Moe,s secrets no 1 Down The Line View


Michael Saif - October 5, 2015

More great stuff JH. This and the last video have helped a lot. I’m hitting
the ball better more of the time and starting to figure more out about the
swing. Love it. Thanks.

    1atomicgolf - October 6, 2015

    Guys like yourself that are well coordinated from a physical point of view
    because as is in your instance your high level soccer/football
    playing/association can adapt to things pretty quickly it would seem, its
    great that you can look at something in my vids and go out and apply as
    quickly as you do, that is so rare in golf swing learning, especially with
    Moe type mechanics, love your enthusiasm.
    regards JH.

    Michael Saif - October 6, 2015

    +1atomicgolf It’s amazing the little things I have picked up from you that
    have helped. Throwing the club back, forward lateral move, left arm pulling
    the swing down. All have helped me a lot. I now I feel l know a lot more
    about what I should be doing on the practice tee and can see improvements.
    Thanks JH.

    1atomicgolf - October 7, 2015

    Always happy to hear about ‘Improvement’..
    regards JH.

dano11000 - November 27, 2015

is it like a tee ball baseball action that’s what im seeing

    1atomicgolf - November 27, 2015

    +dano11000 Never thought of it that way before but I suppose it has an
    element of the T Ball process when you come to think of it., you know its
    interesting you bring this up, years ago when I had my teaching
    facility/driving range I used to do some clinics hitting trick shots and
    other stuff and I actually used a 3ft tee to hit balls from, when I think
    back I had to use a ‘T Ball type action hitting off that tee, ok the ball
    in a normal golf swing is on the ground with irons and only in the air a
    bit with woods but I feel when doing the Moe swing that there is a strong
    element of the T Ball action in the swing.

    dano11000 - November 28, 2015

    +1atomicgolf where are you based now

    dano11000 - November 28, 2015

    +dano11000 my club comes out over my right shoulder how can I get it across
    my right elbow or bicep like moe I notice yours is slightly lower again
    more thru the right elbow,,,seems I have to lower it and flatten it out
    ,,,can I email u the photo

    1atomicgolf - November 28, 2015


    1atomicgolf - November 28, 2015

    +dano11000 I live on the North Coast of NSW state in Australia.

Lynn Carroll - December 10, 2015

Great stuff. I’ve been trying to use Mo’s style and sometimes it works and
sometimes not. This shows me why it doesn’t work. I’ve been so
indoctrinated into the “normal” golf swing that I’ve been fighting myself.
I didn’t know that you “throw” the swing back and aim the club end at the
ball on the downswing.

    1atomicgolf - December 10, 2015

    +Lynn Carroll Hi Lynn, as mentioned below in my replies to the other guys
    the video I will be doing this week will have some specific reference to
    the ‘back swing throwing’ aspect of Moe”s mechanics… the good thing is
    that I will be elaborating on how the ‘throwback’ if done correctly will
    set the butt end of the club at the ball automatically because of reactive
    loading mechanics of the ‘throwback’, I think it will be quite informative
    for everyone how in fact there can be an ‘automatic’
    loading/setting/delivery’ process for the club head.
    regards JH

Edward Choi - December 20, 2015

ball position at the setup seems a bit towards to the right foot. Can you
show us a correct ball position?

    1atomicgolf - December 20, 2015

    +Edward Choi Hi Edward,
    For me ball position is a specific individual thing…it depends on how
    much you move forward during the down stroke or stay back, whether you have
    a steep attack angle or a shallow attack angle, I just advise players to
    hit shots until they impact the ball at the ‘bottom’ of ‘their’ swing arc,
    wherever that is should be where you position the ball.
    My ball position will look somewhat back most times because I never
    position my camera correctly at 90 degs to myself, and as well with the Moe
    setup I am into my back swing at address which looks like the ball is
    further back than it really is, but generally I don’t advocate a specific
    ball position, you will know when its right when you start hitting the ball
    consistently solid and with the correct divot depth for your swing type.
    regards JH.

Chip Satterly - January 2, 2016

Hi JH!
Happy New Year from Wilson, N.C.
I really enjoyed this dtl video and I’m learning a lot about Moe and your
adaptation of his swing priciples for golfers who are trying to improve
their games. I am just plain TIRED of NOT being able to STRIKE the ball
“Conventional” teaching and lessons have just left me incredibly

A question today: You play the ball completely OUTside the toe of your
club. Do you feel that this helps you EXTEND the arms to the ball? Tape on
my club face shows that I consistently PULL my hands/clubface IN towards my
body. I know this is a big problem. If I place the ball outside the club
toe, I would probably miss the ball completely with my current swing.

A recent video clip shows that I have the classic chicken wing action of my
left arm with extremely poor strikes.
Very frustrating.

