Count Yogi Golf Swing

One of our ultimate missions: This is classic vintage film footage of the great Harry M. Frankenberg (aka) Count Yogi ®. Yogi… Count Yogi Full Swing at Age 83 and 84 © Count Yogi Full Swing at Age 83 and 84: © Despite his age and that he is seven pints of blood short […]

JH Channel Lock Golf Swing

” Channel Lock Swing’ … Live Lesson Proof ..’It Works’.. Read More… The Channel Lock Swing.. The ” Actual Channel’ Demonstration. Read More… More Channel Lock Experimentation Read More… Channel Lock For Dummies video 1 Read More… MMI Golf, Laura’s Channel Lock Swing, Day Two Read More… channel lock JH swing system (test) JH down […]

The Jim Venetos Golf Swing System

The Jim Venetos Golf Swing Jim talks you through the setup and the swing that will produce a draw… over and over. Read More… Jim Venetos Golf Swing in Slow Motion See more analysis of the Venetos swing at: Also see our slow motion video of Brian Sparks golf swing, another body friendly swing […]