The Finished Product Moe Particle no 1


Hipolito Baltierrez - July 31, 2016

JH, you have found as you say, your own version of Moe’s swing, which it is
according to your own body shape, size and its own capabilities.

Moe said golf was simple and he hit the ball so simple that still baffles a
lot of people. “Why everybody do this?” Why everybody do that?” “Just put
this darn guy (club) into that darn guy (the ball) into that darn guy! (the
fairway–or range)”

But, he simply understood that he didn’t have to go through lots of moves
in the swing to get to impact and beyond. One of his fave quotes was “Keep
it simple stupid” 🙂

Now, simplicity has everything to do with those who search for the truth in
ANY discipline or subject.

Take for example Bruce Lee’s words:

“The art of Jeet Kune Do is simply to simplify.”

“The Three Factors of Attack. (the ball in Moe’s case)
1. A fine sense of timing
2. A perfect judgment of distance
3. A correct application of cadence.”

“A few simple techniques well presented, an aim clearly seen, are better
than a tangled maze of data whirling in disorganized educational chaos.”

“Jeet Kune Do is simple, direct and non-classical.”

And the core of JKD…

“Research your own experience,
Absorb what is useful,
Reject what is useless,
Add what is specifically your own.”

It’s like hearing Moe talking!

    1atomicgolf - July 31, 2016

    Do you know the Golf swing is way harder to to build as a working repeating
    mechanism than an Atomic bomb, an Atomic Bomb is easy because all you have
    to do to create a chain reaction is to apply a very complicated
    mathematical formula to a known reaction base compound , the mathematical
    formula whilst extremely complex is a ‘known’ formula , there is nothing
    ‘known’ in absolute terms in how to make a human body perform a complex set
    of gross motor moves in a repeating manner.
    To use your JKD analogy…
    Research your own Experience… how do you do that if you actually dont
    know how to meaningfully research your own experiences, the way you
    research them and come to a conclusion for yourself may be totally flawed
    because you are researching from an correct perspective.
    Absorb What Is Useful…. Again what ‘you’ determine is ‘useful’ may again
    be totally false to reality because again your inability to ‘actually’ know
    what is and isn’t useful.
    Reject What Is useless
    Because ‘you’ reject something as being useless doesn’t mean it is in fact
    ‘useless’ .. if you again simply do not have the true ability to determine
    the real value of something your rejection then becomes only an uninformed
    decision , not a definite empirical evidence based conclusion.
    Add What Is Specifically Your Own.
    It is a very special individual who knows what is ‘His Own’ …..again you
    truly have to know how to determine ‘what is’ , and ‘what
    isn’t’….invariably its nowhere near what you think it is .

    The point of my diatribe here is to illustrate the complexity of an
    individual Golf Swing and its working requirements of differences, there is
    in my opinion no such thing as a ‘Natural’ or a ‘Simple’ Golf Swing, if it
    is to be of a quality of repeatability , there has never been a Golf Swing
    in the world of High level golf that wasnt formed from a tremendous
    application of trial and error.
    Its ok for Moe to say the swing is simple and nothing to it, it was for him
    after he had hit a few million balls finding out how to get ‘his’ body to
    perform ‘his’ Golf Swing with repeatability , you have to build a Golf
    Swing… and you have to know ‘How’ to build it .
    I met Bruce Lee in LA years ago , he walked as though he had a cushion of
    air between his feet and the ground, he was an amazing person.
    cheers Jh

    Hipolito Baltierrez - July 31, 2016

    Simple it doesn’t stand for easy. For that matter, simple has nothing to do
    with easy, and I know that for a fact.

    One can make something simple look easy a la Michael Jordan, but just as
    art is a scientific result, this of course involves a ton of sacrifice. It
    brings up the paying the price, ’cause magic is futile. As Bruce said about
    techniques, “…they have to be repeated many times.”

    Finding something easier to perform it just means less trouble for oneself,
    but it doesn’t come without racking the brains a wee-bit, even when
    learning from others, directly or indirectly.

    Everything has to come from out of sight, from sub-conscience, like out of
    the blue. There is no time nor room for thinking. That’s what it means a
    trained reflex. I starts as Miyahira says, “unconsciously unconscious, then
    go consciously conscious, to end up consciously unconscious.” And I add,
    through a lot of smart training.

