More Moe Particle specifics


Pat Ryan - July 26, 2016

More great stuff!!

Thomas Slagle - July 26, 2016

Any tips on how to hit those irons without a divot? I would like to just
“brush the grass” but it is difficult for me . Perhaps your impact is just
shallower than mine.

    1atomicgolf - July 26, 2016

    You know I have always been a ‘shaver’ of the ball rather than a digger, I
    think its because I have a left elbow that was injured back before I
    started playing golf and it doesn’t like to straighten through impact and
    beyond and as result I get a bit of chicken wing which gets the club going
    level to a bit up through the ball, I have always been able to hit long
    irons easily because of that I think, and why I have been straight driver
    of the ball, I love tight lies because I just sweep the ball away.
    The strange thing for me has always been my not so good results with the 3
    wood of the ground , I dont know if its the general length of a 3 wood that
    doesn’t suit my action but I actually have to hit down on the 3 wood to
    make good contact, its only been since the clubs got longer over the years,
    the old wooden 3 wood I could hit of a concrete road because of its shorter
    length .
    The guy that owns the range where I practice says he never knows where I
    have been practicing because I never leave divot patches, all the other
    young guys and Pros leave areas totally denuded of grass and earth, as Moe
    said..’ I could hit of your head and only touch a few hairs’… I used to
    hit balls of the face of a watch at clinics years back, it was a hoot
    because I would be wearing a Rolex that people didn’t know was a fake worth
    50 bucks and I used to say ..’Watch this, I dont take divots so I can hit
    of the face of my Rolex Watch’.. and I did, it blew people away, I must see
    if I have that old fake Rolex still and do it on one of my videos.
    cheers JH

    Alan Martins - July 31, 2016

    JH, kinda like Calvin Peete? he also had elbow issues and was as straight
    as they come.

Back40 - July 27, 2016

What is your opinion on Moe’s E3 swingweight.

    1atomicgolf - July 27, 2016

    I actually had a set of the Natural Golf clubs in the exact specs of Moes
    Clubs, E 3 swingweight,woods and irons, they were surprisingly easy to hit
    if you swung smoothly with them, the were like a sledgehammer in that once
    you got them going they just plowed through the ball.
    I played with them for a while and hit them well, I only stopped playing
    with them because someone bought them off me..
    I haven’t had any modern day clubs in that spec, would I recommend that
    swingweight, not unless you are quite strong and have a smooth tempo, Moe
    swung the club briskly but his tempo was actually very smooth.
    cheers JH

P SMITH - July 27, 2016

Hi JH – When you do your backswing , is your right elbow still sort of
keeping its relationship with reference to your right hip (ie. from a
vertical perspective)? So when you hinge your right wrist , and then turn
your hips, does your right elbow just bend up in front of your hip to
complete that restricted backswing (ie. elbow not being pulled behind you)?
So in effect, any cocking of your left wrist is caused by the cocking of
your right elbow not by the cocking of your right wrist.

PS. Will you be doing any videos on scoring shots like chipping and
pitching out of rough to close greens etc? Finding that I am shanking a lot
of balls when opening that face and trying to chip/pitch out of semi-rough.
Dead scared of trying those shots now.

    1atomicgolf - July 27, 2016

    Hi Keith,
    My right elbow just gets its formation from the pulling inside of the
    hands/arms on the backswing which for me is very deliberate, my hands push
    down and inside which automatically keep pressure on the right elbow to not
    elevate it.
    The short shot out of rough from close to the green can be a problem if you
    combine a really open club face and to much of an open stance, I hardly
    change my address stance at all for those type of shots and I have zero
    forward shaft angle lean in the shot, if you open the face and have the
    shaft way forward its hard to get the release done with the lower speed of
    that type of swing, I will do a video on that stuff when I do the Moe
    Particle bunker shot video.
    cheers JH

    P SMITH - July 29, 2016

    Cheers JH – your a star.

HXDTOWER - July 27, 2016

Isn’t this very much like the “Hogan Twist”?

    1atomicgolf - July 27, 2016

    Hogan’s Twist that Tom Bertrand refers to is a ‘cupping’ action of the left
    wrist, I dont advocate that , most of my swings incorporate a ‘hinging’
    action which is a ‘square to square’ type trail wrist movement of the back
    of the trail hand moving towards the outside of the trail forearm, as if
    you were setting the trail hand up for a ‘slapping’ action at the ball.
    cheers JH

    bloatedman - July 27, 2016

    Isn’t the hinging action a Mike Austin or Count Yogi trait? This wrist
    /hand movement reminds me of Gary Player’s strike the match move and maybe
    Mr. Hogan was refering to this with his three right hands. In several
    videos Mr. Norman made the statement he was the only golfer living that had
    the feeling of greatness. Was he indicating that he believed Mr. Hogan also
    used this swing idea? Thanks for another fine video.

    1atomicgolf - July 28, 2016

    The hinging action in Mike austin and Count Yogi was predominantly through
    impact rather than in the backswing, I asked Moe about his statement of
    being the only player with the ‘Feeling Of Greatness’….he said he just
    meant he personally felt he could do anything he wanted with his golf shots
    from the very first time he found his swing and the feeling ‘never’ left
    him, he didn’t believe any other player had the absolute conviction that
    their swing would never go away or break down, he knew his wouldn’t , which
    I guess would be a ‘Great Feeling’…
    Hogan certainly had the incredible commitment of impact delivery with his
    trail hand that Moe did but achieved it differently in that his ‘lead’
    loading was influenced more by the rotating of his lead hip and and right
    side leg drive , whereas Moe pulled unbelievably hard with his his lead
    hand/arm and moved his hips laterally as apposed to rotating them , ok
    Hogan moved his hips laterally to but then rotated them before impact, Moe
    did not.
    Mike Austin certainly hit incredibly hard with his trail hand in a very
    deliberate manner, all good ball strikers hit with their trail hand hard,
    but some just emphasis that action more than others, as did
    cheers JH

Jerry Wilson - August 2, 2016

jh I’m definitely a Moe disciple. these videos are fantastic, useful, and
easy to apply. well done mate.

    1atomicgolf - August 2, 2016

    Hi Jerry,
    Glad you are getting something from the videos, they are of course only
    ‘my’ take on Moe’s mechanics and clearly not the definitive explanation of
    the ‘absolute’s’ of his mechanics, as long as there is something that helps
    players to use the basics of Moe’s mechanics I am happy.
    cheers JH

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