3 thoughts on “More Moe Particle Bits no 1

  1. Marc Gardiol says:

    i like your left hand on the club. Just how I do it. its comfortable. if
    weaker, its too easy to sprain your wrists, and hurt your elbow and
    shoulder when your hands become too active through impact. its all shoulder
    turn into the lateral slide and through impact. Use your hands in anyway
    other than just holding the grip and things can go wrong. thankks jh

  2. Michael Saif says:

    You are right JH, this sitting is what I need to work on to help with the
    lateral shift. Thanks.

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      Hi Mike,
      The ‘sit’ is very important, but its absolutely critical the sit is done
      with the emphasis being to sit into the lead buttock with the trail buttock
      staying closed , which means the the sitting move is ‘oblique’ and not
      straight lateral.
      cheers JH

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