Moe Norman Upgrades no 2


Bjarke Lauridsen - March 27, 2016

Right foot Down! I forgot all about it. Probably because I play with a
bunch of rotary guys. Going straight to the range to check if it’s rolling
like it should! Gr8 to see you back doing some work on Moe again ;)

    1atomicgolf - March 27, 2016

    +Bjarke Lauridsen Hi Bjarke,
    Hey Buddy you don’t need to do a thing to that ‘Moe’ swing of yours, you
    have such a great Moe swing for a big tall guy, and the best tempo I have
    ever seen , man I wish I had your swing ‘flow’, for all the guys that like
    Moe’s swing they should have a look at your swing on your channel, its
    certainly worth looking at.
    cheers JH

P SMITH - March 27, 2016

Hi JH – Was Moe’s short game good? I’ve never seen any videos of him
playing out of greenside bunkers or chips and putting. Also wondering how
he managed trajectory in his golf swing.

    1atomicgolf - March 27, 2016

    +P SMITH Hi Keith,
    Moe’s short game was incredible, there was a video of him in a bunker
    hitting shots that showed his action but it has been taken down, I think
    the Graves guys took it down which is a pity because it shows his action
    and how he was just a ‘skimmer’ of the sand.
    Trajectory was a ‘thought’ process for him, if he wanted a ‘high’ soft
    pitch he just threw the club head ‘up’..if he wanted a low shot he just
    kept the club head ‘down…he said he just did the trajectory by ‘hand
    height through the ball’..high shot ..”high hands’…low shot ..’low
    hands’ through the ball.
    He never gave me any other insight as to how he managed trajectory other
    than that, and frankly that’s how I have always played my shots since I met
    Moe, its amazing how effective it is , the real secret I know is the
    movement of weight/mass with the thought process as well, for the ‘high’
    shot sure the hands go up but the upper body stays back as well, for the
    ‘low’ shot the chest stays ‘low’ though the shot.
    Even though for Moe it was just a thought process his body responded
    automatically to the hand trajectory requirements.
    cheers JH PS I will do something on trajectory in the the coming Moe videos.

    P SMITH - March 28, 2016

    +1atomicgolf Many thanks JH for answering all my many questions. One thing
    I noticed is that by you restricting the release of your right side , you
    ended up flipping the wrists just past impact (just like Count Yogi – lol
    ). Maybe that’s why it went so far .

    1atomicgolf - March 29, 2016

    +P SMITH Hi Keith,
    I normally just let my wrists release in a slinging up motion in my normal
    Golf swing, always have, and I think that’s why I have always been a
    straight hitter, for me trying to flat left wrist the shot through impact
    make it feel for me that the club head is slowing down, I just like the
    ‘flip’ type feeling, after impact that is.
    cheers JH

Thomas Slagle - March 28, 2016

Do you have the sensation that the hips never square up?

    1atomicgolf - March 28, 2016

    +Thomas Slagle Hi Thomas,
    Not so much that they don’t square up but more of just trying to stay shut
    at impact….the best ever striking session I have ever had was when I felt
    my hips keep turning to the right on the downswing , sort of like I just
    kept my backswing hips feeling on the downswing, not easy to get but when
    you do its amazing.
    cheers Jh

Michael Saif - April 1, 2016

Glad to see the Moe stuff back JH.

    1atomicgolf - April 1, 2016

    +Michael Saif Hi Mike,
    Moe will always get some time and exposure.
    cheers Jh

P SMITH - April 21, 2016

Hi JH – i am getting confused about golfing terminology regarding hitting ,
pulling , pushing , etc. Because the hands are always ahead of the clubhead
then I assume that they are pulling the handle. But that rear arm lever is
the conundrum for me. Is it a passive lever release or an active one? If
one was just using the weight of the clubhead via gravity to power the
swing (ie. potential energy to kinetic energy) then I would imagine it
would be a passive release of rear arm lever. But if one wanted to create a
bit more whipping action through the ball , are we actively pulling more
via the arms (with a passive rear arm lever release) or are we activating
the rear tricep to straighten out that lever ? The activation of the tricep
would be a pushing action onto the hands but the hands would be effectively
pulling the clubhead (if you get what I mean?). Obviously the tricep muscle
must get activated subconsicously at collision to brace the impact,
stabilise the clubhead and ensure more efficient transfer of momentum to
the ball (ie. reduce an elastic collision back through the hands) . But did
Moe activate that tricep much earlier in the swing or was it a pure pulling
motion with both arms and a passive release of the leverage until impact
(when tricep fires up automatically)?

