Moe Norman Short pitching Process


Aussie Mike - May 9, 2016

So much easier for short pitch/lob shots to stand closer and then during
downswing butt of club to remain close to right thigh. Better consistency.

    1atomicgolf - May 9, 2016

    +Aussie Mike Hi Mike, I agree that on short pitch shots where you are not
    requiring much hip drag to create speed and timing as you do in longer
    distance shots that its better to get as close to the ball as possible
    because accuracy is vital and standing closer to the ball during the swing
    creates a more vertical swing plane which is a more accurate delivery line.
    This video of course was referenced to Moe Normans swing mechanics only,
    most people who have a conventional two axis swing setup invariably have
    their hands closer to the body naturally during pitch shots, Moe always had
    his club shaft inline with his right forearm with his single axis so he was
    always going to have his hands further away from his body than a
    conventional Golf swing , this video was only to highlight not overdoing
    the ‘extended’ arms set up for pitch shots.
    cheers JH

P SMITH - May 11, 2016

Hi JH – Thanks for this video as this was never mentioned in Todd Graves
recent book. Did Moe ever tell you how to shape shots? I’m reading Todd
Graves version in his book but it doesn’t make sense to me at all. He
mentioned Moe opening and closing his stance (to target line) for fade and
draw , swinging along that open or closed stance path but also swinging the
back of his left hand to target???? But no change in grip club relationship
or change in wrist /arm action etc . But to me that is contradictory if he
then says swing the back of the left hand to target because that infers a
manipulation. Plus, imho , it isn’t stance that dictates swing path through
impact , but more the line of the shoulders. And with Moe doing a pre-turn
at address complicates the setup for shaped shots even further with regards
ball position especially if he opens and closes his stance too. Any tips on
Moe norman address position for draws and fades, low and high shots would
be most welcomed.

    1atomicgolf - May 11, 2016

    +P SMITH Hi Keith,
    I will do a video on shot shaping relative to what Moe thought, he didn’t
    really do much at all in terms of structural changes intentionally , it was
    very simplistic , basically the same as I myself have always applied to
    shot shaping, the ‘pre turn’ you must remember is only a precursor setting
    of his ‘normal’ direction backswing arc , it will be the same with any
    directional setup orientation he disposes to for any shot direction
    cheers JH

PrimitiveJoe766 - June 13, 2016

Moe was not left handed… Not too many people understand that Moe
completely overhauled his golf swing in 2001, He said, Manuel De La Torre,
told him this new updated version of the “Perfect golf swing.”… Moe said
all he was doing before was “Junk”. He said he never knew, golf was this
easy. And never went back to his old style ever again.

    1atomicgolf - June 13, 2016

    Moe was left handed, absolutely no dispute about that, if he wasn’t he did
    an amazing job of signing a 100 copies of his book ‘”The Feeling Of
    Greatness” with his left hand one morning when I was with him, every other
    item that people gave him to autograph he signed left handed, every one
    that knew Moe knows he was left handed, why do you say he wasn’t?.
    The video you probably saw of Moe hitting balls and saying he had changed
    his swing because of what De latorre had told him, he was only referring to
    increasing his hip turn a bit starting his downswing, and he was only
    enamored with the change for a short period of time because it clearly
    effected his timing and he returned to his normal process
    The very reason the great majority of people who try to swing like Moe have
    difficulty with the lateral slide and lead arm dominance is because they
    simply are not ‘left handed’, .the dominant lateral pull with the lead arm
    that Moe exhibited has never been duplicated by anyone I have seen that was
    right handed , no one… no one left handed either.

    Moe could hit the ball perfectly with just his left hand so dominant was it
    in his swing, he was left handed categorically.
    cheers JH.

    Hipolito Baltierrez - August 1, 2016

    And Moe said it himself. He said he had to learn right handed with borrowed
    right-handed clubs when being a caddie and before he owned a set, ’cause
    there were no lefty players in town.

    freddy - August 18, 2016

    He sure signed a lot of autographs left handed, and I saw that video and
    the changes appeared so minor that only an expert in Moe’s swing would be
    able to see the difference. I don’t recall any mention in that video of
    anyone saying his swing was “completely overhauled”. It simply looked like
    he had moved his feet a little closer together and reduced the forward

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