    That’s why Bruce said, “…I don’t hit, it hits all by itself.”

    Ayrton Senna said, “And suddenly I realized that I was no longer driving
    the car consciously. I was driving it by a kind of instinct, only I was in
    a different dimension.”

    Senna also said, “And so you touch this limit, something happens and you
    suddenly can go a little bit further. With your mind power, your
    determination, your instinct, and the experience as well, you can fly very

    So no, simple it doesn’t come easy.

Nat McIntosh - August 5, 2016

and yes sir the left arm extention knuckle drag is very powerfull.that’s my
steering mechinism.

    1atomicgolf - August 5, 2016

    Hi Nat,
    I would love to get that aspect really locked into my swing process, I find
    the balance of getting the extended lead arm and knuckle drag feeling tough
    because I want to reduce the lead arm pulling at near impact so I can hit
    with my trail hand unimpeded , I will work it out because the lead arm
    knuckle drag feeling gives amazing contact and ball flight so its worth
    getting it into the swing.
    cheers JH

Nat McIntosh - August 6, 2016

hi j.h. left arm swing with nice buttery rotation.with the left arm
connection I feel the full extention around 7 on the clock.at this postion
the body has started rotating open with shoulder still staying rather
square . its really weird everythings rotating open even the chest
but shoulder still feels fairlly closed .that motion has moved to the
inside of right foot symotainuosly firing left knuckles in the ground with
right arm hand that last left arm stretch before folding around the corner.
its amazing how I can droll on about golf swing motion.to sum my motion
up.left arm steer sling and firing the knuckles down through shot with
right arm hand folding the left up around corner.

    1atomicgolf - August 7, 2016

    Hi Nat,
    Wow that’s a lot of ‘feeling’ stuff going on there, but in essence all that
    stuff is part of the mechanical process, I actually feel my chest still
    closed to the target line in conjunction with my shoulders at impact, that
    chest opening feeling while the shoulders are still closed I haven’t
    cheers Jh

Nat McIntosh - August 6, 2016

a quick interration to last comment. approx. 7 on clock being left arm
extention.depending on wrist hinge . cocks . and forearm position and
rotation this presciption may not work well.

Nat McIntosh - August 6, 2016

you look like 7 oclocker to me j.h.. good tubes to you sir.keep up the good

Nat McIntosh - August 6, 2016

hi jh.goofen off here waiting on the rain to let up.being a true hinger
with no cocking going there that know about.feels like the clubface is
always looking at the ball or plane line to ball.anyways instead of feeling
like firing knuckles or dragging through impact feel the knuckle dragging
from the start of the downswing . that right arm has got to unfold so why
not fire it before so.

    1atomicgolf - August 7, 2016

    Fire the right arm as early as you want ‘If” you can keep the lead
    arm/hand ‘Pull’ going until at the ball and at the same time retaining the
    right wrist hinge until the last instant for the smash factor, your club
    face ‘looking at the ball’ all the time is essentially a ‘square to square’
    club face orientation, I get that feeling with ‘hinging’..never with
    cheers JH

Nat McIntosh - August 12, 2016

hey jh. researched square to square and found joe dantes 4 moves which
corralated with my wrist hinge with a nice forward press leading into what
he called a wrist break that’s my left wrist position to the top.if I fire
the right armhand before 7 it robs the powerfull left steer but the right
is good stuff through impact.

    1atomicgolf - August 12, 2016

    Hi Nat,
    I think its just a ‘balancing’ act to correlate the the ‘left’ and the
    ‘right’ hands in terms of leading and firing as hard as you want at impact.
    Joe Dante had great stuff in his swing mechanics suggestions, dis you see
    the pictures of him coming into impact, probably the latest hit in history.
    cheers JH

Nat McIntosh - August 12, 2016

thanks jh. for your feedback. I’m having trouble finding film or picture of
dantes swing.

    1atomicgolf - August 13, 2016

    The picture I was referring to was in his book , I have never seen any film
    or video of his swing.
    cheers Jh

Mark Sherer - August 22, 2016

I get a kick out of Your Version of the Moe Norman type swing…and lets be
clear you are only using parts of Moe’s move…

    1atomicgolf - August 22, 2016

    I always make it ‘very clear’ that everything I do is ‘my version’ of
    whatever I am endeavoring to explain or demonstrate….I use the term
    ‘Hybrid’ most times….

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