtbuggy@gmail.com – thanks again.

    Christopher Whatley - October 26, 2015

    Jh watched an earlier one of you hitting with the putting swing looked
    interesting. But I’ve been trying the Moe Swing with some success but what
    are you saying is the Moe one better or should i try your putting to driver
    swing. I have to say it looked easier than the Moe one as it has so many
    things that you have to remember. I would appreciate your comments. Regards

dano11000 - November 27, 2015

the more I watch moe and Hogan seems they really get that baseball action
as u seem to point out the butt end off club

    1atomicgolf - November 27, 2015

    +dano11000 I tend to agree with you with that observation, presenting the
    butt of the club as an intention I have found gives me incredible power and
    contact when I get it right, but it is so very much reliant all the other
    critical body components acting in symphony at the correct time.
    I think because Hogan and Moe had hit so many balls and drilled the action
    into their body components application they could do it repeatedly, I just
    find it tough to do all the time and if my body components don’t sync up
    correctly I hit some awful shots, I know what the action is and the
    benefits of it, I just cant do it consistently well enough to apply it as a
    swing process, wish I could though.

    dano11000 - November 27, 2015

    +1atomicgolf im the opposite I played in the palm off right hand played a
    lot off cricket batting at 16 I was off scratch then the pros change my
    swing I never got it back and now I see this moe norman and im like hang on
    a minute I hit it that way ,,,,and your right I go out and try it I think
    have to hit a lot balls to get it back

Greg Lavern - November 27, 2015

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Elizabeth Walsh - February 18, 2016

Awesome training you can’t go wrong with your instructions

    1atomicgolf - February 18, 2016

    +Elizabeth Walsh Hi Elizabeth,
    Great to have the fairer sex getting something from the videos, I am going
    top do something specifically for the ladies/girls down the track relative
    to getting more power from the female body/anatomic’s , I think frankly
    most females are just ‘to’ flexible in their body makeup and don’t create
    enough ‘stretch’ between their upper and lower body on the back wing, I
    think I know how to get you girls to tighten up your swings which will get
    you more power and height into your shots.
    regards JH

Clifford Bristow - March 20, 2016

How much do you charge for looking at a golf swing online. I’m trying mimic
the Moe Norman hybrid swing

    1atomicgolf - March 20, 2016

    +Clifford Bristow Hi Clifford,
    Because I have a large general roster of pupils I give some free advice to
    some golfers that only want overview information, send me your swing video
    and I will be happy to look at it and give you some help if its needed.
    My email is jhensby1@gmail.com
    cheers JH

Hubert Macachor - March 24, 2016

Just watch and listen to Bobby Jones lessons.

    1atomicgolf - March 24, 2016

    +Hubert Macachor Hi Hubert, I have many/many/ times, he was the ultimate
    hands player and a ‘whole of body’ backswing merchant, no locking the feet
    down and torquing up the upper body against the lower body for Bobby, he
    just turned the entire left side of his body as far as it would go in the
    backswing, loved his golf swing.
    cheers JH

L Duranceau - April 10, 2016

I’ve seen the video which shows Moe Norman’s ‘master move’, where he
‘pulls’ the arms ‘straight’ down ‘for one foot’ at the beginning of the
downswing. Is it possible for you to better explain this move? He also
calls it the ‘vertical drop’. Here is the key question: What comes first,
the pulling of the arms down or the right leg laterally moving towards the
left leg? Thanks.

    1atomicgolf - April 11, 2016

    +L Duranceau The ‘beginning’ of the downswing for Moe is actually the
    movement of his left knee in a semi circle …..first out to the ball line
    then left radially, you have to be very careful with some explanation from
    Moe about what he thinks he ‘does’ and what he ‘actually’ does.
    The body sequence of motion is first with the left knee then the left hip
    moving laterally , the hands/arms dropping are resultants of the sequencing
    of the lead knee/hip as first responders to the backswing windup torque
    release requirement.
    The trail side components can never be ‘instigators’ of the downswing ..
    invariably with any golf swing the last body component/segment to come to a
    stop at the finish of the back swing must be the ‘first’ body
    component/segment to ‘start’ the downswing.
    For most players that is the lead knee …. for some players like Jack
    Nicklaus/Tom Watson/Bobby Jones it is the left heel , but for Moe it was
    his left knee, if you consciously try to pull your hands/arms down as the
    first part of the downswing the lead side will go into a ‘stall’ reaction
    and the swing will be out of its sequential unloading .
    All ‘lag’ you see in all players club delivery is created by the ‘lead’
    side components pulling the ‘trail’ side components in correct delivery
    sequence, Moe certainly pulled with his hands but not at the ‘start’ of the
    cheers JH

    L Duranceau - April 11, 2016

    +1atomicgolf The timing of this is very difficult. I’ve been playing golf
    for a few years (4), and I’ve never been able to perfect this. I agree with
    your saying that the Moe’s left knee drives laterally first towards the
    target, and then the arms drop vertically. But he seems to emphasize that
    the RIGHT leg drives laterally towards the left leg first, and then the
    arms drop. So which is it?

