The “Swinging Hit’..not the…. ‘Hitting Swing’….


P SMITH - May 15, 2016

Fantastic video JH -one for your best.

    1atomicgolf - May 15, 2016

    +P SMITH hi Keith, its a pity there was so much noise on the freeway early
    on in the video and more than normal right through, I was in a different
    part of the paddock which is very close to the freeway, I know not to go to
    that area again, the crazy thing about this video’s content is that its
    really the ‘only’ way any golf swing can perform with repeatability, you
    cant ‘bully’ the clubhead ever, but we all try to most of the time.
    Its very interesting that just the effect of doing the video and
    highlighting again even for myself the absolute requirement of ‘swinging’
    the clubhead as apposed to trying to ‘put’ it on the ball , the video I did
    straight after it with my buddy about comparing his distances to mine
    showed the difference it makes, he normally is way longer than me with his
    irons, he wasn’t in that comparison today, he was with the woods and hybrid
    but not as much as he usually is, and it was absolutely because I was
    ‘swinging’ the club , not ‘ hammering ‘ with it, it was really a graphic
    example of the power of ‘swinging’ the clubhead.
    cheers JH

    Birdie Gof - May 16, 2016

    +1atomicgolf This is great stuff JH. If you have soft arms, then all you
    have to do is have a good pivot back (weight shift) and pivot forward with
    the weight shift and your swing will follow it’s natural path based on your
    individual structure/body type. This is what David Lee teaches in his
    Gravity Golf swing system. Works great if you stay relaxed and get out of
    your own way. Another gem JH! Cheers!

    1atomicgolf - May 25, 2016

    I like gravity Golf, that David Lee certainly develops lots of club head
    speed and whip….its a perfect example of letting the body and club head
    move unimpeded ..
    I would love myself to be able to swing the club up as high as David does
    and just let it rip.
    cheers JH

Pat Ryan - May 15, 2016

Another great one JH. A goodt drill to get this feeling can be found in
Shawn Clement’s “Ribbon Drill”

    1atomicgolf - May 15, 2016

    +Pat Ryan Shawn has this process in ‘all’ his teachings..no one ‘swings’
    the club more than Sean…he does teach a Golf “Swing”……
    cheers JH

Jim Siverts - May 15, 2016

I know it’s easy for your viewers to spend your money, but how about
setting up a down the line camera as well and do some split screens or
alternating views of both front and down the line. You have so many great
lessons and it would be great to see the down the line view of the same
swing as the front view.

    1atomicgolf - May 15, 2016

    +Jim Siverts Hi Jim,
    All these videos are just practice tee ‘fill’ ins’ between other stuff I do
    with teaching , that’s why they are of the unstructured quality and bad
    audio , I am not a ‘video’ or camera person at all, I just turn the camera
    ‘on’ and turn it ‘off’ …that’s about the extent of my video production
    capabilities, but I will however endeavour to do more DTL shots in the
    cheers Jh

Andy servi - May 15, 2016

absolutely fantastic stuff J H. thank you

    1atomicgolf - May 15, 2016

    +Andy servi Hi Andy,
    The principal is so important if you want to have a consistent swing
    application, the old guys from way back knew it but its got lost over the
    years as a teaching principal of the golf swing..’The Swing’s The Thing’….
    cheers JH

Rex Braggins - May 16, 2016

wild bill melhorn ,the swing you are showing is much like his ?

    1atomicgolf - May 16, 2016

    +Rex Braggins Hi Rex,
    Bill Melhorn absolutely was a ‘swinger’ of the club, and an amazing high
    quality ball striker, Hogan and all the pros from that era said Bill was a
    great swinger of the golf club, but really they ‘all’ were in those days,
    it was about motion and feel back then, not ‘ Position By Video’ as it is
    cheers Jh

Chip Satterly - May 16, 2016

Can this concept be worked into a Moe-like set up and swing?Chip

    1atomicgolf - May 16, 2016

    +Chip Satterly People dont realise that Moe actually had this process in
    his swing because he looked stiff and rigid to the untrained eye , but he
    absolutely did ‘swing’ the club , you cant get the lag angles he had if you
    dont have passive wrists hinges, all you have to do is think of the club
    head feeling ‘heavy’ on the backswing and downswing, you cant get that
    feeling unless you are ‘swinging’ the club.
    cheers JH

Reuben Braggins - May 17, 2016

Nice vid as always

john Mule - May 20, 2016

Excellent stuff as always John. Years ago (1994), I attended Jack
Kuykendall’s golf school in Chicago. During one of my conversations with
him I asked if there was a golf book he knew of that actually came close to
complying with the laws of Physics – he replied, “That’s an easy one – any
of Ernest Jones’ books”. I can now see why he said that. I was really lucky
growing up in New Orleans as every year our PGA tournament came around I
got to watch George Knudson swing a club for 4 days. What a treat. He
epitomized the swinging motion you demonstrate.

