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P SMITH - March 4, 2016

Hi JH – sorry for posting so many comments but have been practicing the
Yogi chipping method but find that I can’t really get that flex in the lead
wrist in the follow through using just a grip with both V’s pointing
between chin and right shoulder (its fine in the backswing) . The only way
to get that symmetrical flippy action in both directions is to have a weak
grip with the V’s almost opposing each other . My left hand V pointing
maybe between chin and left shoulder , while right hand V pointing between
chin and right shoulder. Hopefully , if and when you do any more videos,
will you be highlighting the grip he used and whether it was any different
for full and short swings? Looking at his putting method , he must have
used ‘opposing Vs’ to get so much flex in the follow-through. In fact Dave
Stockton’s putting stroke seems very similar to Yogi’s.

    1atomicgolf - March 4, 2016

    +P SMITH The Yogi grip for the full swing is very neutral, and the grip
    pressure was incredibly light, his putting grip was split handed which
    allowed the fulcrum hinging, you are correct…Dave Stockton does advocate
    a ‘hooding’ type back swing, all the great Australian putters always
    ‘hooded’ the club face on the back.swing with the putter , as did Gary
    Player and Arnold Palmer, none of those players had the incredible amount
    of fixed fulcrum and ‘up’ action through the ball with the putter that the
    Count had though. The secret with the Count chipping/pitching is to make
    sure you keep the grip part of the club as stationary when you are hitting
    the ball, don’t move the hands/arms sideways at all, just let the wrists
    hinge in the same spot as a feeling , like a gaet on its fixed hinges.

    Next Count video I will go over his grip requirement.
    cheers JH PS .. Post as many comments as you like.

    P SMITH - March 5, 2016

    +1atomicgolf Many thanks again JH .

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