Reverse Rotation Golf Swing.


rrasmussen32 - May 20, 2015

So there is a weight shift?

    1atomicgolf - May 21, 2015

    +rrasmussen32 There is a definite weight-shift… the only thing you
    consciously hold back is your shoulders and the arms/hands, the legs will
    want to unload the stored weight and torque they will… all you are trying
    to do is stop the unwinding of the ‘shoulders’ early… not restrict the
    whole body from going towards the target as a natural process of weight
    I guess you should think of it as letting the normal weight shift take pace
    on the downswing but not letting the shoulders rotate open whilst that is
    happening, I suppose you could think of the process as ‘backing’ into the
    downswing as apposed to ‘turning into the downswing… hope that gives a
    bit more enlightenment. JH

rrasmussen32 - May 21, 2015

Got it. I played maybe the most enjoyable round in 10 years using what I
think is your system. The best thing, no back pain and a 175 yard 3 iron
into a 20 mile an hour wind to 8 feet. Nice.

    1atomicgolf - May 26, 2015

    +rrasmussen32 Wow that was a great 3 iron…so glad you could apply the
    description of the mechanics into playing performance.. and so quickly.
    What an added bonus of no back pain… just great to hear you got some good

Tom J. - May 21, 2015

This is the Moe Norman swing. I currently swing this way and one thing you
might add is the lead fore-arm rotates up not just the wrist on the follow
through or release of the club. l like the term J.H. uses when he said
that the arms swing past the body .

    1atomicgolf - May 26, 2015

    +Tom J. I am doing some ‘specific’ stuff on Moe Normans mechanics this
    week… there may be something that will be of additional help to your
    application of Moe’s swing mechanics, I should have the vids up by this
    coming Thursday . JH

Tom J. - May 22, 2015

I pick up more info every time I watch it. Thanks J.H. for describing your
feelings. I got more out of it than the people who teach to swing the Moe
N. way.

    1atomicgolf - May 26, 2015

    +Tom J. Thanks for That Tom, I must say my understanding of Moe’s mechanics
    differ from anyone that I have heard talk about his mechanics.. and that is
    from the likes of Todd Graves and Greg Lavern who spent a lot of time with
    Moe.. Greg i.n particular.
    I guess that stems from my own analytical perspectives on Moe’s own
    descriptive, s of his swing mechanics… I think I know what Moe really
    ‘mean’ as apposed to just what he ‘said’… there is quite a difference
    when you apply the later. JH.

    1atomicgolf - May 26, 2015

    +1atomicgolf I left the ‘T’ of ‘meant’.

Tom J. - June 25, 2015

look at tom tomasello utube video on golf swing. works well foe me.

    1atomicgolf - June 27, 2015

    +Tom J. Tom is a very knowledgeable guy, doesnt get the accolades or
    exposure he deserves, his methods do work well that is for sure.

1atomicgolf - August 18, 2015

The Best Moe Norman Mechanics drill is to hit some shots with say a wedge/9
iron with the rear foot drawn back 6- 8 inches of the address line and
keep the rear foot down and rear hip back when you hit the shots, the
front knee must be flexed at impact as well.
The shots will be just half type shots and should feel
very much ‘in to out’ with your attack path, if you can ‘pull’ with your
left hand/arm and keep the hands ‘low’ through the ball you will get a
basic feel of what is required in the full swing.
regards JH

Jon Bamba - September 12, 2015

Good thoughts here.

P SMITH - November 3, 2015

High JH – First time I’ve seen your videos and tried to view as many from 3
years back. It seems that you have evolved your swing through many
different styles but found this type of Moe Norman swing to be the most
efficient . So am I correct in assuming that you are advocating this swing
as the best of all the styles you have experimented with? I’ve also seen
your Moe Norman videos which were very interesting but really impressed
with how fluent and easy you were swinging using this method.

    1atomicgolf - November 3, 2015

    Because I teach players for all reasons/problems etc relative to ‘their’
    swings the videos are only derivations of the golf swing in general so that
    players may resonate with something that I am advocating at a specific
    The Moe stuff of late is only relative to some students of long back making
    contact again and just wanting some extra info on Moe’s mechanics.
    Do I think Moe’s mechanics are the ‘best’ … they are if you were built
    like Moe and had his incredible timing factors etc… for players generally
    I think the change to Moe’s mechanics are frankly a bridge to far for most.
    You can certainly employ derivations of his mechanics to your swing like
    the single axis/plane component but to try and employ his mechanics in
    total is very very difficult, I love Moe’s mechanics but even having
    ‘taught’ the process for some 24+ years I cant get anywhere near the real
    application of the mechanics .
    My personal take on the ‘best’ mechanics a player can apply is that of
    getting mechanics that suit ‘your ‘ body type and bio-mechanical
    capabilities..and that’s how I assess every students swing needs.
    Because I spent some time around Moe watching him hit shots I think I did
    pick up his ‘get on with it’ type of swing process/rhythm’ and I can look
    on occasions like the swing is easy and fluent, but frankly that’s because
    in the videos you can swing without any mental hindrances which is quite
    different to the shot to shot applications in actually ‘playing’
    golf…having said that I have had my days on the course with Moe’s
    mechanics where I hit the ball amazingly well with no thought processes
    other than rhythm and motion.
    regards JH

