Rorys Knee Initiation

The best move in golf! Initiate the swing by slightly STRAIGHTENING THE LEFT LEG. That's right, the LEFT leg! As humans, almost every action we perform we actually do a little of the opposite just before. Lifting a weight, we push down before lifting up … we do this naturally. The same is true in golf – slightly straightening the left leg turns the hips slightly open and shifts the weight to the right all before starting the normal golf swing. Try it, it may take some time to get used to but once you start doing it naturally you'll wonder how you ever hit a ball without it. Suddenly, you'll feel a relaxed rhythm and timing to the swing. I believe this happens because of the slight relaxation of muscles before action.
I have never heard anyone ever talk about this or teach this. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! It's going to become a phenomenon. You'll see …