More YOGI In Depth Swing Explanation


P SMITH - March 10, 2016

When you mentioned the Count pulling up on his left side and that left foot
lifting and rotating, it reminded me a bit of a hammer throwers release to
target. If you look at some of the slow mo’s they are leaning back as they
pull their lead shoulder/side while basically pivoting on their lead heel
as they release the hammer upwards.

    1atomicgolf - March 10, 2016

    +P SMITH You are absolutely right about that similarity, my good friend
    Martin Ayres has always used the hammer throwing action in his explanations
    of ‘The Most Powerful Move in Golf’ which he promotes and is the originator
    The hardest part of the Parametric acceleration process is applying the
    ‘intent’ of the action coming into impact without ‘actually’ standing up ‘
    at’ impact, you have ‘feel’ the action wanting to happen but maintain at
    the same time the radius lock of the arms/hands ‘at’ impact.
    Which means you have be ‘trying’ to stand up before impact with the
    straightening of the legs but not ‘actually’ doing’ it, the pressuring that
    comes about as a result of that ‘intent’ is what I call ‘Pressure Cooker’
    dynamics, meaning that the pressure build up in a pressure cooker is
    clearly in place but the but it is kept building by the lid of the pressure
    cooker being in place, we want the pressure that is developed by staying in
    place at impact to create the exploding upwards ‘after’ impact.
    As with the pressure cooker we have clearly developed the pressure build up
    by ‘our’ keeping the lid on by not letting the radius lock dissipate before
    impact, our pressure cooker lid is our head in space maintenance thru
    impact, you cant ‘use’ the press if you take the lid off the cooker, the
    pressure ‘release ‘ with the count was the standing up just post impact, at
    least that’s how I see the analogy.
    cheers JH

john Mule - March 28, 2016

Interesting analysis of Yogi’s method. It is very intricate. I corresponded
with Yogi in the early 70s. He wanted me to come out to the coast for
lessons but it never regrettably happened. I missed out on a great
opportunity. Actually, I always thought his protocol was identical to the
one outlined in the cult instructional ‘The Golf Secret ‘ by Dr H.A.
Murray. Henry Cotton loved this book and method from the early 50’s.

    1atomicgolf - March 28, 2016

    +john Mule Hi John,
    I must reacquaint myself with with Dr Murray’s ‘Golf Secret’, I did look at
    it way back well before I got involved in the Yogi swing stuff.
    What a pity you didn’t get to actually get a lesson from the great man and
    see him hit balls, that would have lived with you forever I would think.
    I actually know a fellow who had some lessons from the Count for a week, he
    was the one who told me about the Count in 1992, the fellow had gone from
    Australia to the US just to get the lessons, which back in the 70’s was a
    huge thing back then, the fellow told me he thought the Count was not of
    this world so incredible was he at doing precisely what he said he was
    going to do in hitting shots.
    The fellows said even though Yogi was quite old then he could still hit the
    driver 300+ easy, and 200+ 3 irons that were so old they were considered
    antiques, the fellow was a professional scientist so he was not prone to
    exaggeration , he said he had never been exposed to anyone remotely like
    Yogi, he said you felt as though you were in the presence of a spiritual
    like entity because of how the Count spoke and moved about, he said he will
    never forget the experience .
    I have enormous regrets that I didn’t get to meet Yogi before he died, just
    to speak with him and listen to his philosophy of life and his approach to
    the Golf Swing.
    cheers JH

Bourne Accident - July 28, 2016

This video is a 10 minute and 42 second pre-shot routine…

    1atomicgolf - July 28, 2016

    That’s not long to teach a pre-shot routine, some coaches take 2 or 3
    lessons to do it.
    cheers JH

    Bourne Accident - July 28, 2016

    +1atomicgolf Of course, but I was just waiting and waiting for him to hit
    that freakin’ ball!

    1atomicgolf - July 29, 2016

    I know where you are coming from, I do run off with the ‘talk’ rather than
    the ‘Action’ occasionally.
    cheers Jh

    Bourne Accident - July 29, 2016

    +1atomicgolf BTW, I watche some other videos and great golf swing!

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