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Golf Instruction – The Mechanics For The Full Swing

SUBSCRIBE to Jim Venetos Golf Academy on YouTube: Learn how to make this simple, consistent and high quality golf swing with one on one personalized instruction at the Jim Venetos Golf Academy. Visit The School here: Visit our School: Read about all things golf on Jim's free BLOG ! SUBSCRIBE to Jim Venetos Golf Academy […]

Never Come Over The Top Again – The Key To A Perfect Swing Path

Your swing path is the key to power, accuracy and the quality of your mis-hits. This videos defines the forward side of your body relative to swing path & contact. Understand this simple principle & you'll never come over the top again. Learn this skill and more with personalized instruction at the Jim Venetos Golf […]

Dan Shaugers Mike Austin Golf Instruction lessons

“Golf Guideline Videos by Dan Shauger. Dan has merely updated his latest video clips that you can check out by clicking the web link. Recognizing your personal swing center enables you to keep your head still in the golf swing. The swing center circle allows you to bring the club head back to the striking […]

William Wetere Dan Shauger Mike Austin Golf Swing

William Wetere full golf swing based upon Dan Shauger’s training of the Mike Austin Swing method. The right weight change is an important aspect of any type of golf swing. Dan Shauger is one of the few golf trainers of the Mike Austin golf swing that understands the conical action of the hands and also […]

Golf Instruction

My golf instruction career started back in January 2007. I Traveled to Los Angeles and spent time with Dan Shauger an apprentice to the legendary long driver Mike Austin. I also become a qualified Putting Zone Coach from Geoff Mangum who in my opinion is the best Putting Coach in the world. I must admit that […]