11 thoughts on “More Embedding Davinci Code Swing Details no 1

  1. Nat McIntosh says:

    hey jh try hanging upside down it amazing how great that feels stretching out that muscle.standthehandle.cheers.

  2. P SMITH says:

    Hi JH – We don’t really know much about your background . Are you still a golf teacher ? I noticed you have a profile on the forum ‘secret in the dirt’ . Did you play as a pro when you were younger or win any tournaments, etc? Sorry for being so inquisitive but its fantastic that you are such a low handicapper and looking so fit for your age.

    • Joshua Kemp says:

      P SMITH Agreed! JH what were you doing driving race cars?!?! I know I would love to hear more about yourself and if you ever played in tournaments. You should be the next Moe Norman with this swing! Also I love how you describe in feelings, makes it SOOO much easier to understand. Keep up the good work šŸ™‚

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      Hi Joshua,
      I drove Speedway Sprintcars and Nascars… the Nascar was on a short track ..not the Super Speedway 1mile/1.5 mile/2 mile tracks ..we didn’t have those in Australia…I have also raced motorcycles…in fact anything that ‘could’ be raced I have raced it at one time or another.
      I was never a Pro Golfer..I actually didn’t start playing Golf until I stopped racing at 34 years old… I have a background in Body Dynamics and taught a lot of different sports before I started playing Golf….
      Because I didn’t start playing Golf until I was fairly old for a Golfer I didn’t really have a great desire to make Golf a profession and frankly the dynamics/mechanics of the game intrigued me really than the actual playing which is why I ended up teaching the game rather than playing it,.
      I could play to a proficient level and compete with most players other than the high caliber National level players, I played a lot of high dollar sweep-stake matches in those days and lots of times we had more money on our games than guys on the minor Pro tour were getting for first place … that was the interest for me …testing myself against seasoned high stakes professional gambler golfers.

      I have always been a fitness devotee and will probably continue to be until I cant do it anymore..hopefully that is some time away.
      I guess I have something a bit unique for someone who started Golf as late as I did, I have had 14 hole in one’s in competition…. I dont think Seve Ballesteros ever had a hole in one which shows how crazy Golf is , his talent compared to mine was ridiculously so much higher … its that ‘bounce’ of the ball that goes for some people and not others.
      cheers JH

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      Reply to your query is below in Joshua’s Post…. I still teach but will be finishing that at the end of the year, I am hoping to do some travelling around the country on a Golf ‘Odyssey’ doing some crazy driving of Golf balls from unbelievably spectacular and dangerous locations…..it will be something no one has done before in this country.

      cheers JH

  3. Birdie Gof says:

    JH, sorry to hear about your low back injury. I jacked mine up from years of abuse playing tournament racquetball and now I haveĀ a “trick” back. It’ll go out on me sometimes when I make a sudden turning movement while reaching down to pick something up. My massage therapist told me to use cold packs to reduce the swelling and if you have a TENS machine it will help as well. Recently she was able to work the kink out of my back in two 30 minute sessions…I’m going back for a follow-up today so she can work on my shoulder as well. Anyway, thanks for more atomic particles. We’ve had some nasty weather lately but it’s nice today so I should be able to get out to the practice range for some Davinci Code work. Ā Thanks again for all you do. Hope your back heals up soon. Cheers!

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      My back problem can be eliminated by just not being stupid in the Gym… I really dont need to do super taxing exercises and weights at my age… the trouble is my brain doesn’t realize my body isn’t a young one anymore…. I am absolutely going to modify my program to that of befitting someone my age, glad Davinci is going well for you.
      cheers JH

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      Hi Jim,
      You should endeavor to have it extended as much as you can to get the ‘push back’ we need to get the secondary tilt aspect I talk about, ‘locking’ the knee/leg is is ok if you have the athleticism to achieve that… I want to achieve that if I can.
      cheers JH

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