Many thanks!


    1atomicgolf - January 3, 2016

    +Chip Satterly Hi Chip,
    You know so many people over the years have asked me why I have the driver
    head inside the ball at address, and it wasn’t until someone actually
    mentioned it that I knew that I did it, clearly it had been an instinctive
    thing that came about because of the brain/body’s way of balancing
    requirement against individual body processes.
    What I mean there is that I clearly wanted to hit the ball in the center of
    the club face and because of my individual body balance requirements my
    brain worked out that because my arms had some slack in them at address
    that slack would be taken up by radial velocity and my arms would
    straighten and get longer at impact.
    Your admission of you probably missing the ball if you positioned the club
    head inside of the ball at address is very symptomatic of the resultant
    chicken wing you get through the ball now.
    The chicken wing is clearly an indicator you are pulling your arms/hands
    ‘into’ your body through impact , just try turning your left ( if you are
    right handed that is) hand/forearm ‘down’ towards the ground through impact
    with the left thumb sort of mimicking a sideways/downward hitchhiking
    action, when the left hand/forearm turn down in this manner it actually
    pushes the left elbow into the body and keeps it ‘down’ through impact, as
    apposed to the way it now moves up and away from the body through impact.
    Just try a few short 50 yard shots with a wedge and concentrate on keeping
    your shoulders closed through impact and rotate the left hand/forearm down
    towards the ground as hard as you can through the ball at the same time
    letting the club head release low and left ‘around’ your body, that will
    give you the feeling of the left elbow folding into the body after impact
    as apposed to it getting away and ‘up’ after impact.
    regards JH

    Chip Satterly - January 3, 2016

    Thanks, JH. Maybe you could think about doing a Q/A type video with some
    demonstrations of some of your answers to reader questions.
    Meantime, I’ll be in the park across from my house tomorrow trying to get
    that “hitch hiker” L thumb going in a better position!

john Mule - March 29, 2016

Some real gems in here. I go back quite a ways studying Moe’s technique.
Beginning in 1991 when Tommy Tomasello let me view his extensive library of
Moe’s clinics in Myrtle Beach. I’ve never heard Moe describe his back swing
in this manner but I can see that is what he actually looked like he was
doing. Of course some of his advice could be taken too literally as when he
describes his “vertical drop”. I’ m quite sure he felt this is what he was
doing (Harry Vardon also felt that his arms dropped vertically…) But in
actuality this did not happen. He did indeed swing down tangentially as you
say. My own teacher constantly reminds me to swing down diagonally towards
the ball. Pretty much what you are saying John. You are also correct that
when one drops the arms vertically, they trail the body so much that you
are forced to flip it in order to catch up and make any sort of decent
contact. Keep up the great work.

    1atomicgolf - March 29, 2016

    +john Mule Hi John,
    Tom Tomasello… now there was a guy that knew how the traditional Golf
    swing should be applied, he was a great teacher/educator of golf Swing
    mechanics, and a great guy as well.
    Moe did extoll some things about his swing that you really shouldn’t take
    on board…like when he says he drives the club head ‘straight’ down the
    target line…he released the club head left of impact as much as anyone
    else ever did, the difference in ‘feel’ for Mooe that he did that was
    because of his lateral slide action, that made him feel as if the club head
    was being forced down the line further than normal which it clearly didn’t
    do as the video shot from directly above him shows graphically
    But as we all know ..’feel is never real’ in the Golf Swing…the other
    thing I think creates problems for people trying to learn Moe’s swing is
    his reference to the club head being extended 41 inches back along the
    ground on the back swing… he never remotely did that, in fact his
    ignition move in his Golf Swing was to pull his right elbow straight back
    around his rib cage as his backswing process, totally the ‘opposite’ of
    what he said he ‘did’.
    But none of that matters …as long as you don’t try to emulate those
    things when learning Moe’s mechanics.
    cheers Jh..

Gerry Grabinski - July 19, 2016

Good Morning JH,In this video it looks like your right elbow is close to
your right rib on the backswing. Am I right? Secondly, you do “slide” on
the downswing, right? Thanks

    1atomicgolf - July 19, 2016

    Hi Gerry,
    My right upper arms are not as extended as Moe Norm’s were so my right
    elbow gets closer to the rib cage earlier than Moe’s was, but my general
    swing thought is to just pull my right elbow straight back from the ball
    around my lower rib cage, fold the right arm as much as I can as early as I
    can on the backswing.
    I do slide laterally with the Moe swing but not as much as Moe himself did,
    the slide puts emphasis on the hips remaing facing the ball at impact as
    apposed to turning them away from the ball line at impact.
    cheers JH

Jerry Wilson - July 29, 2016

jh I’ve won tourneys and club championships with a moe action but am
continually trying to improve. …you’re videos are awesome.

