One Best Delivery Speed for Touch from Physics

Geoff Mangum explains the physics of ball-hole interaction for optimal capture delivery speed of ball at the front lip, with David orr at Tot Hill Farm Golf Club, Asheboro NC.

6 thoughts on “One Best Delivery Speed for Touch from Physics

  1. Geoff Mangum says:

    Pelz’ 1977 data DISPROVES his later claims about 17″ past the hole: Golf
    Digest July 1977, pages 52-55. His later “claims” about 17″ never mentions
    this 1977 article or share his data proving it, because he has none. Pelz’s
    science only proved what everyone already knew: the go-by distance does
    depend on grass type and condition. Others who have tried to duplicate his
    research to check it conclude that his claims cannot be accurate. Geoff

  2. nickGTFX says:

    Geoff this video is incredible. My putting has been terrible of late but
    this video has instilled me with confidence again.

  3. Lui Craddock says:

    I think this is one of the best put ways of describing the putting game ive
    heard. makes total sense and was pretty easy to understand. Great vid

  4. David Musall says:

    Geoff, brilliant! I like it! Faxon says he told Pelz when he hits it 17″
    past the hole he always misses! He says Pelz doesn’t like that! Ha!

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