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Lea Pustetto - October 17, 2016

when you pick the club head up in practise you dont move it back the same
when your hitting the ball. is that just what your feeling. bringing the
club straight up. ?

    1atomicgolf - October 18, 2016

    Hi Lea,
    Its what I want to ‘achieve’ in the swing ultimately… I dont have a
    neural program for doing it yet …once I get the program embedded in my
    thinking I am sure I will achieve a lot of my practice swing range of
    motion, although I am not achieving the maximum intention at the moment the
    small amount I am achieving is making an amazing difference to my ball
    striking quality and consistance.
    cheers JH

freddy - October 17, 2016

Does this new swing give you a higher ball flight than your other recent
swings? Are the divots any different (e.g. shallower, longer, etc)? I’m
looking for a swing that has shallower divots since I’m frequently hurting
my wrists coming in too steep and sticking the club into the ground.

    1atomicgolf - October 17, 2016

    Hi Freddy,
    The swing is shallower for sure, I dont take hardly any divots at all
    because the attack angle is so level…the ball flight is normal for me at
    the moment.
    cheers JH

Know nothing but Christ crucified - October 17, 2016

Hey, Joe here. Yesterday I went out and hit a few shots. As I tinkered I
remembered a video showing Lee and an axis line going from his right
shoulder to his left foot or ankle. I may have mentioned the axis before
but before I bicep curled back I pictured this line. I would go back then
feel as if I were going around that axis and my left ankle was drilled into
the ground. With a closed stance the natural axis was in to out, a straight
shot or baby draw, open a baby 5 yd fade. Contact was so solid. I walked
off 10 pitching wedge shots at 150-155 yds. UNREAL. I need to keep my trail
elbow back as you have shown.

    1atomicgolf - October 17, 2016

    Hi Joe,
    They are long wedge shots, what you are applying of Lee’s action is
    great… the trail elbow staying back is the big plus for me.

Steve H - October 17, 2016

JH, lean left and stay left. Doesn’t have to be a big lean. Look at Lee’s
youtube monikor pic on his channel. Notice the diagonal green line through
his left hip socket. That’s where you’ll feel anchored, balancing on one
hip socket, perfectly counterbalanced, club loaded into your right clavicle
wheel and the slightest push will unload it all and give you what you now
have and more. The more you try to load into your right shoulder, the more
your left knee will shoot straight out and your right leg will straighten.
Your right shoulder will feel like its sinking backward (not feel like it’s
rotating) to give room for the hands to load the club into your right
clavicle wheel (that’s what gets unwound, not a body pivot). Look at that
monikor…just like Lee’s doing. You’ll (physically) feel better too. He
told you in the very beginning, “the generation of angular momentum does
not require weight shift”. Cmotion doesn’t shift weight. That’s what you’re
presently missing on your journey. [Please don’t take this as negative
criticism on what you’re currently doing. But you want more and you want
help from Cmotion. This is how you “get it”.]

    Steve H - October 17, 2016

    JH, if you can do the above, then it will make sense why we’re structured
    to swing more like we’re in a box, not like we’re trying to make circles
    and pivots. It just looks that way externally. “People who study the body
    think we’re a rotational being and we aren’t — LC”

    1atomicgolf - October 17, 2016

    Hi Steve,
    What I am doing is a ‘variation’ of C Motion as it can be adapted to my
    personal physicality ….horizontal and vertical centers of gravity will
    apply themselves differently to all individuals and the amount of mass
    ‘shift ‘ in controlled balance will vary proportionally relative to
    individual mass segment differentials.
    I will never ‘visually’ replicate Lee’s swing motion look or incorporate
    his his ‘actual’ mechanical nuances because of clear anatomical differences
    in our body range of motions and mass placement differences.
    The intention is to be able to build a model that is for most people easily
    understood and applied to a variance of body types and physicality ….
    being formally trained in the body sciences both anatomically and neurally
    I understand the difficulty of uptake of complex neural and anatomical
    descriptions for layman ..hence I am endeavoring to simplify what ‘I See’
    in Lee’s swing process that that can be ‘easily’ adapted to general rank
    and file type golfers .
    With Lee’s help going forward more of his swing complexities hopefully will
    be more readily explained in terms of a more generalized explanation
    understanding that the general golfing population will be able to uptake
    more easily .
    I can make available the most absolute scientific explanation of how the
    human body actually moves whilst in the process of a Golf Swing …..but
    its totally pointless unless the people I present the explanation to have
    the ability to decipher the explanation …… if Lee and I had a head to
    head discussion on the realities of the capabilities of Golfers in general
    to understand the Golf Swing relative to the true scientific basis of it I
    know he would agree with me the futility of trying to go down that road.
    Unless you are body sciences trained all terminologies and scientific
    references to a Golf Swing are pointless in your understanding uptake …
    you cant apply something you dont understand.
    The secret of being a good teacher is the ability to ‘truly’ communicate
    your message…..the challenge for people like myself and Lee is to
    ‘communicate’ his unique process of swinging a Golf Club in terms that are
    superficially acceptable and applicable .
    Intrinsic complexities have no place in teaching a Golf Swing to the
    masses…. people like myself and Lee and possibly yourself can uptake
    complex descriptions of motion/dynamics/hyper-physics/ universal forces etc
    etc etc…but the absolute majority of Golfers cannot… to that end I try
    to make the story/explanation of an ‘Applied Golf Swing’ as easily
    digestible as it can be for the rank and file Golfers of the World.
    Having been a ‘commercial’ teacher for a long time I know there is no value
    in ‘over presenting’ a Golf Swing in its complexity of mechanics.
    The problem I have is that I think C Motion is the most unique swing
    mechanics there has ever been… and there possibly lies its
    difficulty…it could just be to ‘Unique” to get its message across in
    understandable terms… but that’s a challenge I gladly accept… and with
    Lee’s help I think we can come up with something that will suffice
    sufficiently to get the ‘essence’ of the mechanics understood…heck I need
    that just for myself.
    cheers Jh

