The Best Swing Thought by G Scribling

A better illustration of how the shoulder plane bisects the shaft. This simple thought changes everything! This simple thought forces several other good things to happen. It’s simple, powerful, easily repeatable and easy on the back. It removes the compulsion to early extend or snap release. I think this simple idea is the key to […]

The Channel Lock Swing.. The

The Channel Lock Swing.. The ” Actual Channel’ Demonstration. Read More… Mr X JH Final Channel lock protocols Read More… Foolproof Chipping no 1 Read More… Channel Lock For Dummies video 1 Read More… Some ‘Atomic Particles’ Of Channel Lock Read More… Latest Cannel Lock… ‘Back Dump’ Action Video 1 Read More… Latest Channel Lock..Weight […]

Opposite Lock Chipping Pitching – Channel Lock

The opposite chipping and picthing technique that JH shares in this video will help all golfer and especially those that have yip type chipping The V’s are supposed to be pointing in exactly the’ opposite’ direction to each other .. you have to exert an opposite turning of the hands/forearms to each other to cancel out […]