    1atomicgolf - April 21, 2016

    +P SMITH The Golf swing for Moe was like any other structurally well formed
    swing sequenced process, in that the lead side body components preceded the
    trail side body components because of hierarchical torque release
    requirements in reverse order of the torque storage factor.
    Because Moe coiled so strongly his torque storage levels were very high and
    as a resultant the release requirement was equally as strong so he was
    always going to have a ‘lead’ side bias as to that of a ‘pulling’ factor as
    apposed to a ‘throwing or gravity’ based trail side activation .
    He was of course left handed as well which meant his entire lead side body
    componentry was his strongest/dominant side and his left hand/arm being his
    strongest enabled him to activate that side naturally as a first responder
    Moe pulled harder with his lead hand/arm than most people because he was
    left handed but the reality is that in any swing it is the trail triceps
    and forearm muscles that create the majority of club head speed and power,
    the straightening of the trail forearm by the trail triceps around the
    trail wrist hinge accounts for about 76% of all club head speed developed,
    I can give you the breakdown of the specific body components as speed
    producers if you want them.
    Remember the trail humerus has to be activated from the top of the swing
    before the triceps get into the act, and the muscles that do that are the
    ..latissimus dorsi/teres major/ coracobrachialis/subscapularis and the
    pectoralis major, all very powerful muscle groups which if not preceded in
    activation by the lead side muscle groups will totally overwhelm the
    correct application sequencing of the club head into the ball.
    To capsulize every swing must have a ‘pulling’ component , whether it is a
    predominant body component like the lead knee/hip or the lead hand/arm….
    it has to be a lead ‘something’…and invariably in a golf swing to get
    lead’ you need some form of ‘pulling’.
    cheers Jh.

    P SMITH - April 22, 2016

    +1atomicgolf Many thanks again JH for that detailed answer – fantastic
    stuff . Maybe you need to write a book yourself about the Moe Norman swing.

    1atomicgolf - April 23, 2016

    +P SMITH Hi Keith,
    The Golf book I want to write is ….’The Golf Swing ‘Everyone’ Can Use’…
    trouble is I haven’t worked out what that swing is… yet, but I think I am
    close .
    cheers JH

Forney Johnson - May 7, 2016

Hi JH……I am really enjoying your videos. I am converting to the Moe
swing and am having good results with the full swing. Pitch shots is my
downfall. Those 35-60 yard less than full swing shots are killing my game.
Full swing, chipping, and putting are all decent. Did Moe use his same
basic mechanics for the pitch shot also?

I have looked at your other pitching videos, but am getting confused
between the Moe mechanics and your other pitching methods. I would like to
simplify and go full Moe mechanics for all shots. If you have a video
addressing Moe’s pitching method could you please point me to a link. I’m a
68 year old who has been playing for about 5-6 years.

Thanks for all you efforts to help your fellow golfers.

Cheers FJ

    1atomicgolf - May 7, 2016

    +Forney Johnson Hi Forney,
    The secret with Pitching the ball with the Moe method is to not be as
    structurally rigid in the pitching setup as the long shot setup, a lot of
    people get to wide with the stance and stand to far away from the ball as
    they see in Moe’s full swing type.
    The pitching setup is much softer and Moe was closer to the ball as well,
    in fact he gripped his wedges down a lot so he could get closer to the ball
    with the pitch shots.
    I guess the way to get the pitch shot distance from the ball feeling is to
    hit some shots with your feet together with the single axis Moe setup then
    just gradually move your feet apart until you have the balance required to
    hit the shots with the power you need for that 35/60 distance, you will
    find your setup distance from the ball with the feet together drill.
    As with all pitch shots you need to be considerably closer to the ball than
    the normal swing requires in order that the club swing more vertically
    through the ball which gives the accuracy factor required for the short
    type shots.
    Its a common problem for players learning the Moe swing mechanics to stand
    to far away from the ball with the pitch shots and have the stance way to
    wide, I will do a video on that aspect of the Moe swing in the next few
    days, I dont remember doing one before.
    cheers JH.

    Forney Johnson - May 7, 2016

    +1atomicgolf Thanks mate,,,I really appreciate the reply, and I think you
    may be right about the distance to the ball factor. It makes sense that the
    further away from the ball, the greater the chance for error.

    BTW, I love the videos from the “paddock”….I keep waiting for a couple of
    Roos to come hopping by the practice tee!!

    1atomicgolf - May 8, 2016

    +Forney Johnson ‘The ‘Paddock’ is a fun place , when I have high students
    fly in for lessons for the first time I take them out to the ‘Paddock’ and
    the look on their faces is so funny because most of the time there are cows
    just a few meters away and the grass is ankle high ,but its amazing how
    they all love the uniqueness of the paddock environment for hitting shots.
    If you watched some of my videos from last year when I was doing my videos
    from my country property you would have seen roos , they used to sit by the
    practice tee while I hit balls, I will be doing the Moe pitching video
    maybe this afternoon or tomorrow so just look at the channel over the next
    day or so.
    cheers JH

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