    1atomicgolf - April 12, 2016

    +L Duranceau If you can watch any of Moe’s clinic videos and have a stop
    frame on your computer you will see what I am saying, the first change of
    direction body components come from the ‘lead’ side, in Moe’s mechanics
    requirements it has to happen that way because he he could never keep his
    right knee in ‘behind’ his left knee and remain square to closed with his
    right hip coming down and into impact if there was any right side ‘upper
    body component activation like his hands.
    The very obvious body look of Moe to me because I am looking for
    ‘reactionary’ responses to the backswing torque buildup release is that of
    the ‘lead’ side of his body moving ‘away’ from the ‘trail’ side of his
    body, almost as if the body is trying to split down the center from the
    ‘pulling’ force against the ‘resisting force.
    If you just swing to the top of the swing yourself with Moe’s swing
    mechanics very slowly then as you feel the change of swing direction
    purposely resist with the right shoulder hip and foot as the lead left knee
    pulls away from the trail side you will experience the feeling of the body
    having a tension applied to it right through the vertical center of it, the
    ‘trail’ side staying back and the ‘lead’ side moving ‘away’ from it.
    The trail side of the body must be just that..a ‘Trailing’ side, it can
    never ‘trail’ if any part of it try’s to ‘lead’ the downswing.
    cheers JH

Nat McIntosh - August 2, 2016

looking forward to your tube jh. . I,m playin with this little drill. just
throwing the club back to my basic stop reverse position pausing into the
left latteral shift bend .holding it there . then firing the left tug moves
me back into the counterbalance in senquence right leg turning inside left
and my good ole right arm and hand firing through . just rippen it . feels
like a baseball swing not condunluinate.sure I spelled that wrong.

Nat McIntosh - August 2, 2016

sorry jh. I was responding to the utube I watched yesterday while watching
this one . I find it remarkable baseball came up in this comment section.
and the butting the club thing I just can not perform for what ever
reason.probably the way I hold the club or hinge the wrist. I would be all
day trying to make good impact directing the butt at the ball.lots of good
stuff jh.looking foward to your new tube.

    1atomicgolf - August 2, 2016

    Hi Nat,
    The ‘Butting’ is not easy to do and you have to apply something that I will
    be including in the next video, so stayed tuned.
    cheers Jh

Nick Hollingsworth - August 14, 2016

I really enjoyed the great nut scratch action at 8:05. Good move going
into it. Really committed to getting in there and getting it done. Pro

    1atomicgolf - August 14, 2016

    Not really a ‘Nut Scratch’…….the technical term is ‘Testicle
    Equilibrium Balance Positioning’… I never do anything is not symmetrical
    in body component placement….. ‘Newtons 4th law ‘….’For Every Circular
    Object Another Circular Object Must Be positioned In Equal Vertical
    Disposition’… I though every male knew that Law of Anatomy Balance
    cheers JH

Peter Molloy - August 19, 2016

JH just found Your video on You Tube, have been working with Graves Golf
Academy videos and training equipment with some success.I have watched some
of your videos and adopted Your teaching principles and found I am hitting
the ball a lot better. Looking forward to watching the rest of your videos
and practicing what you teach in your videos. Also like your comment about
going to a gym, I do relate to that.

    1atomicgolf - August 20, 2016

    Hi Peter,
    Glad you like the videos and you are having some success as a result of
    them, the Gym is really important as you get to my age , its so important
    to do resistance training to keep bone density and general muscle strength
    levels up, any queries you may have relative to your own application my
    mechanics please feel free to post at anytime.
    cheers JH

    Peter Molloy - August 22, 2016

    I am doing weights 3 days a week, I am 72 and my golf is slowly improving

    1atomicgolf - August 22, 2016

    +Peter Molloy Hi Peter,
    That’s great to hear you are making the effort at 72 to do weights..I will
    be 76 in November and I hope I will still be doing weights when I am 86,
    the benefit of weight( resistance) training for older people is that it
    helps to keep the bones strong and guards against breakages significantly.
    I do pretty heavy weights because I have done them all my life but the
    secret generally is to do a weight that allows you to do the exercise with
    perfect form and utilization of the muscles being used, if you want any
    info on what I do just let me know.
    cheers JH

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