3 thoughts on “More In Depth Details New Pitching Method no 2

  1. Chip Satterly says:

    Hi JH!!

    This is VERY interesting and makes a lot of sense.
    It appears to be the exact OPPOSITE of your chipping technique which is
    based on the trail shoulder being the single axis fulcrum.
    Here, the lead shoulder seems to become the fulcrum for pitching.
    BTW, I have been really working on your chipping technique (trail shoulder
    fulcrum) and have now got a dependable technique
    for 5-10-20 yd chips (total distance of air+roll.)
    What a shot saver those shots are!!

    Perhaps my “natural” little chicken wing will assist in the new short pitch
    set up and shot.

    Your friend,


    • 1atomicgolf says:

      +Chip Satterly Hi Chip, its just really taking the emphasis away from the
      hands to the lead shoulder as the motor/power source of the club head ,
      just locking the independance of the hands out of the pitching/chipping
      cheers JH

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      +1atomicgolf PS . If a little ‘chicken wing’ is ok for Jordon Spieth its ok
      for us I would think.

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