    1atomicgolf - July 29, 2016

    Hi Jerry,
    Of course my videos of Moe are just the way I interpreted his swing and the
    way I could apply his type of swing mechanics to ‘myself’…..Moe clearly
    had a different look to his swing than anything I do but I think for us
    mere mortals we can improve our ball striking by incorporating the essence
    of his swing into our swings.
    How we apply the the ‘different bits’ to our swing is a personal thing
    because of physicalities and general differences etc. but overall I think
    any swing can be improved with Moe’s general swing mechanics….glad you
    get something from the videos.
    cheers JH

    Jerry Wilson - July 30, 2016

    +1atomicgolf I took a lot of these tips straight to the course today and
    just hit lasers all over the place. I shot 70 and it would be been a 66 if
    I could putt! keep up the great work. cheers from Mt Vernon, Illinois.

    Jerry Wilson - July 30, 2016

    +1atomicgolf I’m a big boy 6’2 250 lbs and I use a split grip so I do draw
    the ball a little. I just put a swing on YouTube Jabo does jh/moe Norman
    hybrid. take a look!

    1atomicgolf - July 30, 2016

    Hi Jerry,
    Thats a great swing, nice rhythm and flow, anytime you can shoot under par
    with any swing it has to be the one to the one to keep and cultivate, its
    good to see the swing in action, you clearly have put a lot of work into
    Moe mechanics yourself before, great wok.
    cheers JH.

    1atomicgolf - July 30, 2016

    That should read ‘Work’…..not ‘Wok’….

maxxsee - July 31, 2016

JH, was Moes exact words “You have to throw it back?”
Thanks for answer.

    1atomicgolf - August 1, 2016

    ‘Just Throw The Club Head Back There Somewhere…..never try to position
    it’… he clearly was trying to get across that the club had to position
    itself by pure inertia and momentum in order to achieve the ‘same’ position
    every time….if you try and ‘place’ the club you will position it
    differently every time.
    cheers JH

    maxxsee - August 1, 2016

    +1atomicgolf Perfect, so important inside information. Only place in the
    world.Thanks so much!!
    ps. Maybe you should do a mini book about all the little things Moe said
    etc 😉
    I’d buy it atleast.

desertsun100 - August 11, 2016

Looks like your stance is really closed.

    1atomicgolf - August 12, 2016

    My stance is always a bit closed, especially at impact , that’s because
    with my normal Moe type mechanics I want low hands/arms on the back swing
    to get me swinging ‘around’ my body..not above’ it.
    cheers JH

    desertsun100 - August 12, 2016

    .. Thanks for the reply!! Love watching your vids 🙂

Peter Molloy - August 22, 2016

Enjoyed watching this video, I will try to not worry about the backswing
the next time I practice

phil makegs - August 26, 2016

i have tried Moe’s way of hitting the ball and it works great,for a short
while,then the swing just disintegrates.it is the different back swing as
opposed to the “conventional” way of swinging that i have trouble with.i
also don’t feel as relaxed either.i have adopted the swing Brian sparks is
advocating,lifting the left heel in the back swing,lowering the swing plane
and the same ball position for all clubs,in the middle of the stance. but
each to their own…when all said and done its what happens at impact that

    1atomicgolf - August 26, 2016

    Hi Phil,
    Its ‘All’ about what works for ‘You’……we all have different physicality
    and comfort zones so you should always go with a swing type that gives you
    results that are acceptable and better than what you have been using before.
    The Brian Sparks method is certainly an easy on the body type of swing, I
    agree with what you say about impact…..providing the ball goes where you
    want it to ‘after’ impact.
    cheers JH

    phil makegs - August 27, 2016

    +1atomicgolf having said that i just went out to the local driving range
    and tried the moe swing again,this time after i received a tip from kirk
    junge about leading wrist position,which should be flat…and i hit 90% of
    them dead straight! including the 3 wood which i normally have problems

    1atomicgolf - August 27, 2016

    Kirk has done lot of stuff with Moe’s swing….he has a lot of very good
    tips and explains them well.
    cheers JH

    phil makegs - August 28, 2016

    +1atomicgolf thanks big fella,i’m in tassie by the way…all the best to

    1atomicgolf - August 28, 2016

    Great place Tassie, haven’t been there for 30 years, keep telling myself to
    get over there again…I could live there no trouble, especially with the
    cost of real estate on the mainland now,.
    I nearly bought a house at Sandy Bay that was for sale at a crazy low price
    back then, the same house today would be worth at least 1.5 million, which
    is still a crazy low price compared to over here on the mainland ,the same
    type of house over here on the waterfront would be 4/5 million, I might see
    about a visit over there again soon.
    cheers JH

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