More Davinci Code Swing Foundation Stuff no 2

Nat McIntosh - December 9, 2016

hey jh had a slider hit part the season id
carried the dam thing 250 to60 yrds. but couldn’t get no roll maybe 5 yds and the ball always looked as if it had some weird haircut on v shaped and coudnt stand the sound of it. and gave it to afriend.

    1atomicgolf - December 9, 2016

    Mine is a great club… but it is a Tour Issue and is a selected head …as well my shaft is very special .
    cheers JH

Jim Peters - December 9, 2016

Hi JH, I am a 72 year old golfer with a bad back, I have a swing that closely resembles the fold and hammer you touched upon in your previous videos. I have been following your progress with the Davinci Swing and will get to the range today and work on it. From what I have observed I feel this will be better for my back and most likely extend my golfing days. Like you I have always believed that there has to be a better way to strike a golf ball. Keep up the good work. Jim

    1atomicgolf - December 9, 2016

    Hi Jim,
    I think for anyone with a suspect back this swing will be a godsend… there isn’t a lot of rotation winding up the spine which has to be a plus.
    I really believe this swing will be a quantum leap in how Golf swing mechanics are taught generally… certainly from my perspective .
    cheers JH

    Jim Peters - December 10, 2016

    Thanks JH will keep you abreast on how I progress.

Ray Hess - December 9, 2016

Hi JH, I played 9 holes today and hit the flag stick using the D Code swing with a lob wedge on the first hole. When I had the correct distance I was 4 to 6 feet from the hole. I haven’t lost any distance and wedge shots are down. I will proceed to the short Irons. I’m glad you are giving us baby steps on the swing and will take my time so the swing will be automatic. Do you close your shoulders
for the longer clubs? Thank you.

    1atomicgolf - December 9, 2016

    Hi Ray,
    Great you are applying the discipline you need to learn the swing in ‘Baby Steps’… I generally have a closed shoulder line for all shots because the trail elbow is set so far back at address it naturally pulls the trail shoulder back at address.
    cheers JH

Nat McIntosh - December 9, 2016

nice to see the lead axis getting here the lead shoulder is the escents of what I feel as my handlestand back around the corner.cheers

Terence Schaeffer - December 9, 2016

I love your attitude. Thanks for what you are doing for the little guy who plays weekly and would like to be in the fairway and on the green more often. All power to you

    1atomicgolf - December 10, 2016

    Hi Terence,
    Golf for me is about the ‘Little Guy’ because he struggles way more than the ‘Big Guys’…and having had to go through all the trials and tribulations myself as I did learning the game without a ‘help’ system like I provide these days If I can pass on any help I am only to happy to do so.
    cheers JH

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