    Steve H - October 18, 2016

    Let’s say you went to Beaumont to visit Lee. You go on the range with him
    and you say, “Okay Lee, my mind is clear like you said, just show me the
    very basics of Cmotion”. He would have you hit a few balls like you
    currently do and say nothing. Then, you’d take another stance at the ball
    and he’d say, “This time, I want you to lean left and stay left throughout
    the swing”. JH, what are you going to do? Go into a backgrounder on your
    intimate knowledge of neural science and argue with THE MAN or immediately
    take his simple instruction, perform it correctly and see what happens? If
    Gary Edwin were standing by Lee on that same range in Beaumont with you,
    he’d nod in agreement, notice your pause and say, “Well JH?…we’re

    1atomicgolf - October 18, 2016

    Hi Steve,
    I am not disagreeing with Lee’s direction of requirement as he sees it…
    not at all… I just have to understand precisely what it ‘IS’ that Lee
    actually requires me or someone to do… and I would think it would be way
    more than just ‘Lean Left’ and swing… I can do that very easily now…
    but if I just did that I certainly wouldnt be swinging with the intrinsic
    dynamics that Lee swings with.
    I have been down the Edwin road and the Stack and Tilt road and I know that
    their required mechanics are nothing like Lee’s.. not remotely like
    Lee’s….I see it as way more than just ‘Leaning Left’ and staying there.
    I would never question or argue with the ‘Man’ about ‘HIS’ swing
    mechanics… how could I … I dont know what they are…
    I do however want him to enlighten me as to what the mechanics ‘actually’
    entail… and if he said only ..’ JH just lean left and stay there when you
    swing …I would absolutely… but then I would be saying no doubt… ‘
    Lee.. it has to be for me way more than just leaning left and staying there
    while I swing because my ball contact and flight is nothing like yours when
    I just do that’.
    So for me the secret has to be in the specific/intrinsic ‘Comeaux
    Ingredients’ …which he would have to spell out for me to my level of
    uptake understanding,… your line of ‘Perform It Correctly’ is the atomic
    particle of understanding…
    You will never perform any ‘correct’ process without knowing what ‘Correct’
    is … Lee “Is” the ‘Correct’… if he can impart ‘Correct’ to me in as
    simplistic a manner as you are suggesting then I am his obedient servant.
    Lee” Is” the “MAN’ .. you will get no argument from me on that ever…. and
    I will do everything I can to see he gets his message out to where it needs
    to be.
    cheers JH.

Ray Hess - October 21, 2016

JH, you are doing a great job of explaining the swing. You are hitting your
back on the swing through. Is this because of the mechanics of the swing
and it is giving you more swing speed? Thank you.

    1atomicgolf - October 21, 2016

    Hi Ray,
    I think the fact that the club head can generate enough speed from the
    short swing I am using is indicative of how much storage you can get from a
    short swing if its the right type of short swing… I just find that with a
    shorter swing you automatically just move the club faster coming into
    impact for some reason….. well at least I do.
    cheers Jh

Bill Walsh - October 21, 2016

Hello there, JH!I found you about a year ago and it has been a wonderful
journey :putter to driver, “Moe Norman”, washing machine, to name a few,
and the ultimate davinci. I hope this is not the end of the journey. There
is still the holy grail.I can’t wait to work on this. I had a bike accident
and wretched my left shoulder Ac joint. It’s healing, doc says no golf for
2 months but this latest swing could be my savior.This looks to be very
powerful. I cautiously hit mini pitch shots in my backyard with the fold
and hammer and launched two of them into the neighbors yard. Yikes!

    1atomicgolf - October 21, 2016

    Hi Bill,
    Its all about looking for something that might just be better than
    something else…I like everyone else just want a swing that,s
    repeatable…and I think the Davinci Codec mechanics can do that .
    The ‘Mini’ swings have a lot of Zip in them so watch your neighbor’s
    windows etc….as well give that injury time to heal…2 months is way
    better than 6 months if you increase the injury.
    cheers Jh

Bill Walsh - October 23, 2016

Thank you JH!I will be careful. Physical therapy is planned per the
docInterestingly my utube has been invaded by a lot of lee comeaux videosI
watched one and he is everything you say. More interesting, I noticed he
positions his driver exactly how you have always positioned it…not behind
the ball but along side it. From that position, when hitting irons, there
is no way one could possibly hit a shank or a hosel rocket,right?

    1atomicgolf - October 24, 2016

    Hi Bill,
    I think the big plus for setting the toe of the club inside the ball at
    address ( BTW…Bobby Jones did it to.) is always having more of a
    propensity to attack the ball from in to out , and have less chance of heel
    hits…. Lee Comeaux is something else… I hope to get him to school me on
    his mechanics … I have virtually zero understanding them now which is why
    I dont try to demonstrate his swing mechanics.
    I want to know what he really does… I think it will be amazing to find
    out the intricacies of his swing….. we must bear in mind that he has
    extraordinary talent and us mere mortals will never swing like he does
    …but a ‘reasonable version’ will do me anytime.
    Make sure you look after yourself and only do what the Doctor tells you you
    can, Golfers are notorious for making existing injuries worse by thinking
    they can accelerate recovery times.
    cheers Jh

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