New Putting Teqnique no 2


Lea Pustetto - July 5, 2016

jh ive been putting like that for about 5 years. but more face on. its the
best method. there is a guy in the states that uses same method. look up
ozzie wonder. cheers. i made my own putter . for 30 dollars. its fantastic.
people always compliment me on my accuracy. cheers

    Terry Jenkins - July 5, 2016

    Your comment could be my comment – almost word for word! I extended a two
    ball putter around seven years ago and stuck a long fat grip on it. NOBODY
    will putt against me for money these days, and I am considered to be a
    total bandit!

    1atomicgolf - July 5, 2016

    Hi Terry,
    The video was very rushed and the conditions were terrible so it didn’t
    show just how good the method really is, I will do another video when the
    green has been restored to a semblance of puttability, I can understand you
    being a bandit with the system because I think I will be now as well, my
    friend that used the method way back was the absolute best putter I have
    ever seen, and and that includes Jack and Tiger, my friend just never
    missed , and it didn’t matter what the greens were like, he was Count Yogi
    like the way he just knocked putts in from everywhere.
    I couldn’t get the method to work for myself back then because we used
    short putters and small grips, today with the Odyssey 38 inch putter and
    the big grip it is so easy to make the method work.
    cheers JH

    1atomicgolf - July 5, 2016

    Hi Lee,
    I know of the ‘Ozzie Wonder’ putter, but it is used with both hands being
    in unison with the arms forming a triangle off the shoulders, the hands are
    not ‘behind’ the grip but to the ‘sides’ of the grip equally, with the
    method I am using I just feel I am ‘tossing’ the club head sideways with my
    trail hand, with the trail hand feeling like it is 100% the instigator of
    the stroke.
    You certainly dont need an expensive putter , your clearly does the job, I
    am only using the Odyssey because it suits me with the particular bend it
    has in the shaft and the lie angle, and its adjustable for weight depending
    on the type of greens you normally play, I think its a great way to putt.
    cheers JH

    Terry Jenkins - July 6, 2016

    This method changed me from someone who was nervous on the greens into
    someone who couldn’t wait to get to the greens and sink those putts. The
    rest of the game is not about hitting great shots with a fabulous swing, my
    focus now is simply to get to the green in as few shots as possible and
    then really enjoy the part that scares the pants of even some of the best
    ball strikers in the world. Your confidence soars when you can really putt.
    And I agree with you, this method has to be done with a long putter (38 –
    40 inches), and a fat or fairly fat grip. I can’t swing a golf club yet due
    to recent heart surgery, but I am back on the putting green and loving it!

Lea Pustetto - July 5, 2016

no my right hand is behind also. yes it feeles like your bowling.
besutiful. it works for me. ha

Madhukar Tyagi - July 6, 2016

dear jh,even chipping with rt hand works for me.only the ball takes more
backspin and checks quickly.best used when u would rather end up
short.super video thx.tyagi

    1atomicgolf - July 6, 2016

    Hi Tyagi, I am going to talk about chipping with the ‘dominant hand as well
    because it works great, I will include it on the next video update on the
    Putting .
    cheers JH

Thomas Thomast - July 11, 2016

Your eyes are supposed to be over the ball? yours are not because of long

    1atomicgolf - July 11, 2016

    Hi Thomas,
    Four of the best putters in history, Ben Crenshaw/Justin Leonard/ Fuzzy
    Zeoller/ Asoa Aoki all had the ball ‘outside’ their eye line, you have to
    have your body segments and the putters specific length and lie to get your
    eyes over the ball at address, and ‘which’ eye do you position over the
    ball, it has to be the dominant eye if you are going to see the line as
    your optics need to see the line.
    If you play the ball up under your left eye and you are right eye dominant
    you will see the line as being left of actual and subconsciously shove the
    ball to the right , if you play the ball under your dominant eye you
    invariably will see the target with parallax error which you need to allow
    for, you have to do some testing to work that correction out.
    I am very right eye dominant so I know I will be aiming to the right of the
    actual target but because I know my error factor I adjust for the error, I
    have my eyes inside the ball; line as well to make sure my balance is
    towards my heels and not my toes, it easier to ‘push away’ from yourself
    with the weight on the heels than the toes, and with the dominant eye in
    and behind the putter delivery line, hope that doesn’t confuse you to much,
    oh and the longer putter does exaggerate the amount my eyes are inside the
    cheers JH

Glenn McFadgen - July 30, 2016

Hey JH have been using this method for 2-3 weeks now and is going very
well. I find I can start the ball more consistently on line and find more
putts are having a chance of going in. Also don’t find judging distance on
the long ones hard at all and the other thing it puts a great roll on the
ball. Very good.RegardsGlenn

    1atomicgolf - July 30, 2016

    Hi Glenn , you know I wish I had known how easy putting was with this style
    when I started playing playing golf, , but then we didn’t have the type of
    longer putters that I am using now with the bigger parallel grips which
    makes it very easy to putt this way now.
    cheers JH

    Glenn McFadgen - July 31, 2016

    Yeah I’ve got a very short putter in comparison to yours and it still works
    very well. Glenn

Peter Molloy - September 12, 2016

How close to Sam Snead’s stance is your stance? You look very open.

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