Parametric Accelleration Count Yogi


michael broderick - March 6, 2016

JH is that driver and shaft available to the public?

    1atomicgolf - March 6, 2016

    +michael broderick Hi Michael,
    The driver is a ‘Tour Issue’ type, its only given to Taylormade contracted
    Pro’s, they are the same as what is available to the public but are
    different head weights and have the ‘Hot Melt’ stuff inside , they are COR
    tested so you never get a ‘dead’ head, they are also on occasions different
    loft increments, mine is an 8 degree for example which is not available to
    the public.
    This particular driver is also very open in the face , generally speaking
    they are just drivers that are of a better quality and specific head weight.
    Most times the shafts they come with are way to stiff for the general club
    player, I couldn’t hit the shaft that was in the one I have because it was
    way to stiff and heavy for me..
    cheers JH

michael broderick - March 6, 2016

Thank you JH for the quick reply. I am heading to the range shortly to
practice my Yogi. I can hardly wait for the season to begin. I am 60 and
have always had quite a bit of length,due to parametric acceleration I
believe , compared to my younger golf cohorts but I want to thank you for
the additional insight. Hopefully it gives me a leg up on them!

    1atomicgolf - March 6, 2016

    +michael broderick Michael I know how good it is to get ‘any’ type of leg
    up on the young guys, we need to take any device/method we can to use as an
    advantage, invariably ‘straight’ distance is better than ‘crooked’ distance
    but ‘straight/longer’ distance is way better again.
    cheers JH.

P SMITH - March 8, 2016

A very good article explaining parametric acceleration using simple
diagrams is via adamyounggolf.com
In the full swing , JH has said that the Count disguised this very well and
I think that was because he had a bent left arm at address and into the the
top of his backswing. Imho , I think he used parametric acceleration
immediately in the transition without trying to create lag, therefore
straightening the left arm as he released through impact to full
finish.This is why any parametric acceleration is difficult to see in
Yogi’s swing.
Most of the current pros that use parametric acceleration have a straight
left arm at address and then create a lot of lag into the release area of
swing and then pull up to utilise parametric acceleration very late into
impact. As JH mentioned , Jamie Sadlowski looks like he has a chicken wing
through impact, but really that is just the remnants of his parametric pull
up action very late in his swing. With regards Yogi’s putting action, if
you look at the video ‘Count Yogi Hollywood Golf Lesson Makeover’ , at
point 10 seconds I think you will hear him say ‘Pull down, then prise blade
up’ . My hearing and the audio quality make it difficult to confirm if this
is exactly what he said, but if true, it suggests he is using one of the
advantages of parametric acceleration which is a ‘longer line of
compression’. Yogi’s right elbow looked almost fixed to his right side
while his left elbow does extend and retract a little bit more from his
side. This suggests to me that in the backswing he was allowing the the
right wrist to bend and ‘pull down and bend’ the left wrist at the same
time. In the downswing the left wrist pulled the butt of the club up
vertically as both wrists flexed forward through impact. By pulling the
butt of the club up vertically , he has created a longer line of
compression (almost straight for a short time period) through ball on the
required target line. I might be completely wrong but this is how I see it
on the videos.

    1atomicgolf - March 8, 2016

    +P SMITH The Counts Putting is something I really would like to master, ,
    in order to use his method you really need to use a putter that has a very
    thin sole and a heel mounted shaft because the push down action on the back
    swing and then the corresponding up action through the ball gets the back
    of the putter head angling severely down through impact and any protrusions
    of the club head at the back of the blade will dig into the ground, I have
    tried the action with all of the new modern putter designs and you cant get
    the immediate’up’ action that you need with any head that has anything
    protruding back from the face..
    The very old type putters from the 30’s are the type you need because they
    are so thin in the blade, I have a 50’s Wilson 8802 blade that is the
    thinnest that I have tried and it works ok, but I want to try the super
    thin type because I think it will work great.

    P SMITH - March 8, 2016

    +1atomicgolf I think I have a similar old blade putter too which might have
    a thinner face than the 8802. I’ll give it a go . Love this Yogi stuff and
    its so much fun.PS. Been practicing today indoors and noticed that you can
    feel a lot more freedom in the ‘flippy’ wrist motion if your hands and
    butt end of shaft is closer to your belly button (with a very light finger
    pressured neutral grip). . My posture is tilted a lot more over the ball
    than normal putting/chipping and my arms are more connected to my body. It
    almost feels as if I am doing the slightest of pivots to get the wrists
    moving back and forth and just feeling the dynamic weight of the club back
    and through. One thing I can’t do with this action is a chip shank as there
    is very little that can go wrong to move the club towards the ball target

John C - March 16, 2016

Not sure if you are aware, but Wild Bill Mehlhorn mentioned pulling on the
club in his swing as told by Robert Shave in his book, “Golf Secrets

    1atomicgolf - March 16, 2016

    +John C Hi John,
    Bill Melhorn knew Count Yogi, so there was a blending of knowledge I would
    think… and of course Mehlhorn was regarded by Hogan as an incredible ball
    striker, I do know of Robert Shave by one of the teaching Pros from Orlando
    ..Rocky Kinsey….. Rocky told me of Shave, and he has studied Mehlhorn and
    Yogi extensively.
    cheers JH

Tim Flaherty - July 4, 2016

parametric acceleration added accuracy and yards to my swing

    1atomicgolf - July 4, 2016

    Hi Tim,
    Its a real secret to ball speed for sure.
    cheers Jh

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