    1atomicgolf - May 20, 2016

    +john Mule Hi John,
    George Knudsen….now there was a ‘swinger’ of the golf club….if anyone
    has done it better I haven’t seen them.
    Ernest Jones clearly understood the principals of radial inertia and his
    explanations/demonstrations were simple and told the story in undisputable
    terms….just keep the pressure on the penknife at the end of the string as
    you rotate your hand in a circular motion, get that feeling and transfer it
    to the head of your golf club, you can only do that ‘one’ way..by
    ‘swinging’ the club head..
    Nothing is new in teaching today from what was known in Ernest Jones day…
    its just ‘Promoted/Packaged’ differently….in my opinion to the detriment
    of golfers learning the ‘simplicity’ of how a golf club should be moved in
    a golf swing….just give someone a tennis ball on a string and tell them
    to ingrain what the tennis ball feels like it is doing when they twirl it
    around …when they understand that ‘feeling’ tell them to substitute the
    tennis ball feel for a golf club head feel..they then will be on their way
    to learning a ‘Golf Swing’.
    cheers JH.

P SMITH - June 11, 2016

I was spanking the ball last week using the loosey goosey feel but then it
can go wrong – and when it goes wrong for me the ball can end up anywhere
🙂 . I’m trying to focus as if I’m throwing the club to the target (aka
Fred Shoemaker teaching style), but then I tend to open up my body too
quickly and all sorts of sub-conscious last ditch contortions kick in.
After driving and losing 2 balls into the trees – and I mean really losing
it about 50 yards left and right of the fairway, I remembered a little tip
from Vivian Saunders on you tube. I couldn’t remember the precise wording
but it was a simple swing visualisation, regarding left thumb to right ear
, then right thumb to left ear. So on my next drive , I was whispering the
words ‘Right Ear ‘ , ‘Left Ear’ as I swung back and forth , and wow!
Straight drive down the centre of fairway (not massively far but so
effortless). I repeated the same for the every stroke for the next 4 holes
and I nearly played to par. Does this suggest that its my tempo that is out
of whack more than any technical deficiency? If my tempo is wrong, then my
rhythm is probably out of whack and then I suppose the rest of the
‘attempted swing’ are last ditch body manipulations . And I guess if any
casual observers were watching , all they’ll see are various OTT , snap
hook , push slice movements that are a symptom of a rotten tempo, not the
cause. So maybe the best way to learn golf is moderation in virtually
everything except TEMPO (which must be 100% precise) while still also
feeling the dynamic weight of the clubhead. Moderation meaning using a
reasonable grip, grip pressure, posture , alignment-setup, not too tense
and not overly relaxed (although that goes against Count Yogi who wants
complete boneless and muscless). I am finding that being overly
boneless/muscless can generate more clubhead speed and greater degrees of
freedom in the body movements, but could be detrimental to accuracy. I saw
a You Tube video with you taking some advice from Martin Ayres back in 2009
‘JH Golf Swing Lesson’ .I think I could be swinging too loosey goosey
behind me and losing that ‘correct’ resistance feeling (ie. tension created
by the motion). So, although I can feel the weight of the clubhead , I am
losing the feeling of where the clubface is in space.

    1atomicgolf - June 11, 2016

    Hi Keith,
    At the end of the day you have to always ‘swing’ the club head with
    whatever swing mechanics you use , the problem with the ‘loosey goosey’
    club head feeling which you get from the soft grip/arms is that you can get
    a ‘looses goosey’ body to go with the hands arms with your swing centre
    moving all over the place, which sounds like what was happening with the
    vig variety of shots left and right.
    If you sway or rock your swing centre during the back swing or down swing
    the club head will be be moved out of the constant swing ‘orbit’ that you
    need for consistently straight shots.
    It is very easy to get the ‘whole’ body moving in a ‘loosey goosey’ manner
    when you are softening up the hands/arms , you however must maintain the
    swing centre positioning of your spine , you still have to ‘coil’ the body
    around a ‘fixed’ axis , no matter how ‘loosey goosey’ the hands/arms club
    head feel the swing centre must maintain its positioning and integrity.
    cheers JH

    P SMITH - June 13, 2016

    thanks JH – will do my best to keep centred.

Patrick Kaa - September 7, 2016

Where in Aussie is this?

    Patrick Kaa - September 7, 2016

    I found this was the reason I was so inconsistent, I just needed to let the
    club “swing” instead of “hit”

    1atomicgolf - September 7, 2016

    You need a ‘Swinging Hit’…not a ‘Hitting Swing’….a golf club head can
    only scribe a consistent path if it is positioned by its ‘own’
    momentum…if you try to exert the bodies energy to the club head instead
    of letting true radial acceleration apply itself to the club head you will
    destroy the ‘orbit’ of the club head .
    cheers JH

    1atomicgolf - September 7, 2016

    Hi Patrick,
    The videos are shot on the North Eastern coast of Australia, right on the
    border of the state of New South Wales and Queensland, commonly known as
    the ‘Gold Coast’ region.
    cheers Jh

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