Pressure Connection Golf Swing 1

Pressure Connection Golf Swing


Daniel Eason - April 14, 2014

Arms move is abe Mitchell I believe

    1atomicgolf - April 14, 2014

    Hi Daniel,
    There is a lot of Abe Mitchell in these mechanics, Abe of
    course has more reverse roll in the back swing but the ‘low hands’
    emphasis is very much Abe, I have researched Abe a lot in conjunction with
    my very good friends Martin Ayres and Jerry Starkes from Florida, those
    guys made me look at what Abe did and I saw a lot of great stuff in his
    mechanics, nothings really new in the Golf Swing eh, regards JH

    Daniel Eason - April 15, 2014

    Yes and Abe could hit it 🙂

    1atomicgolf - April 15, 2014

    Abe was considered one of the longest hitters of his era, amazing power
    regards JH

    Daniel Eason - April 15, 2014

    Cool, he lived in a town near me when he was alive. Such an unknown figure

Ham Stock - May 15, 2014

Just found your videos JH. Ive been digging pretty hardcore for a few
years, was gettin pretty burned out watching the same old stuff. All your
videos are good, but this one in particular really drove it home for me.
Connection, rotation, the chest driving the swing, awesome. Look forward to

    1atomicgolf - May 15, 2014

    Hey Ham Stock, glad the video had some benefit for you, I guess the major
    advantage of this process is the swings set up sameness with the arm
    positioning , posture can be very consistent with every club and tempo
    will be the same because of the connection of the arms to the chest which
    can only turn at a consistent rate, you will notice my tempo is the same
    with all clubs because of the chest only speed application, hope you
    improve as a result. regards JH

Jeffrey Whittam - May 7, 2015

Hi JH; would this apply to hitting a 3 wood off the deck? J

    1atomicgolf - May 12, 2015

    +Jeffrey Whittam Hi Jeffrey, to be truthful I have never been a great 3
    wood flighter of the ball off the ground because my swing plane is quite
    flat which means I am always coming into the ball quite shallow … with a
    lot of emphasis on keeping my arms connected to my ribcage I actually
    increase the flatness of my swing plane somewhat.
    To that end I try to power fade my 3 wood of the ground which gives the
    ball more spin and gets it airborne more easily… and of course with a
    fade delivery attack angle I have to be more upright in my approach to the
    ball…. you may not be as flat as I am when you are trying to be pressure
    connected and you may be able to get a good approach angle on the ball to
    launch it upwards.
    I would just say to try and see what flight you get initially… if its to
    low just back a bit of the pressure connection off so you can get your arms
    a bit more upright for the attack delivery angle. JH

Pat Ryan - March 18, 2016

JH I am a golf swing theory “junkie”. I view and download multiple golf
videos on a daily basis. Most of them, sorry to say, are the “same old same
old”. Discovered you about 4 days ago, and I can’t get enough. World-class
stuff! You have a way of explaining and demonstrating things that really
clicks for me. You should write a book, or produce a DVD (if you haven’t
already). Finally- do you have a website?

    1atomicgolf - March 18, 2016

    +Pat Ryan Hi Pat,
    Welcome to our ‘little’ group of like Golf Swing theory ‘Junkies’ , Its all
    just a labor of love …although it never feels like a ‘labor’ …ever, I
    am just generally a ‘curios’ dude and I just love the way that you can
    swing a Golf club that doesn’t relate to established convention.
    Pat I don’t have a website because I just don’t have the time to promote or
    elicit any more exposure than I currently get from my videos, I can respond
    to a few people like yourself and the other guys that find the videos by
    ‘accident’ on a daily basis but because I have my general roster of people
    that I specifically teach around the world by way of internet response and
    it just takes up all my general available time, and frankly I think if this
    channel stays in its current general ‘anonymity’ state the guys that do
    find it can get responses from me like this , and again frankly its always
    the ‘genuine’ golf junkie that tracks down channels like mine .
    cheers JH

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