Moe norman Upgrades no 1


robert finney - March 28, 2016

Hi JH , I really look forward to your videos, please keep them coming, my
game has really improved using your advice, you make the swing so
understandable and less complicated, thanks for taking the time to help

    1atomicgolf - March 28, 2016

    +robert finney Hi Robert,
    Glad the videos are helping you with your swing/game, my approach as I have
    said before is just to make available lots of different ways to swing a
    golf club and think about the swing, there are just so many ways to get a
    result for ‘yourself’ by trying something different, as well its just a
    whole lot of fun trying different stuff , I never get bored doing that.
    cheers Jh

Aussie Mike - March 28, 2016

JH, check out “Tour Striiker”channel for a 1 hour plus Moe Norman driving
range session that was recorded by Martin Chuck. Very interesting.

    1atomicgolf - March 28, 2016

    +Aussie Mike Thanks for that Mike,
    I will look that video up, does sound interesting.
    cheers JH

    1atomicgolf - March 29, 2016

    +1atomicgolf Hey Mike,
    I checked out that video, I have seen it before, what you can see in the
    video that is very interesting for people that think Moe drove the club
    head down the line way longer than anyone else ever has is the part of the
    video shot from the roof directly above , clearly it is evident that he
    released the club head left and circular as do all great ball strikers, you
    can never deliberately drive the club head against the natural radius of
    the Golf Swing because the lead arm will separate from the upper torso and
    not rotate naturally.
    Moe ‘felt’ like he did a lot of things which he clearly didn’t do, as have
    just about every great player in the history of the game.. Harry Vardon
    said he threw the club head first as the start of his downswing to widen
    his arc, in old movie footage he is shown to be lagging the club head
    significantly, Jack Nicklaus said he felt the same as Vardon, but like
    Vardon he clearly lagged the club head , so for just about everyone ..’Feel
    Is never real’ in the Golf Swing…for me in particular.
    cheers Jh

    Mark Sherer - May 2, 2016

    +1atomicgolf Very common statement about Moe Norman,, lets clear it up
    right now, Moe Norman could not tell anyone what he did in his swing, I
    believe it is true of Ben Hogan also no matter what Moe or Ben said was, as
    you say, what they felt and sometimes, but not all the time videos of their
    swings show something completely different..It more then likely Moe just
    could not tell you exactly what he did and Ben Hogan, I and others believe,
    did not want to tell you what he was really doing…both these guys were
    major range rats and dug their games out of the dirt so to say…

Mark Sherer - March 28, 2016

if your lucky enough to have access to a fairly flat fairway bunker, hit a
bucket of balls with nthis swing you will,gey it

    1atomicgolf - March 28, 2016

    +Mark Sherer Hi Mark,
    I actually play all my fairway bunker shots like that, when I say ‘all’ I
    don’t get in many fairway bunkers but when I do I use this swing process,
    the one thing you want in a fairway bunker is super stability for the
    strike because you want all the distance you can get if you have a decent
    The only modification I make is to play the ball a bit further back in my
    stance so as to guarantee I hit the ball absolutely clean with no chance of
    a fat shot.
    You know sometimes I take maybe 50 balls into a flat bunker and hit them
    out with a 4 iron , its a great practice drill for testing your stability
    at impact.
    cheers JH

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