    P SMITH - November 3, 2015

    +1atomicgolf Many thanks JH for your honest opinions. I think your so right
    about swinging according to your body mechanics. Just too many golf
    instructors out there trying to sell their methods to people who then have
    manipulate their natural movements to conform to some body position /weight
    distribution, etc. I’ve read some books by Ed Tischler which explain the
    many different biomechanical extremes where people may fit in ‘somewhere’ ,
    so maybe its time to start building my own unique swing using my
    biomechanics. What would be interesting is to view your Moe Norman type
    swing from above so we can see how the golf shaft /clubface approach
    release while you do your reverse rotation move (lateral move), keeping
    your head back and down, ‘right shoulder push down into right flexed wrist’
    . Tried to learn the Moe Norman swing from videos posted by an instructor
    called Kirk Junge but he never explained ‘how’ to do that ‘lateral move’
    (ie. I think Hogan did that type of move too – The Hogan Power Move ) or
    why Moe did it. He also never explained why Moe had such straight legs at
    impact or why he had such a wide stance. Many thanks for explaining this in
    your videos.

Robert James - February 8, 2016

are you folding your right arm? hard to see

    1atomicgolf - February 8, 2016

    +Robert Bilardo Hi Robert,
    ” Am I folding My Right Arm’…. only as a ‘consequence’…not as a
    ‘;deliberate’ action/thought…the right(trail arm) has to fold in any golf
    swing in order that the golf club gets some elevation in the back swing.
    If you are wondering if I try to keep my right arm straight ‘as long’ as I
    can on the back swing instead of the traditional early folding that
    normally occurs the answer is yes, I do try to extend t’both’ arms as far
    as they will go before the right arm ‘has’ to fold, so to again add to your
    question I do have an ‘extra’ extension effort to keep the right arm as
    straight as I can as long as I can on the back swing, but I ultimately just
    let it fold as it has to in the end.
    regards JH

    Robert James - February 8, 2016

    +1atomicgolf Great. Thank you, I’ll concentrate on that feeling.

D Martins - April 13, 2016

when you say long, how long does your driver carry?

    1atomicgolf - April 13, 2016

    +D Martins At 75 years old I am never going to be carrying the ball very
    far, my normal carry is 235/240 meters , when I say ‘normal’ that is like
    90% of my drives… because I am a precision distance type player I always
    swing with the same amount of effort and never try for extra distance..240
    in the fairway is way better than 260 in the rhubarb everyday.

    D Martins - April 13, 2016

    75? Woa, Awesome, keep living the dream. Thank you for your great videos.

D Martins - April 13, 2016

Graphite stiff shafts?

    1atomicgolf - April 13, 2016

    +D Martins My drivers mostly are around 260cpm which is a good strong stiff
    shaft, depending again on how the shaft flexes , sometimes I use X shafts
    in my drivers to get the spin rates down, it all depends on the type of
    ball flight a particular driver gives as to what flex shaft I end up using.

    1atomicgolf - April 13, 2016

    +1atomicgolf My Irons I use very soft shafts because I don’t hit them hard
    at all , actually playing ‘A’ shafts in my Taylormade M2 irons right now,
    amazing how easy they are to hit .

ed chapman - May 6, 2016

I don’t know about Moe Norman but Harry Cooper used what he called “the
diagonal shift” and what you’re doing is basically the same thing. Hogan
said Cooper was a supreme ball striker and I guess that’s the best
recommendation there is.

    1atomicgolf - May 6, 2016

    +ed chapman Hi Ed,
    Harry Cooper was apparently a super ball striker, the “diagonal Shift’
    certainly has similarities, as I have said many times, the ‘Old Guys’ knew
    it all, we are just today finding out what they really knew .
    cheers JH

    ed chapman - May 6, 2016

    +1atomicgolf Couldn’t finish my comment – the wife had a chore for me but
    the essence of what you’re doing is a breath of fresh air compared to the
    usual patter on youtube – I see this as a way of getting everything
    together at impact, instead of the tired “hips first, followed by the
    shoulders, and so on.” I can’t imagine anyone trying to pick up a bag of
    cement by using some kind of kinetic chain. I like your ideas.

    1atomicgolf - May 6, 2016

    +ed chapman Hi Ed,
    I just try to give an array of methods/processes that hopefully for players
    will fit what ‘they’ can do in their Swing mechanics, as an aside just for
    fun I punched into my computer search engine the other day ..’ How To Swing
    A Golf Club’… I got 1,5 million results , that says it all I guess.
    cheers JH

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